Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do They Make It Up?

Two brilliant stories in the Racing Post..!

One saying the "sharp" money is going on Midas Touch for the Derby. And exactly one week later, another one saying the "sharp" money is going on Jan Vermeer for the Derby. What is it with the word sharp? And even if people were to believe the stories, Ballydoyle must be right thicko's when you think about it then, backing three horses in the one race?

Also note in both stories they finish with "and weve shortened St Nicholas Abbey after support too" and "St Nicholas Abbey is the best backed horse." Well done lads, you'd think they'd be pushing him out no end considering the other two are being backed off the boards..

Bookmakers should be MADE prove what they say to the press, IMO.

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  1. Totally agree!

    Too much of this bookie propaganda goes on, SImon Clare of Coral always used to tell the reporters about these imaginary big bets that they'd laid. All these stories tell me is that either or both of these horses will probably miss out and thebookies will have hoovered up some free money from the ante-post lemming brigade.