Monday, September 20, 2010


For the past ten days or so I've been saying I've been on the wrong swingers, which is always the case after a good run it tends to swing around, but anyway try this..

I lay 1.8 - it goes down to 1.1 (head in hands man) - I obviously red out on the way down, then in flips (so I'd be originally right, sigh), then I change my mind when Bell and Morgan are there to have more red on Pak (the original selection), and then Pak win. Great! Isnt gambling fun.

Had a shocker basically but what can you do, no point complaining. What I have done however is withdraw to only leave €250 in the account for the rest of the week, or at least until I feel in better touch, no point forcing it and it'll come back in a few days. Bank size has very little, if any, impact on my betting anyway - the only reason for withdrawing means I cant lose it, which is naturally a good thing during a poor run. I did have 3k in, purely because I havent withdrawn no other reason, the only difference for me between 3k and 300 is looking and thinking "Oh look, theres 3k" and "Oh look, theres 300" its not like I'm gonna put a grand on something mad anyway sure.

I tend to never go over €400, obviously it changes depending on sports, I'd go €400 on cricket, wouldnt go €400 on say darts. I dont have a stop loss either because of that, if things go tits up I can only lose €400 at worse (seriously rarely), instead of having €800 and then a stop loss of €400 awe-red - which the market could fly through anyway, and I might not fancy the odds at that stage too. I dont bet percentage of bank either, which seems a popular topic, never appealed to me really, I just set the stakes on how confident I am about the selection at the time, but obviously with the limit there. I'll never be able to have one big loss that changes things - thats the theory anyway.

Also, I greatly appreciate the feedback on the college decision, I cannot wait to get it over and done with to be honest, get it out of the way and stop thinking. When I said not go back, I meant for this year and not like I would never go back. But I am inching towards heading back in some sort of part-time basis, I've been looking at other courses and theres a diploma in the stock market, which would interest me, they describe it just like gambling/trading anyway, and a diploma in sports journalism, dont really want to be a journo but anything sports related would obviously suit - both are one year part-time courses and so I could take a gap year from my current degree (which needs a thesis, I dont think I'm mentally there really) and come back to it then.

I also remember writing some time ago during the summer that I didnt want to end up missing out on life, sitting here on a Monday afternoon when theres nothing to bet on while everyone else is in college/work - there is that aspect of it which is pretty big, you dont have that problem for the summer.

I'm fully aware that gambling wont last forever you know and thats why I wanna look ahead to what to do, it'd be silly to think I could just win, win, win for the rest of my life. When I get asked then at a job interview in ten years time what have I been doing for the past ten years I can hand them a rake load of degrees (I already have one) and say look, I'm a smart boy, obviously I'll wear a bow tie too, a comb over and have glasses. Yep, thats the future! But I could do the gambling and amass the college courses, then I'd have it both ways - hoping that gambling would be profitable and I'd also be "bettering" myself in life with education (ya cant teach common sense though!), that would be the plan at the moment, but I'd like a challenge (in college) and not just learn this blah blah, something thats interesting - the masters course in business is boring (3% attendance last year, didnt miss one game of the IPL though, ha).

Theres no financial pressure at this stage anyway, if I was to make (and I wont meet this every week) say €100 per week while in college I'd still be miles ahead of where I need to be. It goes without saying my gambling naturally improves when I'm away from college though, I think maybe after 4 years I'd like a part-time year and then go back to normal five days a week next year, just for a change.

As you can probably tell, I've been thinking about this way more than my gambling for the past few days, no wonder I'm losing FFS.


  1. I think I'd go back if I were you. I dunno, everyone is different i suppose. But you seemed to be able to manage gambling and college last year quite successfully. The problem with being at home all day is that you may end up finding more losing trades than winning ones, particularly around IPL time. And if you're not in college and not making the profits that you're hoping for then its a double disappointment!

    Obviously you'd back yourself to turn a profit most weeks but it can be a burden when you've got nothing else going on. Obviously the thesis is a concern. I had to do one for my course last year. Every college has different guidelines for the thesis but I think you could manage it and still bet. Its handy to have the degree done and out of the way. Even if it is a pain.

    Anyway, good luck!

  2. Cheers for the comment, linked you up on here.

    I could possibly go just weekends gambling and do college Mon-Fri, but during winter everything is evenings anyway. I'd say I will go back, just want to be certain - dont wanna commit and then be fed up with it come December, and then end up with poor results.

  3. I've long maintained the only useful thing the educational system taught me was a basic knowledge of statistics and probability. It's useful in many areas apart from betting.

    I suspect there are people out there making money from analysing the statistics, and from reading the forums, I further suspect many of them would make more money if they thought like gamblers rather than statisticians.

    I wish I had access to BF's history of data.

    That's my career advice FWIIW.

  4. Ya, I think the stock market course would be fairly interesting :)

  5. Hi again Stephen, sorry to hear of your loss on the cricket last night. Funnily enough I was watching the game with my Dad last night and he predicted England would lose as soon as Strauss was out (then again he says something like that most game) but he rightly sighted the lights and the swing as the reasons. England have looked totally under control up until the last two matches where they've had to bat at night which is definitley more tricky than normal considering it's late September here in England.

    As regards to your decision to remain full-time or go on a course part-time, I'd say it is down to what will suit you best and make you more content with your life. Seemingly just like me you don't find any appeal in the world of work in it's normal sense. My betting doesn't really evolve around trading and I managed to balance three days at University and my part-time bets quite well I thought, obviously I missed the odd better and winner which can be frustrating. It may be different for you because you trade and thus need to be at your computer for a perod of time to make your money. I don't particularly like everything I study on my course but just getting out and about and talking to people, the sort of normal things can actually be the things that make you feel happy and normal. I also found it imporved my bets in some strange way, possibly because I wasn't thinking about gambling all day and was taking my mind away from that during the days and concerntrating on my bets at night and usually placing them in the morning.

    I actually want to become full-time myself one day (probably unlikely) but I've sort of outlined reasons for having something else to do rather than gamlbing full stop because I'm sure taking a big loss will pray on your mind all day and possibly effect your judgements. Don't think the subject of what you study is that important, arguably something that isn't gambling-related would be better. The again part of my studies involved looking at the stock market which I found quite interesting and would possibly have benefits for your trading.

    Hope that helps in someway.

  6. Thanks for that, appreciate it, seriously.

    I think youre right, it'll be good to have something to do outside of gambling, at least in the summer I can play golf etc, winter I'd be just sitting around doing nothing going mad.

  7. alright mate, Usually a regualr poster on here, Noticed there seems to of been an almost non existent talk of horses on here for a while?? Are you not getting any o brien info anymore? Are you just not arsed about it? Maybe youre concentrating on trading other sports on betfair? I for one miss the horse banter/talk!! Wouldn't mind seeing you're enthusiasm return for it like!!!

    Anyway, keep doing what works for you mate


  8. Still there yeah but not backed anything for about two months in Coolmore colours.

    Completely gone off the horses, put it down to the poor quality midweek just completely fell out of love with it.