Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another great day here today, the best so far on the blog. Came back from college and played the horses well for about an hour and a half, stopped when i looked at the P&L and seen I was over €50 up and went to meet someone for the cinema. Came back for the darts, wasn't 100% focused on it so decided to lay off early in every match and as it turned out I was blessed. Had the whole bank on Taylor and laid off when 4-2 up, had the whole bank on Barney and laid off when 1-0 up and looking like making to 2-0 but he didn't in the end. Didn't pick up as much as I should have probably, could have gone equal green all results but wasn't looking at the markets after I laid off and left it with a few quid green the draw both matches. Just delighted not to lose money really with the results.

Darts: EUR24.79 | Horse Racing: EUR59.10 Total P&L: EUR83.89

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