Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Scenes

Words cannot even describe that Razzaq knock tonight, *literally* took them home all on his own from 11 overs to go (I think), turning down singles and just hitting 6s! Among my bets - a 1k lay of Saffers at 1.12 and a 1k lay at 1.15 (innings SP), I'd given up though and had a horrible book when Saffers hit 1.01.. I had +€140 Pak -€90 Saffers thinking game over. But just what a knock, I wrote it off, I love when stuff happens when you mentally book a loss, its like a double win. But having money on it doesnt change the fact it was just amazing, amazing, amazing scenes.

Didnt really fancy Sri Lanka on the bouncy pitch this morning, but they knocked the runs off comfortably in the end, was never in danger of losing too much but I was never in a good position either. I just noticed the ODIs will be starting at 3AM, I think I'll pass..! And the filly was pretty certain Belle Amie were going tonight so backed that, shes fairly shrewd on this stuff so I trust her. It does little for my win market trade on Wagner though as them going wont have much impact on the price so he'll have to last another week.

Normal Wallet..
Cricket: €115.40 | Special Bets: €123.63 Total P&L: €239.03

Aussie Wallet..
Cricket: -€21.46 Total P&L: -€21.46

Its been a good week, maybe try to improve or lower staking (probably that option!) on the football, the crickets been good - with a bit of luck today that helps. I do hate Halloween cant wait for it to be over, never liked it as a kid but its even worse now with animals the poor buggers.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Cricket: €226.27 | Soccer: -€67.01 Total P&L: €159.26

D'ya ever wonder where the penny comes from? It says a round figure on the screen and then when it settles it adds a penny.. and they never take it away either, its never 99c its always added. I remember reading the forum years ago and a few people said it was the currency swap over, one of life mysteries eh. My football betting still leaves a lot to be desired anyway, thank fook for that Chelsea goal or it would have been much worse.

Pakistan went from 140/1 to 203 awe-out yesterday, I'd be shocked if it hasnt happened before, it actually feels quite normal now actually. They just cannot be trusted while batting at all, ever, under ANY circumstances. I was trying to do the sums to see what they could get, then a one wicket goes and bam theyre all out. Saffers at evens in and around the first breakthrough was ok I thought, but I think the 1.47 (SP) around the time BoomBoom was there/gone was even better.. cant remember too much, was at lady Gaga at the o2 last night, which was very good by the way didnt think I'd enjoy it that much. Went to the Purity Kitchen afterwards, which I hate, not sure whether theres four levels or three, but the heat on the top level is unreal.

Wagner is 5.5ish to go tonight so no point laying there, hes singing Meatloaf Bat Out Of Hell.. which could be interesting (funny!), so I'm on him at 48ish for a trade hopefully he might hit the teens should he survive this week and go into next, maybe even get a few good comments, doesnt take much to get big prices moving anyway. Only four bookies have priced up the International Rules tonight which is a bit disappointing to say the least, Aus odds on, Ire 11/8 which seems OK but Aus were all over us bar 10mins last Saturday. I'm leaving it anyway because Aus can "lose" the game by 6 points and still win over the two games.. those situations are terrible for match odds. By the way, how hot is Ronaldos girlfriend, my god..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Cricket: €76.24 Total P&L: €76.24

Just when you thought we had got rid of Pakistan after the England games theyre back with two T20s, five ODIs and two test matches against the Saffers in Dubai. They never go away!

While I love watching them (theyre interesting, something is always happening anyway), theyre very hard to predict. We know theyre shite at batting, and we know theyre brilliant at bowling, even without Mo Asif and Mo Amir the bowling is top notch, but they never have enough runs to bowl at anyway.

So, that leaves me with (presuming Pak have batted first)..
A) Back the other team at 1.3 with a long term view of a winner, no trading if it goes higher bar to bail awe-red if needs be, that needs bottle should it hit 1.5ish etc.
or B) Lay the 1.3 with the view of it hitting 1.6 and greening, knowing youre highly likely to be laying a winner, and it having the same chance of going 1.01 as 1.6.

The problem is theyre just almost impossible to trust whatever you do, and I end up in no mans land half the time, ended up winning on both games because Saffers won, but it was bloody hard work. Saffers went from 1.1 to 1.6 first game, and 1.15 to 1.5 second game.. but Pak never had enough runs to seriously trouble winning the game, just to make you nervous about what *could* happen. Very difficult, you could say the 1.1ish was a lay, but then at HT looking at a chase of 120 its not really something you'd do as a spec lay - not sure about other people but I have a great dislike to laying something which I think will win when you have the team rated better than the other in the 1.1 position chasing in T20, I'd rather just have no bet and watch in those situations because the ball can fly anywhere first six overs, or wait to see if the price bounces and then back it. But anyway, Pakistan, we'll never understand them. My head hurts when I try.

I note Wagner has come in for plenty of support this week in the win market, people have finally copped on to the idea hes fairly entertaining and funny, I think hes fooking hilarious (without trying to be too which is even more funny). Theres some saying along the lines of "When the man in the street is buying, its time to sell," I think my ship has sailed on the bottom two/three lays, if hes above 3.5ish I'll not bother. I still dont honestly think he can win (and a little annoyed now to have traded out so early but didnt see this media support coming), but just in case he wins anyway I have green on him like Jedward last year. Dont think it'll happen but it'd be a disaster if it did and to get nothing.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Literally cannot explain how annoying X Factor is changing the rules, FFS seething! Absolutely gutted. Why they changed from a bottom three to bottom two I dunno, and they even changed their rules, from here. Betfair void the bottom three, fook sake! Miss out on another €300, we had no bottom three the first two weeks either and then the week we do they go and change the rules, disaster. I'm still 100% sure Wagner wasnt bottom three, and it was such a bugger watching the results being called out knowing I'm a winner but knowing they'll void.

I suppose it is a little lesson in a sense, because you think to yourself 'I'll do this and that' and plan for the future, then BAM, the rules change, the league changes or Betfair changes and youre finnish.

On another note, John was second on and went, early really is the coffin slots.

Speaking of being finnish, my mug treble went up the swannee after 5mins in the City game with the red card, by that stage Liverpool were winning and United had won, so I had a 6/4 shot at 6/1.. only lasted 5mins though. Was still quite impressed by City at times, backed the draw at 6 at HT, but it was always an uphill battle. Accums eh, one always lets you down.

Boxing: €66.65 | Soccer: -€30.00 Total P&L: €36.65

Anyway, its been a good week nevertheless, boxing chipped in this morning to cross out the football accum loss so that was grand, the cricket was good again and the International Rules was a change and a good winner in Boyles. So gutted with the X Factor voiding though, was a €300 winner not paid basically but hey ho, what can I do.

Pacquiao v Margarito 24/7, love watching 24/7 they do it brilliant always gets you looking forward to the fight.. I know from experience it always looks like Pacmans had a bad camp, so I back the other fellow, then he gets absolutely hammered, so I'll be ignoring the "his heads not in the training" etc etc this time.

Mug Sunday Treble

I plan to do nothing but lie on the couch today and not move a muscle.

Liverpool (I know, I know) look quite big against Blackburn at 4/6, I know Liverpool are, well, shite but Blackburn are only just above them in the league and are hardly great themselves, 4/6 at home seems big IMO. It could well be a 0-0 the way Liverpool are but surely if theyre going to win a game todays the day.

Stoke are only one point ahead of Blackburn themselves, and seem to be a force at home, but I fancy United to get a 1-0 or 2-1 though. The fact the Rooney thing has been put to rest will help, I'm a United fan so maybe bias but I reckon they'll get a result and 8/11 is a few ticks bigger than Betfair. I'm be disappointed if they didnt beat Stoke, even though its away.

And City to beat Arsenal at 6/4, IMO City are a much better team playing the big teams, maybe its the only games the overpaid stars really go at, theyve beaten Chelsea this season and Liverpool so it seems they fancy the bigger games, dont fancy Arsenals young team away from home and 6/4 seems big enough for City.

Liverpool and United are bigger with PP than on Betfair by a few ticks and Man City are a few ticks bigger on Betfair but commission would nearly level it. It works out at 6/1 which looks pretty decent IMO.

Football accums are for saps I know, 6/1 is worth a poke for 50 quid though.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


What a fooking hero Wagner is, HA! They gave him a pimp slot too going out 2nd last, not the full pimp slot but close enough. After all the bad press this week about the tapes slating Cowell etc, to give him a late start shows they want to keep him in - or at least try, who knows if people will vote. First out has been bottom three the first two weeks so if they wanted rid they could have given him first, be interesting to see if Paije is bottom three actually because he was quite good, but first on is the coffin slot.

Anyway, I've been waffling on about a bottom three market, Betfair have given us one, so I'll have a Wagner lay, might top up a little tomorrow but wont go over €300, hes gone odds against now, was happy taking on everyone under evens. Hopefully he might go odds on again overnight.

Aus won 47-40 too (post below), and it got sort of close last five minutes after being well clear (15pts+), the crowd got hyped up and the ball was flying about. I was just flicking through prices for next week, only ones who price up SportingBet go 11/20 Aus for the series, which is too short for backing really, but I think they'll win again and quite comfortably bar lots of goals from Ireland and a hyped crowd. Its hard to see Ire beating them on pure ability because Aus were miles better tonight IMO, but when everything got going in the last few minutes Ire were all over them, but you have to think Aus being so far in front eased off a little so theres that aspect too.

It had to be laid off anyway just for assurance, I couldnt let Boyles possibly win money off me, I'd be a right mug then like! Lovely coffee and biscuits though, in fairness.

International Rules

A rare (very rare!) SP pre-off bet for me on this this evening, Aus to win.

No Kerry stars on the Irish team is a huge mistake IMO, but the manager doesnt get on with them apparently so whether it would do more harm than good if they played, I dont know, I think Ire would be a much stronger team with them included anyway.

Aus had a warm up game against Cork Colleges during the week and won 105-12, now Cork Colleges arent the best, but 100+ against any team is a fair achievement IMO. And shows theyre taking the round ball game seriously, they have viewed these games as 'holiday time' in the past, but the coach has played three times and seems very keen on winning so you'd have to assume Aus will be up for it 100%.

Theres an obvious professionals v amateurs argument too, but I think Ire being at home evens that out a bit so level there.

The 1st game is down the country so the pitch will be tighter than Croker, thats an Ire advantage IMO, but if Aus can take to the round ball (and 100+ pts in a game would suggest they have), then maybe the pitch wont be such an disadvantage.

I'm pretty happy backing Aus at odds against anyway, Ire odds on is a shocking price IMO. I've been to Boyles shops this afternoon also, €100ish online is the norm these days, market should be in running on Betfair too - but not on RTE, shocker!

*I'm not the best judge pre-off but sure I'll have a go.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wayne Rooney.. Take Two

He stays.. haha! You couldnt make it up.

I still dont like him though, theres been an awful lot of shite this week, he looked a numptie whatever he did really, staying now after saying United dont meet his ambition two days ago.. footballers eh?

Sources inside Old Trafford say he came to the realisation hes not smart enough to learn Spanish, and is still trying to focus on, eh, learning, eh, proper, eh, English, yeah.

What a difference a day makes..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wayne Rooney

As I've said before, I lost big interest football nearly two years ago - so I'm not that passionate on the situation bar watching SSN about it. The photos of him pissing in the street and then all the prostitutes, he does seem to have turned into a bit of a tit, even if he was already one before (previous prostitutes, drinking and red cards etc). I wouldnt like to be mates with him anyway put it that way, even though I like watching him play football, and stuck up for him when everyone gave him stick at the World Cup.

I cant get my head around whats been made public about it, yesterday I thought it was all about money (and that may still be the case IMO), but then today he comes out and says its about winning titles, United haters will laugh but lets be honest theyre always going to be challenging, beaten by one point last year and won the three years before that, so I dont buy that excuse - ESPECIALLY if he ends up at City, respect to City fans but theyre all money, everyone knows that, if he ends up at Real Madrid well then fair enough, maybe - they havent won the league in a few years either.

I cant make sense of it anyway and think its something wrong with him personally rather than anything else (or else hes just a money grabbing coont), maybe the missus has ordered him out after the prostitutes or whatever. Either way, he doesnt seem to brightest tool in the box and its not out of the question he ends up like Gazza or along those lines. It could easily go all downhill from here.

The amazing thing in todays world though, and not just football, loyalty has gone out the window. With gambling its impossible to be loyal to teams/players, but I can still be at least loyal to people, I dont think Rooney has had that this week, but sure who cares it makes no difference to any of us, just dont respect him anymore.

A few months ago he wanted to stay for life, and now the club doesnt meet his ambition, stuff like that doesnt happen overnight IMO. We'll see what happens. He says United cant give him "assurances over future squad" City can of course, "Wayne Rooney is all about winning titles" he says, how many years has it been since City won. How much money do you want Wayne..

Anyway, his guilty pleasure in life are prostitutes, my guilty pleasure in life is bunking off college and trading the cricket. Prostitutes, swearing, drinking, smoking, pissing in the street are all very well and good, but you cant beat a good game of cricket on a cold Wednesday afternoon :)

A proper swinger this evening though and was in the right places at the right times, Aus going 1.3 after a wicket first ball in the innings was a nice enough lay, just on the time scale of things - the Indian love in the market and the other team 1.3 so early, you sort of know it wont go much lower for ages so it was a lay with plenty of upside and not much downside. India going on to win made my life easier but always on good terms after that lay. I was 50/50 at half one whether to go or not, but Michael Clarke batting made me stay, was lucky to be here really, hes not my favourite batsman but he is my favourite person who plays cricket.. seems a gent, I met him when the Aus side came over here ages ago, not that many people here knew who he was.

Champion League starting at 7 bells on RTE, cannot wait to hear what Dunphy has to say on the Rooney stuff..!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Boxing: €3.90 | Cricket: €22.73 | Horse Racing: -€30.00 | Special Bets: €16.13 Total P&L: €12.76

Storm first on, and finnish, predictable or what! Didnt make any money off it though, laid Belle Amie a touch, sweating a little there when the bottom three was called but OK in the end. Dont want to sound like a broken record but jesus I'm missing out so much on laying Wagner with no bottom two market, I genuinely think it would have been worth around a grand or more at least over the 4 or 5 weeks he'll last, two going each week knocks that down, but still gutted. Was just saying there the comedy/novelty vote must be massive for the first few weeks, problem is when we finally get a bottom two market he'll be up against all the good acts with plenty of followers by then.

Anyway, been very lazy since the test finished on Wednesday, it normally takes a day to recover for some reason, but even more so I suppose when its not on English time. Theyve moved the boxing to Saturday nights for the time being which is a horrible move for me, I like my Saturday nights with family and friends.. Friday Fight Night was perfect, cant give it 100% on a Saturday.

At least I've been disciplined though and didnt just bet for the sake of it, had to have a small bet on Sizing Europe at odds against, race fitness probably told in the end but I'd give him another go at the trip and see before writing him off as a non-stayer at 3M. Enjoyed Rulings win today, hes my favourite 2yo in Ballydoyle, about time he ran.

Was just watching Reeling In The Years from 2000 this evening and loved it, (one I can remember at last!), that was the year BO'D scored three tries and we beat France for the first time in 19years, I got my first mobile phone for my birthday! I remember I was in school in French class for the O'Sullivan silver, and I forgot how hot The Corrs were..

Been an excellent week, I love test cricket.. although the big negative is, it has dawned on me I cant really do The Ashes during the night if I want to have a normal life at the same time, which I have to, so thats not great craic but sure what can ya do cant have everything.

I've had only six markets all week and that'll hopefully be the focus for the winter, picking and choosing, and having days off when theres nothing on rather than go hunting for something to entertain me.. theres the only reason I enrolled in college this year.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

United Becoming The Pakistan Of Football..

They'll soon be a once-they-hit-1.2-auto-lay!

3-1 against Everton and blow it. 2-1 against Fulham and blow it. 2-0 up against West Brom today and blow it probably the worst of all though.

They buggered my Saturday mug accum anyway in PPs (head in hands man, I had Newcastle too, 2-2 from 2-0 down!), but I suppose just under 300k isnt THAT much to be traded considering past weekend gubbings.

United got to be the worst team around this season for low odds..

X Factor Betting

Just reading the rules here, theyve sort of ruined it as a betting vehicle with all the doubt, read this bit..

ITV and the producer reserve the right to introduce a wildcard vote at any time by which an act which has got through to the judges’ houses stage, but was not successful, can be voted by the public back into the competition. Specific terms may apply to the wildcard vote as announced on air.

Backing someone whos favourite now, and then Gamu turning up when shes got her visa (what a story there, a winning story FFS), doesnt strike me as being fair if youre betting now without that knowledge. But then again, last week everyone was betting without the knowledge there was no bottom two and just a straight elimination until the end of the show.

Then for 'bottom two' betting, theres none of that until all the shite acts have gone basically, which takes all the low odds getting gubbed out of the question nearly, two going for four weeks plus effectively a bottom three, meaning the likelihood of the likes of Wagner surviving is pretty slim. Betfair arent even offering the 'bottom three' market, going with just an elimination - 4.8 the field, its a bit of a lotto really.

The problem for the novelty acts this year is they wont actually be the bottom vote, (as seen when Jedward were bottom two last year but survived) but could get dragged into the judges vote by being third bottom - and then go, last year they'd get away with that, novelty acts are a gold mine because the market doesnt price them up correctly thinking they cant sing, but singing isnt the point sure until you get down to the last 5 or so.

Round 1 - Double Elimination - 14 left.
Round 2 - 12 left.
Round 3 - 10 left.
Round 4 - 8 left.
Round 5 - Single Elimination - 7 left.
Round 6 - 6 left.
Round 7 - 5 left.
Round 8 - 4 left.
Round 9 - 3 left.
Round 10 - 2 left.

PS. Tonight, Strictly Come Dancing finishes at 7-45 and X Factor starts at 7-30, whoever is first on has a massive chance of being bottom three, but theres no market for that anyway FFS, but I definitely wouldnt be laying the first on to go anyway, whoever it is. First on was also bottom three last week.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sad Times & Happy Times

The sad times - after one day theyve changed my timetable so I'm in on Friday for an hour, shocker, the plus side is I have no 9AMs at all now, but I'd have preferred the day off.

The happy times - feck college I've bunked off so far this week to do the test, who needs college anyway..

Hard to believe the draw was backed down to 1.9 this morning after being 3.1ish overnight, that caught me a bit didnt see that coming, but draw backers are relentless as I said no stopping them, hitting 1.3 (and I thought 1.5 was short!) Monday was terribly low but needed balls to hang on for an Aus declaration if it went that far (which was always on the cards being 1-0 down IMO) but in the end it wasnt needed, which helped stress for the price, but I still reckon that when they declare the price is over 1.3, India blocking was my worry at that stage but Sehwag helps knock that idea on the head.

I dont buy the idea that this result means a lot come the Ashes, Aus conditions will be much different, and everyone forgets they had India in all sorts of bother in the 1st test only for VVS to have a hero knock and Sharma to put on 30 too, they were 9 down, add 25 runs and Aus would have won probably, so I'm not running out to back Eng just yet.

I feel guilty for not heading to lecs on the first week, so I'm going this afternoon, and I'll be good from now on.. (until the next match). Getting up at 5AM is hard but bloody hell test cricket is the dogs bollocks for watching sport.

I was in bed last night for the Ireland game to compensate, amazing how unpatriotic you become as a gambler, I dont care unless I have money on it (sort of), people who dont bet have such emotion when the country is playing, and I dont have that emotion at all - you cant really IMO to bet properly. Its weird, I used to be a mad United fan too jumping around when they score, same with Ireland, but dont move a muscle now. I'm either clam or have no soul.. probably no soul.

Test cricket lends itself to that loose feeling of opinion and no emotion though, chop and change a couple of times a day, no bias, no favouritism. Thats probably up there with the biggest flaw of betting shop punters IMO, having a pre-opinion on the jockey rather than the horse and letting it get in the way. Its only taken me 22 years to cop on! Although I started betting when I was 12, and got good (well, sort of good) by 17, so five years then to have no emotion towards teams I like more than others.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The other night there was only four of them, but now look..!

It'd be fantastic if my one would double, just think of the things you could do.. cooking and the windows cleaned at the same time, fantastic.. couldnt be happier.

Anyway, I was in attendance at The Curragh today mug punting, dropped €40ish, but I was enjoying my last day of freedom - back to college tomorrow (sad face!). Although, they couldnt have made the timetable any better if they built the feckin' thing around me, I'm in Mon, Tue, Wed and then off to gamble for the rest - which is perfect, winter Mon-Wed is the boring time. So anyway, starting tomorrow I'm Thur-Sun betting.

What I lost on the horses, I had from the boxing last night, Prizefighter used to be epic trading - it was eight fighters with a chance a year ago, but now it tends to be one or two "star" names (i.e. has-beens, see Audley Harrison example) and the rest bums. Fat fellows last night who havent had a fight since 2008, fellows who have only had four fights their whole career, shite. Stayed away from the two favs, they ended up being the final, but sure Sprott didnt even have to come out of first gear to win the whole thing in the end.

Cant explain how gutted I am that I couldnt lay Wagner for X-Factor, books were odds on or in and around evens, it would have been such a lay! Would be maxed out on liability, early days yet but I think he may become this years Jedward.. hes obviously terrible and cant sing, but he makes me laugh, which goes a huge way to getting votes, it all depends on song choice for him each week. Plus you have all the 'hes so bad we'll vote for him' idea too, but Betfair had "any other" in the market consisting of the four wild cards, had to go that way but not for as much as if it was just Wagner, and also, they had no bottom two (my market normally) either, would have been maxed there too - but they obviously knew something was gonna be different, they could have said something last night at least.

The India v Australia 2nd test draw lay is tempting at 1.5ish, but I cant miss college with registration tomorrow, draw backers are a relentless bunch, I could lay 1.5 it'd bounce to 3.2 and they'd have it back to 1.5 by the time I finish my first lec tomorrow. If theres still action on the 5th day I might skip lecs but otherwise I'm sitting out.

Finish up €110 this week, happy enough given I'd no real strong opinion on anything that was on, thought Ireland v Russia no goal was the best bet.. but I wasnt too far off like, there was only five goals in the end sure, close. Everything else has been just a case of getting on with it.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, 0-0 lasted all of 10 feckin' minutes. Price pre kickoff was swapping between 8.2 and 8.4, so pretty happy enough with the 8.8, its just bleedin' obvious at the moment Russia are the better team. No complaints there. 2-0 to Russia at HT, match hasnt finished yet but no point hanging around (hopefully that comment will jinx it into finishing 3-2!). On the plus side at least I saved €50 going..

Cricket chipped in with 20 quid, huge dislike of SP matches under 1.1 but a bounce out to the 1.3s meant it wasnt a total waste of a game on TV. -€27.39 on the day which isnt too bad, a reminder that in-running is ten times easier then pre-off on any sport really - I thought the soccer would be tight and defending, game started like ping pong.

Naturally in-running every bit of information is happening in front of you so theres no guessing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World Grand Prix Darts

Struggling to have a bet this week, really cant concentrate on the scoring, cant seem to figure out why..

I do dislike the double start for trading though, for obvious reasons really, 9 darts missed opening = seething.

Have to admit to being a bit bored this week, I've even ventured over to the dark side to the Arcade, shocker! Clicked on one of those free bet email thingys, turned a free €10 into €8.50 (of real money), never played Betfairs games before - but I would imagine that would be the general rate of return, €8 back for every €10 you spend. Load of shite and best avoided anyway IMO. They do gear it towards being highly addictive, for people with that kind of personalty, I actually thought of playing on when the €10 was swapped for a second, but then remembered I had a brain..! Cancer of betting those FOBTs.

News today that Cheltenham have added another race to the festival, I approve really. Lets be honest they ruined the quality to an extent going to the four days from the three, but last year we had cases of only six races a day, thats crap IMO, if youre gonna charge people 60ish quid in you could at least give them seven races a day. Thursday last year they had four handicaps out of the six races, I remember my Grandad taking me over when I was 12/13, and you had Best Mate, Moscow Flyer, Istabraq all around then, ahh it was better than Christmas! Three days was perfect really, it hasnt really been the same since they went four days but as I said, if theyre gonna do it at least put on seven races per day for the people paying, might not all be massively important races but sure it is what it is now, it wont go back to three days.

So far just the one market on Tuesday morning, saw 6AM on the clock for the first time in years, cracker of a finish though with India winning by one wicket. Looking forward to the weekend for a birra action, thought maybe Ireland v Russia would be worth a few quid 0-0, just under 8/1 isnt worth a big bet, but highly likely we get that scoreline though IMO. Trap will most likely be happy with a point and the Russians will too away from home, if we get to 60mins at 0-0 neither will be pouring forward leaving gaps at the back anyway IMO. I've already €50 on at 8.8, so cue a goal in the 3rd minute then.

Cricket: €43.57 Total P&L: €43.57

Downloaded the new Bruno Mars album Doo-Wops And Hooligans today too, its kind of woman-ish, but would recommend giving it a try, its catchy..

Monday, October 4, 2010


What a finish to the Ryder Cup! Unreal, I love Mondays. Nice watching a big sporting event having no betting interest either, you watch everything differently, instead of saying "what a coont" you say "great putt!" Also nice to see Tiger come back to form, he was immense today, no surprise he was good in the foursomes Saturday though, Tiger loves a good foursome..

Anyway, just tidy up the week, one market. Arc weekend was great, France had a high terror alert yesterday evening though that was no craic - something when you see it on TV you kind of just half catch it and dont pay attention, but when youre about to get on a plane, well, it doesnt inspire confidence anyway put it that way. I like leaving Ireland though mainly because the media make everyone so depressed with the recession every feckin' day, but its good to be home - back to ignoring the world then :)

And a note on Liverpool losing at home to Blackpool, head in hands man FFS, I used to laugh when they lost but its an old joke at this stage. At least now though they can concentrate on The Champions Lea..oh wait. The Premier Leag...oh wait. The Carling Cu..oh wait. Their families..