Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wayne Rooney

As I've said before, I lost big interest football nearly two years ago - so I'm not that passionate on the situation bar watching SSN about it. The photos of him pissing in the street and then all the prostitutes, he does seem to have turned into a bit of a tit, even if he was already one before (previous prostitutes, drinking and red cards etc). I wouldnt like to be mates with him anyway put it that way, even though I like watching him play football, and stuck up for him when everyone gave him stick at the World Cup.

I cant get my head around whats been made public about it, yesterday I thought it was all about money (and that may still be the case IMO), but then today he comes out and says its about winning titles, United haters will laugh but lets be honest theyre always going to be challenging, beaten by one point last year and won the three years before that, so I dont buy that excuse - ESPECIALLY if he ends up at City, respect to City fans but theyre all money, everyone knows that, if he ends up at Real Madrid well then fair enough, maybe - they havent won the league in a few years either.

I cant make sense of it anyway and think its something wrong with him personally rather than anything else (or else hes just a money grabbing coont), maybe the missus has ordered him out after the prostitutes or whatever. Either way, he doesnt seem to brightest tool in the box and its not out of the question he ends up like Gazza or along those lines. It could easily go all downhill from here.

The amazing thing in todays world though, and not just football, loyalty has gone out the window. With gambling its impossible to be loyal to teams/players, but I can still be at least loyal to people, I dont think Rooney has had that this week, but sure who cares it makes no difference to any of us, just dont respect him anymore.

A few months ago he wanted to stay for life, and now the club doesnt meet his ambition, stuff like that doesnt happen overnight IMO. We'll see what happens. He says United cant give him "assurances over future squad" City can of course, "Wayne Rooney is all about winning titles" he says, how many years has it been since City won. How much money do you want Wayne..

Anyway, his guilty pleasure in life are prostitutes, my guilty pleasure in life is bunking off college and trading the cricket. Prostitutes, swearing, drinking, smoking, pissing in the street are all very well and good, but you cant beat a good game of cricket on a cold Wednesday afternoon :)

A proper swinger this evening though and was in the right places at the right times, Aus going 1.3 after a wicket first ball in the innings was a nice enough lay, just on the time scale of things - the Indian love in the market and the other team 1.3 so early, you sort of know it wont go much lower for ages so it was a lay with plenty of upside and not much downside. India going on to win made my life easier but always on good terms after that lay. I was 50/50 at half one whether to go or not, but Michael Clarke batting made me stay, was lucky to be here really, hes not my favourite batsman but he is my favourite person who plays cricket.. seems a gent, I met him when the Aus side came over here ages ago, not that many people here knew who he was.

Champion League starting at 7 bells on RTE, cannot wait to hear what Dunphy has to say on the Rooney stuff..!


  1. well done,you've started winning big in the last weeks mate,you doing anything different or ?

  2. Gruss is helping me close out of losing positions earlier than before, so theres less losing, which keeps things moving forward naturally.

    But, IMO, the best thing and change has been giving up horse racing, it was taking up so much time for little return, other sports have just taken off in terms of profit since.

  3. I can't say I've ever really liked Rooney. He soon ditched his home club in Everton early in his career, I thought he at least deserved them a few more seasons. So I see no reason why he wouldn't leave Man United, only way I can see him at City is if he doesn't want to leave the north west though. I never really saw him as a major goalscorer until he scored all thoose last season, I always though of him more of as a secondary striker.

    Nice work on the cricket trading again, good game to watch as well.

  4. No real problem with him if he goes to Real Madrid, but if he ends up at City after what hes said this week hes making himself look a right tit atm IMO.

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