Sunday, May 30, 2010


Cricket: €106.13 | Gaelic Games: €112.91 Total P&L: €219.04

I'm still seething over the GAA situation on the first game, because they still havent given me a proper answer. You know, probably being a bit of a tosser over it at this stage but my point of view is, its not in the rules, theyre making one up, Betfair is eat or be eaten and people should be able to look after themselves. The courtsider argument idea is another I want to get across to them too, because its no different what I did to when they hit 1.01 before the suspend and if theyre not going to manage the markets properly then just dont bother. I'm being a Wayne Keir and not letting it go. You know, they didnt even void it properly, so they didnt even know what they were doing, making rules up FFS.

Anyway calming down, done the Saffer v Windies game this evening, missed the start but got the first wicket bounce. Can be fairly sure that Saffers wont fall in a heap against the Windies bowling so it was a nice trade when they were chasing. They had set 59/0 before I was involved though so the hard work, good start against the new ball was done I suppose, rate was handy enough so they didnt have to take chances, and the batsmen were reliable for singles (Kallis and Amla). Lumpy laid buckets of 1.4 - 1.5 so when he changed his mind with runs it went quickly into the 1.1s. Saffers didnt half mess around at the finish though, should of been much easier, thank god for AB.

Interesting finish to the test match tomorrow, and I reckon a lot depends on what Bangers do, are they playing for a draw? I'm guessing they are but you wouldnt know with that crowd. Then, they'd bat for as long as possible, which makes sense. But if theres cloud cover England could get them all out just after lunch, then say England have to chase down maybe 200? 300 if they whack it around - which Bangs tail probably will try anyway. 300 in 45-50 overs would be interesting, RRR of 6 is high for test cricket, can bowl wide, leg-side and put everyone on the boundary, plus the test team doesnt look as strong as the ODI team. Cook, Strauss, Trott and Bell dont exactly score fast, they dont get in the ODI team either, and I know its test cricket, but its a ODI situation if chasing 300 in 50 overs. I dont know what will happen, it all depends on what Bangs do more so than what England do I reckon. They could collapse all out for another 20 runs and then its GSM to England too. Tricky. I might miss a huge draw price but I'm fairly happy to wait until Bangs post a score, or if they just try to play for the draw then I'll probably leave the market alone.

Been a good week punting wise but obviously bit depressing with the St Nic news. I nearly say this every week, but last week I was shite and managed to scrape a small profit, then this week when I was good I'm not making up for donk losses when I'm bad. As anyone whos ever gambled will know, life is easy when youre winning, and shite when youre not, so staying level in the bad weeks is the most important bit to me and then the good bits will take care of themselves. Next week is looking likely to be minus €250 already, but theres still a little hope left I suppose. Nothing we can do anyway, its up to the horse now.

Whats The Word When Youre Past SEETHING?

As every Irish person knows at this stage, not a weekend goes by without Betfair bollocksing up something on the GAA.

Donegal v Down today, they never suspended until around 30/40 minutes AFTER the final whistle. I dont actually use Twitter but for some reason I put up that I was laying Donegal at half time.

So, my book at the final whistle was..

-€120 Donegal
€80 Down
€80 Draw

After a couple of trades during the second half, backing and laying the Donegal price (it went short before it went out again). I didnt back Down though. I dont actually have a screen shot of this because at the time I didnt know it was going to be important, but I do have Twitter to say I was laying Donegal, and NOT doing anything else, it'll make sense a bit down..

Now, they dont suspend. The games over, a draw. So I put up money at 40, 36 and 34 etc on a result.. on the off chance someone might take it you know, everyone does, theres a fight over who goes highest. That was taken. So then my book read..

-€1,467 Donegal
-€1,580 Down
€165 Draw

Betfair suspend then.

And three hours later theyve voided some bets and changed my book to..

-€160 Donegal
€34 Down
€80 Draw

HOW!? I didnt have -€160 red Donegal, and secondly I didnt back Down so wheres my Down green gone. So where did that come from, they didnt even fooking know what they were voiding!

While I can see the "fairness" of voiding, my row is..

1) Not my problem people put money on. I just offered prices on the market as it was left open.
2) Not my problem Betfair didnt suspend on time.
3) Doesnt say anything about it in the T&Cs (by the way if you bet after its finished, dont worry we'll void - I dont see that anywhere).
And most importantly 4) You know when youre watching tennis or cricket and the market goes 1.01 when its over that split second before it suspends because of courtsiders - they dont void that do they, and thats when the games over too. Those people cant lose at that moment in time.

They didnt even know what they were voiding FFS anyway! When I rang them I was asked "Is this horse racing?"

"Some bets were void, but I dont know why its not my department, we'll ring you back."

As I said I do understand the fairness side of it but I think my four points are pretty valid too IMO, and that fact that theyve made up a rule just to suit themselves..

1000/1 to get paid though. They havent called back either. Besides, none of this would of happened if they managed GAA markets properly, but the rules say anyway "Who will win this match? At the start of play all unmatched bets will be cancelled and this market will be turned in-play. This market will not be actively managed therefore it is the responsibility of all users to manage their positions."

But we'll void if people are stupid enough to back after the final whistle.. not happy at all, says people should look after themselves in the rules and then void, it makes no sense. Also very important to remember that they dont suspend ANY game in the GAA on time.

I'm making a proper fuss of this one anyway to make a point to the dopey bar-stewards. I love a good moan and row over the phone anyway..

I think I have a point, really.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Best thing about the Eurovision? Marty Whelan SEETHING as every country called out the votes without Ireland. I actually got fecked over by them too with Spain getting to sing twice, some eejit jumped on the stage when they were singing and they got to go again last, they had the coffin box draw out second. Had to trade out after laying them top 10 because - chance of them getting double the votes, double the people seeing them, being on late and the sympathy vote. Still finished outside the top 10, just if they didnt go again it'd be €60 and not €12.

Anyway, hugely frustrating evening on Prizefighter, betting like a bit of a mug, it was probably the best Prizefighter theyve ever had. Every fight was stand in the middle and knock the shite out of each other, good to watch, terrible to actually bet on who was 'winning' because all fights both were landing solid punches and only one big punch away from it being kaput. Whatever about that, I still could have done better, screen shot at the end shows how bad I was, and I was awe-red for the amount every losing market.

If I'm not 100% I should sit on my hands really, I dont know, its not that I'm guessing its just when I actually bet because I'm 100% the slightest thing makes me change my mind and back out. Thats where the bad trading comes from basically, no conviction about it I suppose.

Every meeting from England during the day was on RUK and then Navan on ATR, all went grand, won no more than €6 on each race but it all adds up when the day is finished you know. Still havent decided on being depressed yet about St Nic, we'll get to Tuesday and then go from there, but as I was saying to people today, sure fook it like, being depressed over it isnt going to change the situation you know, its gutting because you plan two years and then might not get a proper run for your money, but sure we'll get to Tuesday and then worry about it. But whatever happens, crying and moaning over it wont change anything anyway so just have to get on with it.

Among the numerous bets I have on him all going from 66/1 before he ran to 3/1 after the others have been winning, I have €250 on him for the blog, which went on after the Dante if I remember correctly, the rest are in cash or elsewhere. Ladbrokes will take a massive hit from us if he wins, but everyone will tell you that they "know" so the truths not important is it! He still remains, what will be my biggest win ever if he does win. Its just, that cocky confidence that was there before, thats taken a solid, solid knock. Its gone from being "hes a certainty" to "I dont know" all because he 'only' finished upsides, 'only!' But normally hes well ahead you know.

I suppose too that the horse isnt a machine and maybe we expect him to do wonders every single time when if Jan Vermeer did what St Nic did Friday you'd be delighted, it'd be his best piece of work ever. He just doesnt become a bad horse overnight and it is possible there might be something amiss, or hes under the weather, or whatever, because that sort of thing normally doesnt happen, so you'd worry, but he'll work Tuesday and go from there, thats basically it. Hopefully hes grand and runs, because were fooked if were relying on the others, and anyway I only backed the one, it matters more when theres money on it..

Friday, May 28, 2010


As everyone knows Johnnys thinking about what he rides in the Derby FFS.

St Nic didnt work great this morning.

Although little annoyed over it like, its Sams ride and Johnny took it off him this week, but he wasnt overly happy with him this morning. Having said that he wouldnt know 100% because its fooking Sams ride.

He'll work on Tuesday, but I'd say he'll run unless thats terrible.

It wasnt overly terrible this morning you know, just like a human in a couldnt be bothered humor.

I know its the Derby and Johnnys number one jockey but I'm SEETHING because Sams rode him every other morning bar this week.

Two years, and we get to one morning and its all suddenly going down the swannee!

Gonna be a serious snowball effect given general public fancied Jan beforehand.. but I wouldnt be overly bothered about prices until he decides.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Been a bit slow on the gambling front the last three days, had huge problems with Gruss yesterday, the problem wasnt at their end, it was at my end having to update the VMware Fusion so I can run Mac and Windows parallel, slowed it down for the day, I'm still a bit paranoid about the speed and the noise its making but I reckon its normal now and gone back to what it was, I'm just being paranoid as I said. The fan is making a lot more noise though, maybe its the hot weather its heating up easily, not happy about it anyway.

Gruss update is still under 200MS, it just feels a bit sticky-ish, maybe its Betfair too though, I'd have Firefox open with the normal interface so I can switch back if I want to, and then I'd have Safari open with the forum and Cricinfo if theres cricket on or Facebook when there isnt - I dare not visit the horse forum, I'd be murdered! Just everything feels a bit slower and when you havent got 100% confidence in what youre using, that bit of doubt creeps in. No viruses or anything like that though. Did in running for three races this evening just to see and it seems OK, I'm probably being sensitive to every little thing that I wouldnt normally notice.

Highly annoying this morning that Betfair never bothered with session runs on the Engerland test match, absolute joke, disgrace, its not the first time its happened too, and its not like one of those markets when only €2 gets matched either. You know, when Barca are at home and 1.14 to win, would you ever see them leave out the goal markets? Wouldnt there be uproar. Many people rang/emailed them this morning and they basically couldnt give a flying fook, I got the same email as everyone else, they were just sending them out no matter what you asked apparently.

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your e-mail.

I have passed your request on to our Market Operations Team for further consideration and they have come back saying that unfortunately they will not be offering this market today.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any further assistance.

Kind regards

Leanne Elford

Betfair Helpdesk

Englands first test match at home of the year, 1.14 to win against Bangladesh (who we all know cannot possibly win). And they dont offer probably the most popular market, not many would be backing the 1.14, like I said, picture a Barca match 1.14 to win and no goal markets. They rang me back and explained they havent got the man power to manage them with the French Open on - then ironically they put 12 matches in play when it was raining. 10 million matched on each international one day game usually, were hardly lacking giving them commission you know, we deserve better.

Horse Racing: €2.00 | Special Bets: €67.52 Total P&L: €69.52

Special bets are the Eurovision, I know, I know, but there was nothing else on and I'm addicted to gambling. When did my life take a turn for the worst that now I'm actively seeking to watch the Eurovision.. thats right, because you can bet on it. In fairness, Ems is fairly shrewd at TV shows and things like this, I trust her at this stage. I swear to god Marty Whelan nearly had an orgasm when Ireland were called out, I dont blame him though, normally no one votes for us.

By the way, did anyone read the story of the smoking two year old? Now, as always with myself and news forget about the whole seriousness of a two year old smoking.. but actually look at his reactions and stuff, hes exactly like an old man, leaning back and blowing smoke into the air, its uncanny. I'd imagine its healthy odds on when I have a child he'd be much like this, except after having me for a father after two years, not only will he have a fag in one hand, but probably a bottle of vodka in the other and will be standing outside a Paddy Power every afternoon. Paddy Power actually go 4/6 his first words will be "seething" too.

The best part of the story was clearly the father: Fishmonger Mohammed, 30, said: "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem." Mohammed has also placed a treble for this season, Dublin to win the All Ireland, England to win the World Cup and Liverpool to win the Premiership, he doesnt see how it loses. Tip in itself..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do They Make It Up?

Two brilliant stories in the Racing Post..!

One saying the "sharp" money is going on Midas Touch for the Derby. And exactly one week later, another one saying the "sharp" money is going on Jan Vermeer for the Derby. What is it with the word sharp? And even if people were to believe the stories, Ballydoyle must be right thicko's when you think about it then, backing three horses in the one race?

Also note in both stories they finish with "and weve shortened St Nicholas Abbey after support too" and "St Nicholas Abbey is the best backed horse." Well done lads, you'd think they'd be pushing him out no end considering the other two are being backed off the boards..

Bookmakers should be MADE prove what they say to the press, IMO.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Greatest..

I dont think there'll ever be another dart player as good as Phillip Taylor, you run out of words sure, two 9 darters in the one game, history. Total and utter privilege to see it live, amazing scenes.

Anyway, the cricket and the horses did well today, Windies really are gash theres no other way of explaining it, it annoys me to say it because I like them, theyre nearly everyones second team and Chris Gayle is obviously the coolest man on the planet. But theyre hopeless unless its T20. Saffers should really be beating them when you think about it so probably best not to be too harsh, its just all the dot balls they let build up, the shite fielding and the poor bowling, it all adds up after a while you know. I think the thing that annoys everyone is they *could* be better, but for whatever reason they just arent, theyre going backwards.

Did in running from the two RUK tracks to nick 20 quid, only one on tomorrow and thats national hunt so giving it a miss, no cricket listed on Sky either so going to go play golf instead. If I hang around the house and try to win just say €30 I'll only end up doing my head in trying for something that isnt there, this time last year I would have done it though, getting more sensible in old age I reckon..

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Cricket: €23.58 | Gaelic Games: €6.91 | Horse Racing: €37.18 Total P&L: €67.67

Difficult enough to trade other sports with The Curragh being on this weekend. Superb weather though, think the horses are really starting to kick off now, longer it goes on too the less they'll "need" the first run. Anyway, bitterly disappointed with Fencing Master in the Guineas, last time I'll back him I'm not one for following horses, he was beaten around halfway and all, very poor. I had doubts about all the opposition and none of them placed, two outsiders, fair played to Canford Cliffs though, no questions about him getting the mile now, he looked good, still would of thought Fencing could have at least beaten the others you know. Steinbeck ran well on his first run, dunno where he goes next because hes hard to train (understatement!).

I really love Samuel Morse though, and Johnny got into awful trouble stuck in behind horses, I was cursing him, horse got him out of jail though and he really does have serious gears when he needs them. Easy win for Fame too but the Godolphin horse didnt turn up there, not his problem though all he could do was win handy and he did.

Jan was impressive to the eye today but he posted a poor enough time looking at it and that race has a horrible history of horses bombing in Epsom from it, beat Shintoh 2L just say, and he beat Encompassing only 3 and a half lengths who is probably one of the worst horses in the yard, biggest dog anyway. Obviously hes shortest in the betting of the reserves because he won today and people like to back whatever happened last. Cape Blanco was 5/1 after the Dante but its been a couple of weeks since so hes out to 11/1 now, hes not flavour of the month anymore the poor bugger..

So, that puts AP with the first four in the betting and nigh on half the field come two weeks. They cant all run FFS. IMO four will run (I think). Two pacemakers, At First Sight and Bright Horizon if he comes out of today well. At First Sight fairly trustworthy to do it himself though.

St Nicholas Abbey as stable numero uno.

And then one of the reserves, dunno which one, two if he feels like it but theyre fair horses in their own right and could mop up other races with them so dont need to waste them all in one race, even if it is "THE Derby" if St Nic cant beat horses like Bullet Train and Rewilding sure then we might as well all pack it in. I'd be annoyed if he ran them all personally, but obviously over the moon if St Nic just has to beat stablemates, because hes always been miles and miles better then all of them in Ballydoyle anyway.

Been an alright punting week, struggled to end plus €60, minus €67 on the horses on Betfair was an arb and got €85 off PP for it, in running went OKish too. Traded the cricket very poorly but got away with small loses when things have went bad, traded actually quite good at times too but was behind when I did do good, like €80 awe-red turned into €20 awe-red, thats good, just what got me there before that was shite. Dont think I did anything very wrong, but still happy to finish not losing the way it panned out. Boxing was a non event and so was the GAA - still seething at the new hand pass rule.

By the way, seen the front of the News Of The World today, havent read it or indeed know who your one is, some royalty from England or something. But seriously, thats John Higgins, John Terry, Joe Calzaghe and your one all filmed being offered free money in the past few weeks. I mean, how can they not know theyre being set up at this stage.. its all the same too, we give you money and you do something, exact same, do they not stop and think "hold on now, havent I read this somewhere before.."

Jose Mourinho is also THE DADDY! Have €16 with that Titanbet crowd now, but they dont bet on much, will leave it in there until the World Cup and then mess around with it. I'm a hopeless football judge so it'll give me something to do without going skint.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Money..

For some reason titanbet (I've never heard of them either) are doing a special where if you open an account WITHOUT having to deposit any money, just open it, you get a free €5 bet when you email support after opening the account asking them for it.

Weird bookies though, they dont have any markets at all on horse racing! And no idea how to get the money out if it wins because they dont seem to accept laser cards either, but anyway theyve still given me a fiver for nothing sure, ya wouldnt walk past it on the street.

Had it on Inter tomorrow, theres a little challenge, how far can I get with it..


The 1.0x's gubbed in the Pro40 again, I forget the last time they havent been beaten at this stage..! Tricky game tonight though, personally I'd forgotten how much conditions change under lights in England. Surrey started off so easily, pitch was a good one, then it starts to get dark, lights come on and the ball is doing all sorts in seconds. Surrey matched at 1.19 and then all the way out to 20s, I was big red having backed 1.6ish. But the low lays on Glamorgan got me out of it for just €30 awe-red at the end, feels like a proper win, I could of ran it too (laid 1.05) but it was one wicket away from being GSM at that stage.

Backing the 1.4 Surrey after the start, having already backed 1.6, was probably a mistake in hindsight looking at how it played under lights but I'll know for the future, I didnt see that coming, so long since I've traded a day-nighter in England. Could of greened out too like but it was looking easy before the lights, then when the dew came late on it got easy again. Its so easy to look back and read the market movements after the games finished, while its going on its confusing as fook! Excellent trading game again for people, I just ballsed it up a little, again. Gruss helps though keeping it down.

Nothing happening on the boxing with an SP of 1.05, losing day but a good day, didnt do the horses because I knew the cricket/boxing would be going straight through from 4-30 to 11-00 and didnt want to be staring at a screen all day you know.

Boxing: €0.24 | Cricket: -€30.99 Total P&L: -€30.75

Seriously good weather here today and really hot weather, grounds gonna be quick tomorrow, looking forward to it now anyway, still on Fencing E/W. Samuel Morse is a one I really, really like that I've talked about before, ground might be an issue tomorrow though because his first run was on heavy, he might get rushed off his feet early doors on firm, its an unknown, but he has serious gears to finish with. Alfred Nobel has a big chance too on this ground over 6F, he doesnt stay anything over that on heavy so ignore all his runs and the Breeders Cup because he bombed like the rest not on drugs, take away those and he has great form, wanted a bigger price though E/W so I'll leave it, was hoping for 6/1+, and hes already favourite on Betfair. Said I'd back Samuel if over 5/2 so I'll probably have a touch on him if I can get it, Fencing E/W antepost the main one, hopefully its a good day anyway, first Classic at home.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Still an absolute shiteheap of a wicket tonight and the market was in meltdown most of the game. Windies went 1.3s, then Saffers went 1.3s, then Windies went 1.2s, then Saffers went into the 1.1s, then another flip, then Saffers won off the last ball. One of those games everyone says "if youre not green here you shouldnt be on Betfair," and nonsense like that. Reverting to type - traded it like a mug while on the bowling side, its definitely my achilles heel in cricket, but Gruss has made it much better with the level profit button so I always know where I am, before I'd be sitting here thinking "ah bollocks" when something goes awry but now I see just say I can go €5 awe-red, and I click and start again, instead of maybe leaving it for longer and then things get worse. Delighted with minus €18 because it was €75 awe-red at a point. Like you know, maybe these are the games I was losing €100+ on before Gruss.

Meow won to get me back my €18 is that was alright, she was real impressive too, happy to finish level. Well actually not level, lost €85.96 on Betfair and only got €85.71 off PP below, so lost 25c.. SEETHING.

Cricket: -€18.83 | Horse Racing: -€67.13 Total P&L: -€85.96

Another really hot day on The Curragh, say the ground has quickened up, gonna be a cracker of a weekend though if it stays like this.


Messed this one up a little but anyway, Paddy Power were going 4/7 when it was 1.46 to lay on Betfair, only problem was PP would only let me have €150 on, then when I went to lay back €155 on Betfair that all didnt get matched either (was a bit slow), and now the price has settled at 1/2 bookies and Betfair.

If she wins I win €18.58, if she loses I lose €4.07 minus commission so probably a tenner. Backed a 1/2 shot at 2/1ish so cant complain, just circumstances mean I only have €10 on. Wouldnt normally bother doing this with the early Irish markets, its just there was such a big price gap, if PP gave me say €400/500 it would have been lovely.

Queen Of Spain is a nice filly at home too, only her first run today so she'll come on plenty from it, Meow looks a good un judging from her last race though and Johnny rides because shes had a run and Queen Of Spain hasnt.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Really tough game tonight, the pitch was an absolute dog and the umpires have been brutal, fair played to Bosman, Smith and Deonarine who all walked, Bosman was given as a wide when the ball clearly changed course by miles FFS! The next T20 and the first ODI (I think) are on the same pitch so that hardly inspires confidence for the rest of the week.

My guess is 120ish is par for 20/20, Saffers posted 136 today and were 1.8, thought that was very high considering, but then two words if youre looking for a reason not to back it - Chris Gayle. He did get Windies into 1.7 at one stage before getting out, market valued him at 65 ticks today, its not even an over reaction, they should rename the series 'Gayle v Saffers.' Hopefully they do something for the pitch before tomorrows game, although theres very little they can do. A Windies ground under prepared for international cricket.. has it ever happened before! Would like if they stopped using local umpires too but as long as we have honest players it should be alright.

I'm still absolutely pants at trading the innings when I'm on the bowling side, mainly because its always going against me for a while until a wicket, bottle is tested, and I'll never have big amounts on. Didnt have the bottle to take on Gayle today anyway.

No horses today with only one meeting on RUK, actually went for a jog on The Curragh this afternoon, couldnt call them any names if they watered for the weekend IMO, how much they put on it if they decide to god only knows, but if we dont get rain it'll probably need a tiny bit, more so on the round course than the straight. Was really hot there today, no breeze, just real dead weather, I wear thermal unders and a hoodie jogging and could barely breath, just that still heavy air, normally its freezing. I'm only ten and half stone but normally still go into the ground a little if I want, there was none of that. Dont think any horse wants firm you know, nor any horse wants heavy (bar Oxxes maybe hes won on it), just think "Good" ground is perfect for everyone and no ones inconvenienced then, but sure what do I know. If it rains overnight though I'll say that will sort it.

I've backed Fencing Master E/W at 6s anyway. Think hes improved past Xtension from the last run, Steinbeck is having his first run and hasnt gone too hard, think Noll Wallop was laid out for his last run happy to be against him, happy enough to oppose Oxxes although does look an improver I'll take him on because I think Fencing is better, and I still have serious doubts about Canford Cliffs getting a strongly run mile, its gonna be a break neck pace too. Just 6/1 E/W seems fair when I have worries about all the others and I've no worries for him, if hes out of the first three I'd be bitterly disappointed with him.

I presume if Canford is beaten the natural reaction for punters is to say the Guineas form has been let down, but my way of looking at it is, if they do go off at a fast pace and hes left wanting in the last furlong, I reckon that re-endorses the idea that it turned into a bit of a sprint in Newmarket and he just had the turn of foot. We'll see sure, I'm interested to see him again anyway, it looked like he didnt stay 7F first time out, then is 3rd in a Guineas so I suppose Saturday will show for once and for all what his distance is.

Cricket: €18.82 Total P&L: €18.82

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The End Is Nigh..

Horrible news in Maher towers today with the results of Fantasy Football 09/10 coming in, and believe it or not, Emma has finished in front of me. Yes, beaten by a girl at fantasy Football, head in hands man, I am finnish, she doesnt even watch football FFS, seething. My forfeit is she wants to go to Wimbledon to watch a tennis match on Henman Hill - where she plucked that idea from god only knows, I can wheel a TV out the back garden if she wants like.

A big congratulations to fellow blogger Rob The Builder who finished second with 1,057pts, he laid blame at the tournament officials door as the reason he didnt win, pointing out that they only played seven minutes of stoppage time instead of the normal "until we score" method of stoppage time as seen at Old Trafford. After the final whistle, he refused to talk to The BBC, The Sun, and anyone else whos ever asked an awkward question at a press conference.

The winner was my mate Tomas ending with 1,170pts, when asked what it felt like to win the Kingfisher Carbon Kamal DLF Maximum Citi Moment Of Success Stephen Maher Invitational Gamblers Anonymous Fantasy Football League Trophy he was said to be "overcome with emotion" and that it was "the highlight of his life," stressing that hes never achieved anything else in his life as big as this. Tomas, from Navan in county Meath, was last seen coming out of The George nightclub on Georges Street at 4AM this morning shirtless, wearing just red leather pants. Gardai are appealing to all members of the homosexual community who may have been in contact with Tomas in the past 24 hours to contact them immediately, he is said to be hyper after winning and on a high after visiting the local head shop on South William Street. Rumors of John Terry and Ashley Cole being with him remain unconfirmed.

I must also mention our personal driver, "Schumacher Doyle," a healthy odds on chance to be stopped by the police en route to any racecourse in Ireland these days, finishing in 4th bottom place just avoiding the relegation zone with a score of only 831pts. It was only back a few months ago on the way home from The Curragh he was positioned in joint first and "guaranteed" he was going to win. He shall now be referred to as "Rafa Doyle," when asked about his future Rafa declined to comment but later released a statement on his personal website saying "I greened out in running."

Leading Irish bookmaker Boylesports were quick to react and open a market on next years Kingfisher Carbon Kamal DLF Maximum Citi Moment Of Success Stephen Maher Invitational Gamblers Anonymous Fantasy Football League Trophy..

4/9 Emma Byrne
3/1 Rob The Builder
8/1 Nelson Mandela
12/1 Stephen Maher
16/1 Jose Mourinho
20/1 Gordon Brown
25/1 Tomas Reilly
33/1 Simon Cowell
And 100/1 Rafa Doyle

Leon Blanche from Boylesports commented on At The Races "Weve been absolutely knocked over for the support for the favourite and have laid her to lose just over one million pounds, one fellow came into the shop and asked for €40 each way but we had to knock him back because all the shrewdies got on this morning. We offered him €20 each way at 4/9, the rest at SP, a coffee and a custard cream. You cant eat value."


Back to normality, and a bit of an annoying day for myself punting wise today, three meetings on RUK for in running, the two today went grand and I was up €50 going into the evening meeting tonight, and I've chucked away most of the days profit in a couple of races. Place laid both thirds in the straight, frustratingly so, the first one I laid at odds on was going backwards for the last 2F, just no horse caught up to take third, that type of thing really annoys me you know, I dont know why, most annoying thing on the horses IR for me anyway. But I'm still up €14 so I've decided to quit while I'm ahead, I had dinner in between meetings, maybe I've lost concentration, or just cant read Carlisle coming up the stands rail, either way no harm stopping before I possibly go into the red, if you offered me €20 at the start of the day just off IR I would have taken it you know, nothing else to do on a day like this really, just ticking over. Just a little disappointed to be in a good position and let it slip, I shall spend my €14 on the cinema and be back tomorrow for a bit of real punting on the cricket..

Horse Racing: €14.38 Total P&L: €14.38

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Boxing: €39.54 | Cricket: €145.19 | Gaelic Games: €77.60 Total P&L: €262.33

Another cracking day following on from yesterday, nackered though, had just three hours sleep this weekend. But sure like, only 24 hour gambling weekends are for lightweights.

Sad to see liquidity so low on the GAA today, first day back so we'll see if it improves, theres money in the market alright, but it seems the low odds bot layers have cleared off and "normal" people watching the match are left to make the market. Some people dont like bots, I dont mind them, at least they make the market look a bit respectable rather than just blank half way through..

For position takers like myself, theres always gonna be the one day I'm completely hung, drawn and quartered with no way out, but sure fook it, I'll worry about it when it happens. More money in the market, the more of a safety net there is for getting out though. I blame Betfair totally 100% for not suspending the market on time, each game is left open for about half an hour after its finished, minority sport so they dont give a monkeys, so I dont blame people not wanting to leave the low odds lay up. If you look at every other market though, theres always a couple of grand at 1.01, no matter what it is, its always there, not GAA though, because in all likelihood the only time it'll get taken is after the final whistle. By the way, this new hand-pass rule is absolutely gash, it makes NO sense whatsoever, we had 50 frees in 50 minutes today FFS! I cant comment too much because I dont even understand the rule, it looks like normal to me and not surprised the ref got plenty of stick from the crowd today. Overhand - Underhand, its all a load of shite in my opinion, just get on with it and pass, throwing is different alright but passing is passing whichever way you do it. Its gonna cause so much hassle this summer.

I stayed up all night for the boxing last night, weird feeling going to bed when the sun is coming up, only time that happens is when youre drunk but when youre sober its awful hard to actually go asleep. Huge issues with the settlement, Betfair *thought* it was a 12 round fight, but it was actually a 10 round fight, everyone in America knew that, everyone there knew it, I presume the fighters knew it, but Betfair didnt so they wanted to void the market afterwards. Go the distance and round betting was voided because they had 12 rounds in the T&Cs, but my argument on the phone was it doesnt say "12 rounds" anywhere in the T&Cs for the match market odds, it just says "Predict the result of this fight." They held back settling all day but have settled this evening. Cricket has 5 overs a side in T20, football has 90mins, tennis has one set - if they want a rule for 12 rounds all they have to do is put it in like the rest. They might end up doing it actually because they voided every other market, they just couldnt void the match odds because it said nothing.

Fair play to England today too, T20 World Champions, they were perfect. KP played like an absolute god and rightfully got man of the tournament. It was a really good trading market because theres was so much money in the market that normally wouldnt be there, people watching and overreacting to wickets/boundaries, good banter on the cricket forum it has to be said as well, the football forum invaded with England playing (you know what theyre like), they had it GSM'd after three overs, then seethed when it flip flopped (Aussies are never beaten!), then decided that England were shite when they won and it was only because South Africans were playing that they were winning. Good craic all around. You know, an Englishman only scored 12 runs out of the whole chase, but it is what it is, if it wins you money who cares. Think its a sign of the times though, different people moving about, I remember having to get the bus early one Sunday morning and I swear I was the only Irish person there.

The womens game went alright too trading in low odds the whole game. Staying up all night Saturday to bet on boxing, betting on womens cricket on Sunday night at 12-00.. "you know youre addicted to gambling when.."

Been a good weekend though, I was minus €17 on Wednesday, a little over level by Friday, and end up winning €650 this week. Didnt sleep though, looking forward to taking tomorrow off, dont like the nighttime hours at all. The only mistake I made, well it wasnt even a mistake really, was backing pre-off at York, wanna cut out the pre-off a little cause its the only negative at the moment, or at least limit staking, because when things click in running its obviously much better for me. Getting rid of ATR in running has proved such a success too in little time, €100+ from in running on the horses, knocked back by pre-off bets. The other three sports are ones I naturally love and even though I didnt have time to sleep, it was really nice to have them all on you know. When those sports click, they just click and its easy, its trying to finish level when they dont click thats the hard part.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hello Pro40.. I've been expecting you..

Team A post a big score and go into the 1.2s, team B lose an early wicket to the new ball and Lumpy pushes it into the 1.0x's but they end up chasing it with overs to spare on a flat pitch. Has it ever happened before I ask! Its like watching an old film at this stage. I dunno who held the price at 1.2 - 1.3 when they needed 130 off 90 with only four wickets down and two set batsman, but anyway, to use a Betfair forum phrase, CLASSIC PRO40 market. Its pretty shite that Sky wanted to do away with it and because teams complained and kept it, we only see it every weekend when theres no international cricket for Sky to show, better than nothing I suppose, last few years it used to be on every evening though.

Must also thank the Sky comms for spending half hour at the break saying "no one has ever chased over 301 at this ground in any limited over game." Well, heres a game they chased 340..

Well done lads, thats great stuff. Its like presenting in college, never let the facts get in the way of a good stat. Gloucestershire also chased down over 301 in the same competition just last year FFS (innings SP of 1.05 busted), they get paid to tell me this shite. If I didnt check all that stuff beforehand I'd be seething, and no real reason not to believe them either like, can never listen to anyone on TV these days. Speaking of which, who the fook let Rishi back on RUK? Its a job for him I know and good luck to him, but he just does my head in, I cant listen to him at all. Dont mind the others so much, I never listen to what any of them say mind, but just to have it on in the background rather than sit in silence between races you know, I just have to turn the sound off when Rishi speaks for some reason.

I said I dunno who was holding the price in the cricket between 1.2 - 1.3, well I dunno who was backing Mitchell at 1.55 in the boxing either. Katsidis was defending World Champion, only been beaten twice against World Champions, and spent three months training in Thailand before tonights fight. I know Mitchell had home advantage but even still, I thought it was more a 50/50 fight than a 65/35 fight (leaving out the draw) as the odds implied, I laid with a view to hoping for a flip flop and green up, but he knocked him out in the 3rd so that was alright.

Tough fight tonight, I like Khan, for his boxing skills more so than his ego, but Malignaggi isnt a big puncher, and in all likelihood he'll hardly out box Khan, 1.18 is crazy short though but even so its hard to see how he can actually lose bar a knockout, I know he has a glass chin but Malignaggi still might not test it. Best fighter hes been in the ring with so far so we'll see, gonna try stay up for it anyway.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Still pissing myself laughing here, a special Friday Fight Night DRAW.. has it ever happened before? Dave Paris had Sexton winning by four rounds, so bad its untrue, cant even explain how bad it was to people who havent seen the fight. The other fellow was matched at 1.05, dont forget this is the same Dave Paris that is ALWAYS involved in the Friday Fight Night draw special. The other judge had Bayaar by four rounds and the third judge had it a tie. As I've said before, you know if its in any way close and they score it to maybe say a round or two, well fair enough, but four rounds when he had the shite knocked out of him for well over half the fight.

I've learned the lesson numerous times to never leave red on the draw (countless times on the blog too), so got away with a €2 win. I feel genuinely sorry for the 1.0x backers (or any price for that matter), theyve been mugged, and the only reason I know to cover the draw is because I've been there before myself and its not a nice feeling. But you know, 'fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me' it wont happen me again after the last time, and hopefully it wont happen others again if theyve been involved tonight. Its a joke, it just drives people away from the sport, you'd nearly be better off backing John Higgins FFS.

Still cant believe the Aussies won today either, unreal, hard to put words on the innings, Hussey said at the end it was the greatest feeling of his career, most amazing scenes I've seen in a while anyway. Didnt fancy them getting there but had a small momentum lay in the last two overs when they needed 17 an over to grab €25, I just wanted to be involved if they did it more than anything.

Monday To Friday

Raining at the cricket so nothing else to do, worst thing about tennis and cricket must be the hanging around waiting for it to stop, its not like you can wander off either, I'm waiting to back Australia when they start. By the way, three Englishmen, a Irishman and seven South Africans walk into a bar.. and the barman says "shouldnt you guys be preparing for the final?" Ah, I'm delighted for England really, amazing the difference its made to open with hitters rather than the usual slow start, I'd love them to win it now, but Australia are brilliant, hard to see them beaten.

Anyway, minus €17 since Monday, crickets been good, horses in running been good, little mini disaster pre-off at York Wednesday though. The filly beaten, the sprinter beaten, and then back to Naas to see the 2yo in the first beaten. I had a good cut on Starspangledbanner, and he ran alright without being good enough, so you know, what can you do.

There was three fancied ones beaten, then Cape Blanco goes off without a cent on from anyone, and wins easy, you couldnt make it up like. Not fully convinced by the form of the Dante though, Coordinated Cut was coltish in the parade ring (how he had his lad out when it was full of colts I dont know, gay horse!), Chabal was beaten before they turned in and doesnt seem as good as they think he is, and Workforce hung and had his head all over the place. So, the race just sort of fell to Blanco, he won it by default almost. Bit like Kauto Star in the King George. He clocked a fast time but the ground was firm and every race on the card was fast, he was still behind Sariska on the clock, who was only half a second behind Sea The Stars' the track record, quick ground I reckon.

Delighted with him winning though because, from my point of view, if stablemates are the biggest challengers for the Derby sure were laughing like. I cant see St Nicholas Abbey being beaten, thats only my view anyway, but if hes going to be beaten its not gonna be by a stablemate, sure hes miles ahead and always been number one. When I look at the race I just cant see a horse to challenge him, Workforce didnt look too good Wednesday, the only horse whos an 'unknown' under 25/1 on Betfair is Bullet Train, winner of the Lingfield Derby trial, and the only reason I'm worried about him is because I dont know anything about him, rather than his form. Captain James Cook (RIP) was close enough to him before he broke down, and he was only a Dundalk maiden winner, Johnny said he thought he was going to be in the first two when he came back too, no reason for him to lie either because the poor horse is brown bread, hardly hyping him up. I'm looking forward to Epsom now anyway, I like all the build up you know, all the comments about hype, oh he finished 6th in the Guineas, he wont stay and hes no good, all the rumors. Good banter.

Took the end of the month this morning too and the only thing that was a loser was the horses pre-off. I have to look at what to do with it, bit confused basically because how can you change it really. You back your opinion and win or lose, thats about it, so how can you change that. Cricket showed a healthy profit, boxing chipped in and the horses in running was over €400+, which I was delighted with because I was struggling a bit there in the last few months, I just changed it ever so slightly, stopped betting on ATR English meetings. Something simple thats worked, excel is worth its weight in gold really when you think about it because it flags up all the stuff I'm shite at so easily.


EDIT AT 18-30PM: Pakistan bat first and post 191, feck backing Australia now. Always think Pakistan are better defending because their bowling is the strong point, cant remember the last time they got runs like this. Suppose thats why theyre in the 1.4s, which is way too high to lay, dont wanna bet against Australia either though, they got 191 against Pakistan in the group stages and that included a five wicket maiden, epic run chase if they do it..


OH. MY. FOOKING. GOD. I cant believe they chased that. Needed 70 off the last five overs, thats one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Last partnership was 53 off 2.4 overs, thats unreal..

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Heads a bit sore so I'll keep it short, exams finnish boom! Anyway, thought he ran a cracker yesterday, got a little tired towards end, he was a bit free with Johnny early doors but he really does have some speed.

Fancied yesterday even giving weight away and his main target is Royal Ascot, funny old thing is Betfair.. he drifted out to 8ish yesterday after Cabaret was beaten (from 5.3ish), I know stable form is important but its not THAT important, weird that people almost jump on bandwagons, thats all it was, 8ish/7ish was a fantastic price, ended up sending him off the 5.3 he was before.

Nightmare with the books though, hes 14/1 for the Golden Jubilee Stakes, max is 11 Euro, sigh. How and ever, I'd rather have a tenner on him than nothing, I'd like around say €50 but sure I'll work with what I'm given. I'm not backing him at 12/1 when I can get 14/1 elsewhere either, even only for a tenner.

Dont really expect Blanco to win today, needs the run, if he wins hes a machine, however Joey rode him work the other day, got off and said hes not sure he'll stay 1M4F, so Derby quotes might be premature even if he does win. Christ he'll have to be good to win though in that field first time, maybe the fact that Joey doesnt think he'll stay is a sign of how much he needs a run, I dont know bit of guesswork, we'll see..

By the way, lots of talk in the paps this morning about Zoffany being a wonder horse, but if you look at his times and the horses hes beaten, hes hopeless. Now, he could be anything as they say but I'd be disappointed if he was the best, think its just that fact that hes winning has people talking about him. Two that have ran that I like more are Samuel Morse and Together, she didnt run well last night but works well, was a bit green too, should come on for it hopefully. Watch Samuel Morses win at The Curragh, hands and heels, quickened up so well, he has gears..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ah, Life..

Another week of exams meaning I didnt get too much time online, not as much as usual anyway, and I've done some fierce stupid things along the way..

Its not really an excuse or anything like that, its annoying for me, I've been doing things I wouldnt normally do. This is my day - get up at 7-00, get the bus, exam at 9-30, finish at 12-30, bus home and then turn on the computer, because of all the fuss and bother thats gone on beforehand (and its only 1-30), my brain is fried. When normally nothing would be happening really, bar a jog or gym, something I'm used to.

I lost €96 on innings runs - something which I have a rule NOT to bet on, so what the fook was I doing on it! I lost €120 pre-off on the horses (mostly today at Leopardstown), thats a tricky one though because I still backed my opinion you know, I just lost, one of those things, but in the past few months I've been leaning towards in running and forgetting pre-off because its gotten more and more difficult, so now, when I lose money pre-off it gets on my nerves.

What has happened though is that "normal" people who work and come home to bet in evenings have gone up totally in my estimations, its a very hard thing to do. It seems stupid and people call me "lazy" because I stay in bed until 11-00 every morning, but like, the horses dont start until 2-00 and the cricket 1-ish/2-ish, so I wake up naturally, and it makes my life much easier, I feel better, its not laziness if you dont have to get up early why would you, people look forward to weekends for lie-ins. Its amazing the little difference of doing something and being made do something makes, I still sit down at the computer at the same time, but I'm not "ready" like I normally am.

And I've donked off loads of cash, not thinking things through, not planning, and betting on things I wouldnt normally. When youre tried your judgement is tainted IMO, every losing situation *seemed* a good idea at the time, its only when I look at the P&L at the end of the week I see that I was clueless. And without it I'd be winning, in running went well the days I did it for €110, the cricket match odds went OK €110 too, the boxing SP was 1.06 so nothing doing there, and the snooker was commission. The week ended minus €20.

Take out the innings runs bet and I'm up €50, I wont take out the horses pre-off because I backed my opinion, not happy about it but I backed it anyway. Discipline is viewed in a wrong way by many IMO, discipline is seen normally as chasing and big bets and whatever else, but I dont view the horse pre-off bets as poor discipline because thats one of my sports - I just backed my judgement on my sport, it might not have been ideal but its still not poor discipline, its a poor bet. Compare that to the innings runs - that was shite discipline, somewhere I shouldnt be, total mug, I was only there too because the match market was 1.02/03 (Saffers v Afghanistan) so there was no action, theres the addicted gambler coming out in me, which I am anyway no point lying, I just dont lose the head, thats the only difference between me and the blokes in gamblers anonymous.

Anyway, exams finish on Wednesday and I'll be glad to see the back of them, going well, just the last one to go. Focus on not doing stupid stuff then after. Its just I think the 'release,' of coming home after three hours and having a bet to relax. Thats gambling for fun, thats not real gambling. I've been suckered into that one this week.

Dont want to analyze it too much either though because I'll end up one of those people that never leaves the house, stays on Betfair 24/7, and a nerd who analyzes market history and gambling theory with no mates, makes colourful charts, gets a strike rate percentage and a rate of interest on every bet they make. There are enough of those people already and I dont want to join them, so I suppose its just about finding the balance.

Chilling with friends, having the craic, spending time with family/Ems and sports/gyming it too, those things are very important so that my life isnt just about gambling. Its nice to take the piss, not care and have fun, "work" when you want etc. Sometimes its just fooking horrible when I dont bet good and seethe, and dont think about bets and they lose, or do everything right and get fooked over (which always will happen in sport). But theres a lot more good things than negative really.

As I said, last exam on Wednesday and its a weird feeling at the moment, because everyone has all these life plans and stuff they wanna do, and I have no plan - at all. Even at home like, Emma has her career, shes always wanted to be a teacher, when we met at 16 thats the first thing she said and shes doing it now. I'm lucky enough to have paid the mortgage off already with gambling, so we only need approx €7,500 a year to pay the house bills - light, heat, Sky, etc, three bedroom with nice neighbours so if we never have to move even if we have kids. You know, I have a fooking fantastic life, swan around without a care and enjoy myself, but like, I dont want to get to 40 and its like "Where were you when that happened Stephen?" .. "I was on Betfair, 1.44 was a great lay at the time."

Its scary that everyone has these big plans, and my "plans" are to bet and survive basically. You know, I'd back myself to win €8k a year, whether its a good year or a bad year, average €8k a year and pay the bills, then Emmas salary pays for going out and food and stuff, so were pretty set for good things, not in debt and never will be. What happens if I wake up one morning and dont want to gamble or I'm finnish, or we have kids (kids cost money!), I dont want the lifestyle of work 9-5 Monday-Friday and get locked the weekend to forget about it, likewise I dont the lifestyle of dedication to Betfair (thats needed) to win 40k-50k a year. I dont know what I want, thinking about the real world scares me shitless.. I'm terribly lucky in life though, and I appreciate it, I just dont understand it, sometimes.

By the way, been playing PLO online a lot too this week to relax a bit, but I watch Ziigmund play the nosebleed stakes too because he has my view of 'not caring' a bit with the way he plays, but read this, its brilliant, no one likes Urindanger because he abuses them when he loses..

Urindanger: you owe me one button
Ziigmund: luul
Ziigmund: pls leave
Urindanger: lol gimme my button first
Urindanger: since you played urs
Ziigmund: r u serious?
Urindanger: yes 100% serious
Urindanger: you always jack my blind when i sit in
Urindanger: and ask me to leave
Ziigmund: ok i wil give..never seen like u...
Dealer: Ziigmund has returned
Dealer: Hand #9055220992
Dealer: Urindanger posts the small blind of $500
Urindanger: c'mon, where's your class
Dealer: Ziigmund posts the big blind of $1,000
Dealer: Urindanger raises to $3,000
Dealer: Ziigmund raises to $209,038.50, and is all in
Dealer: Urindanger folds

I believe the word youre looking for is.. OWNED. What a hero.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It Only Rains When I'm Greeeeeeen..

If its not pissing down here, its pissing down in the West Indies when were playing cricket! Seething for my book..

We had 'em at 13 needed off 9 on D/L for a game if they got back out, dont think we'd of won had they played the whole 20 overs though, pitch was a real tough one. Broke a rule today too laying the 1.08 SP for England at the start of the game - only a rain related bet though because Ireland won the toss so D/L would favour us when the rain came, actually quite ironic that the rain ends up buggering me. Got a tenners worth cover on the completed match market but that was it. Lumpy did his conkers leaving up 100k at 1.5 and 50k at 1.1, dunno what he was up to there really, it was always raining on TV, what was he doing FFS, in the kitchen making a cuppa?

Anyway, they took the commission off the snooker and the horses chipped in yesterday but nothing major, was pretty busy, the exam went well this morning though so it was worth the last minute studying in the end. Pretty annoyed to miss out on that 70 quid there tonight though, only needed 9 more balls for a game too like, so close and so far..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Back On Irish Soil

Apologies for the lack of posts last week, I'm normally a one a day person or at least every second day, been extra busy with exams and the Guineas obviously. Er, I thought St Nic ran well, like, it was alright, no excuses or anything like that, he was the 6th best horse in the race, but it wasnt the end of the world you know. I havent watched it back because I only got home last night but it strikes me as an odd race because Canford Cliffs finished third, nothing against him, but it looked like he didnt stay 7F the last time and then two weeks later hes finishing third in a mile Group 1?

The general feeling afterwards was they didnt go quick enough for St Nic, and maybe he isnt a miler, I'm sure people could of said that before the race on the stats but sure you know theres only one Guineas, its not like the Champion Hurdle and theres one every year, one only get one shot at a Guineas and he took his chance. As I said in the last post, I was a bit cautious being the first run, and the positives now are its out of the way and it wasnt his main aim. Still even so, gutted he lost, because we thought he'd win, suppose theres no such thing as a certainty really.

I feel awful sorry sometimes for AP because, you know everyone is gutted and dont really wanna talk, yet he has to stand there and have cameras and microphones shoved in his face. He must feel ten times worse than us too, and I didnt even want to talk to friends, just wanted to go home to Emma and the cats, lie on the couch and forget about it, of course couldnt do that because I was in a different country. Gambling every day, it gets routine and very rarely do I get nervous or even bothered about results, but Group 1s you get 'up for it' and adrenaline kicks in, then you have the natural let down feeling when you lose, its been a good while since I had that feeling.

But AP has to face everyone with it, it must be difficult straight after when you build yourself up and then its down, I have to laugh he gets stick for always saying nice things and making little excuses after. If you were to put a different aspect on it though, say you had a son and you bring him to little league footie on Sunday morning, another Dad comes over and asks "Is your boy any good at football?" youre hardly gonna stand there and say "Ah no hes shite, actually I think hes gay, I wish I never had him." Like you know, it just wouldnt happen! Youre obviously gonna say something nice, its the natural thing to do.

But overall, gutted he lost of course, but happy enough with the run given the way the race panned out. Gutted because we thought he'd win, but you know the Derby is the main aim and I said before I thought he'd win the Derby no matter where he finished, and he didnt bomb out or anything, he ran a good race really. No excuses for losing but happy enough, and we'll see ya in Epsom!

I remember the huge amount of stick Johnny got over his two rides in Ireland on Spetember Morn, I think everyone can say now looking at the Newmarket race its the horse and nothing to do with poor Johna, hes such an awkward bugger. The 2yo ran well and Devoted To You finished near last but sure shes not really a Group 1 horse, knew that beforehand, no complaints at all with the horses over the weekend.

Anyway, my gambling week..

Came back to the hotel from a cash game of PLO (English casinos are amazing!) on Friday night for Prizefighter, liquidity was terrible, seething. Prizefighters been a good money spinner for me in the past, always, but there was just nothing happening. Three rounds a fight, this was the market in round two (with no knockdowns or anything like that)..

Thank god someone put up a tenner at 1.31 or I wouldnt of known who was favourite. The 20/20 World Cup kicked off too, havent really traded it, I backed Ireland on Friday night for a fiver, I've no idea why, I couldnt tell you, needless to say theyre brutal. They had the Pakistan game on while I was waiting for my flight home, there was a five (yes 5!) wicket maiden in the last over, has it ever happened before! It was unreal, pity Australia were on 191 after 19 overs beforehand, then you have a five wicket maiden, like, it would only happen Pakistan. I had to laugh, I guessed around 185 was par, signed into Betfair mobile and the Aussies were 1.08, because the market *knows* Pakistan are highly unlikely to even bother chasing that. Theyre brilliant, they just go with the 'ah fook it' approach, its too hard I give up, I'm not trying.

My snooker arb settled, weird one - I've never been involved in laying a team/player during a tournament and it settling before the end, says €345, I laid for that amount, so I'm guessing they dont take commission until its over. Pretty stupid in my opinion, if it was something big like the Premier League and you could withdraw the money and not bother with Betfair again if the commission was big enough, which I'd say some people are in that position, I dont know, I'm sure they have a reason for it.

Won €70 in running this week on the horses, cant remember how many days I did it, wasnt much anyway, then had €150 on St Nic, so the horses ends up the loser this week. I'm actually quite happy considering whats happened to be only down €14, not bad, could of been worse. I've exams again next week and the week after so happy to just get them out of way, the sticking to RUK in running plan seems to be working well, it gives me more time too.

I read the John Higgins story and I've nothing really more to add apart from the fact of saying what a stupid coont he is, I mean, if youre gonna cheat, get one of your best mates to do it, not some bloke you just met off the street. Once you leave your circle of trust on those matters sure you know, anything could happen. Whatever about the fixing, hes a bit of clown for falling for the News Of The World set up. I see he says he thought he was in "grave danger of his safety." Ah yeah John, look real scared cracking open the champagne laughing in the video. Snooker finnish. It must be the "easiest" sport to "fix" though, because its so easy to miss, and roll an inch out of position you have an excuse, it looks almost normal.

By the way, did anyone see the picture taken of Gordon Brown on the Betfair forum this week? Seriously, this was him responding to comments on the horse forum, and I thought I was the only one who did the head in hands man..