Thursday, May 27, 2010


Been a bit slow on the gambling front the last three days, had huge problems with Gruss yesterday, the problem wasnt at their end, it was at my end having to update the VMware Fusion so I can run Mac and Windows parallel, slowed it down for the day, I'm still a bit paranoid about the speed and the noise its making but I reckon its normal now and gone back to what it was, I'm just being paranoid as I said. The fan is making a lot more noise though, maybe its the hot weather its heating up easily, not happy about it anyway.

Gruss update is still under 200MS, it just feels a bit sticky-ish, maybe its Betfair too though, I'd have Firefox open with the normal interface so I can switch back if I want to, and then I'd have Safari open with the forum and Cricinfo if theres cricket on or Facebook when there isnt - I dare not visit the horse forum, I'd be murdered! Just everything feels a bit slower and when you havent got 100% confidence in what youre using, that bit of doubt creeps in. No viruses or anything like that though. Did in running for three races this evening just to see and it seems OK, I'm probably being sensitive to every little thing that I wouldnt normally notice.

Highly annoying this morning that Betfair never bothered with session runs on the Engerland test match, absolute joke, disgrace, its not the first time its happened too, and its not like one of those markets when only €2 gets matched either. You know, when Barca are at home and 1.14 to win, would you ever see them leave out the goal markets? Wouldnt there be uproar. Many people rang/emailed them this morning and they basically couldnt give a flying fook, I got the same email as everyone else, they were just sending them out no matter what you asked apparently.

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your e-mail.

I have passed your request on to our Market Operations Team for further consideration and they have come back saying that unfortunately they will not be offering this market today.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any further assistance.

Kind regards

Leanne Elford

Betfair Helpdesk

Englands first test match at home of the year, 1.14 to win against Bangladesh (who we all know cannot possibly win). And they dont offer probably the most popular market, not many would be backing the 1.14, like I said, picture a Barca match 1.14 to win and no goal markets. They rang me back and explained they havent got the man power to manage them with the French Open on - then ironically they put 12 matches in play when it was raining. 10 million matched on each international one day game usually, were hardly lacking giving them commission you know, we deserve better.

Horse Racing: €2.00 | Special Bets: €67.52 Total P&L: €69.52

Special bets are the Eurovision, I know, I know, but there was nothing else on and I'm addicted to gambling. When did my life take a turn for the worst that now I'm actively seeking to watch the Eurovision.. thats right, because you can bet on it. In fairness, Ems is fairly shrewd at TV shows and things like this, I trust her at this stage. I swear to god Marty Whelan nearly had an orgasm when Ireland were called out, I dont blame him though, normally no one votes for us.

By the way, did anyone read the story of the smoking two year old? Now, as always with myself and news forget about the whole seriousness of a two year old smoking.. but actually look at his reactions and stuff, hes exactly like an old man, leaning back and blowing smoke into the air, its uncanny. I'd imagine its healthy odds on when I have a child he'd be much like this, except after having me for a father after two years, not only will he have a fag in one hand, but probably a bottle of vodka in the other and will be standing outside a Paddy Power every afternoon. Paddy Power actually go 4/6 his first words will be "seething" too.

The best part of the story was clearly the father: Fishmonger Mohammed, 30, said: "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem." Mohammed has also placed a treble for this season, Dublin to win the All Ireland, England to win the World Cup and Liverpool to win the Premiership, he doesnt see how it loses. Tip in itself..

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