Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nice End To 2009

Canny day in running without scares, the grounds pretty heavy everywhere and horses are stopping in front, I was done plenty of favours today from jocks going too quick. Delighted to end 2009 on a winning day, and a complete coincidence to just snake over the €19,000 mark, probably be back under it tomorrow so no need to put any significance on it sure.

Hope everyone has a good one tonight..! Such a horrible night in town though, all the once-a-year-ers, nutters, everyone overly locked and prices through the roof. Were going to a friends house so you know, we'll get free food, thats all I'm going for anyway.

I'll try think of something clever to say to sum up the year tomorrow (that'll take a while), might even hand out a few awards for 2009..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sightly early finish, been doing the darts all day, decided to finish up before the Barney v Painter game because I've been woeful tonight. Think Painter will win for what its worth but sure confidence is a little gone for this evening after two awe-red markets in a row.

I was in fantastic touch this afternoon though, couldnt do anything wrong, everything I did went right. Backed Webster, rode the train down to 1.01, laid it, then even got a bounce out to 1.07 to back again. That was the biggest win. Then afternoon session finishes, go get something to eat, a shower, relax, come back and I cannot do a single thing right. Its probably the reason I love gambling because everything is different but it doesnt half leave you scratching your head sometimes.

Having said that, you could be the most wonderfully amazing trader in the world but if your man doesnt hit that double with three darts at it, youre goosed. Its basically you know, youre either right or youre wrong, I was on the right end of the swings this afternoon and on the wrong end this evening. Small bit annoyed to chuck away most of the days profit but still won €20 and sure I'd of taken it this morning probably if offered you know, its just when youre €120 up and then come crashing back down its hard to take, which is why I'm not doing the last game now.

What did I do wrong in the Wade game? Kept changing my mind. It really is the biggest bugger in trading a game, hard match for me though, both at averages in or around 97 the whole game, there were 7 breaks of throw before the end of the third set, I just wasnt confident in what I was doing. So if the odds jumped 5 ticks against me, I'd be questioning myself, rather than if I was confident that 5 tick jump wouldnt necessarily bother me. Nothing wrong with the players or the market like, just me, absolutely immense game of darts.

Today could of been a lot worse though, still happy to have a shocker of a market and still have a winning day.

Webster was unreal today, he was awesome. Think he'll go to at least the semi, maybe even the final (depends who he plays in semi). Wade not looking the greatest, when I was on him I was nervy. Stompe can be fantastic or he can be useless, few dodgey moments today but came through in the end. Lewis playing the best and has the best average so far.. he normally goes to pot against Taylor though and whos he playing next? Taylor. I suppose we'll see how he gets on. Barney, bar the 9 darter, has been useless also. Whitlock not without a shout too. Obviously its hard to see Taylor being beaten because he is the daddy, but I'd have the market a lot different than it is, only players I can see actually beating Taylor are Webster and Whitlock.

Against Taylor..
Wade - Proven not good enough over long distances.
Barney - Taylors in his head, beaten before he walks on the stage.
Lewis - Same as Barney. But playing well, sure we'll see if things have changed.
Baxter - Probably not good enough for Taylor.
Stompe - Same as above.
Painter (If he beats Barney) - Not good enough for Taylor.

Webster and Whitlock seem the only dangers to me, I've backed Taylor at 1.5ish for €300. The best thing about backing him is really, if he does indeed lose, at least you know the other bloke earned it and you were just beaten by the better player. Which I'd never complain about you know.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Global Warming..

Whoever came up with "Global Warming" was clearly lying, its bleedin' freezin'! "Global Colding" would be a better fit I reckon, honestly and not over exaggerating it one bit, I've never been as cold on a racecourse as I was in Leopardstown today. And Leopardstown is in Dublin too which avoids most of the bad weather, it was baltic. Also, if anyone does indeed know of any country effected by "Global Warming" please feel free to tell me.. I'll be off!

Even though I love going racing, I'm a tad happy to see the back of the 4 days, its tough going you know, especially when youve rain going sideways one day and cant see your hand in front of your face with fog the next day. Looking forward to staying in bed all day tomorrow, thats a certainty.

Gamblings gone well the last two days, darts has been OK for swings and got a few trades on all the evening matches. Horses went well today and for the first time in AGES won over €100 on my Pre-Off bets for the blog, boom! No medals for picking the winners however as both were odds on, wasnt too impressed with Voler today actually, but she can only beat whats in front of her I suppose.

Happiest moment of the week - Shouting for Go Native in the PPs just inside from the ring. My heel is still goosed!

Lowest moment of the week - The weather. It was cat.

Horse I was most impressed with - Captain Cee Bee. Was cruising up to Sizing when falling at the last, looked a heavy fall but thank god he got up OK, I'd rather him than the winner for Cheltenham at this stage. Naas form was backed up by Zaairto today too.

Horse I was most disappointed with - Aran Concerto. Felt he had a big chance, but really was never in the race. Also, really let down by Judge Roy Bean falling in the novice hurdle, all the favourites fell away, the race was set up for him you know.

Horse I'll follow - Dr Whizz. Got word for him before his first run in the bumper, never backed him because they sent him off odds on, won easy that day and again won a little easy first time over hurdles. I like him.

Horse who has more followers than moses - Binocular. Should be 1/4 for the Champion Hurdle at this rate FFS! Go Native beats him, they still send him off favourite, Go Native beats him again, they still have them around the same price for March.

Race that left me feeling "meh" - I'll get shot down for this, but the King George. While everyone was going mental over Kauto Star, what happened to the opposition? They were gone before halfway. We all know how good Kauto is, but sure the race was left to him really, not having a pop at him, just dont see why it should effect his price for Cheltenham.

Horse thats all class - Big Bucks. No ground issue, ride him any way Ruby likes and just gets on with it. Was always in control today and won easy in my view over his biggest rival for Cheltenham. He is an absolute certainty for March.

Battler of the week - Pandorama. Very rare you get a superstar from Noel Meade that'll actually put his head down for you. Normally their all bridle types. But this fella does, hes a good un too. The second will do well also.

I nearly did but I didnt - Siegemaster at 16/1. Theres always one to beat you in a big handicap, ran a cracker though.

Seeth of the week - 1) The fog and 2) The bookies. Got 20/1 Aran Concerto, called off, bets void, go back the next day and best price was 16/1. Seething. Was probably the right thing to void it but should of given the option to let bets stand for people coming back the next day. Also got knocked back doing each way on a 7/2 shot in a 21 runner race by John Stuart, win only in a 21 runner race FFS, having a laugh!

Amazing scenes of the week - Barneys 9 darter! Delighted to have the tv on at the time.

Triller of the week - Who killed Archie Mitchell..!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Darts: €14.28 Total P&L: €14.28

Just been messing around on the darts this evening, I'm knackered after Leopardstown. Tabern v Dudbridge, both were matched at lower than 1.1 before flipping back, so that match was handy to trade (if on the right one!), but never had a liability of over a tenner. I'm sure some people have six tv screens and six computers and everything else with the speed of darts.. I've just been lying on the couch, and its a struggle of move an arm to click. Now thats what you call lazy.

Couldnt be enjoying Leopardstown any more to be honest though, great few days, wish the weather would heat up a little though, its bleedin' freezin'! Fancy Aran Concerto E/W in the big one tomorrow, not big really, but like him at 20s or so. Big fan of Nobel Prince too, so I'll be on him E/W as well. Also looking forward to seeing Pandorama again, beast.

Its been a slow week with Christmas and all. Only a small few bets, nothing worth talking about really. Cricket standing out but sure it was probably the only thing I sat down and took serious for the week.

P&L In running: €77.86
P&L Pre-Off: -€27.40

I'll take it! Next week should be back to normal after Leopardstown finishes.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Just so everyone knows I'm in Leopardstown for the four days over Christmas so there'll be a serious lack of betting on the blog front while I do battle with the on course layers.

Had a couple of bets on Betfair mobile.. only using it for lays and place backs, one won and one lost. Same as usual sure.

No point after-timing either and telling you all what I did, sure you know yourself, few losers, few winners, same craic as ever. I'll say this though.. Go Native baby. Yes I know, weve been here before, weve been here countless times before..

Also, cant trade the 2nd test in Safferland because I'm out each day, cant do any sports either really. Hope everyone is winning for the festive period anyway..!

And if anyone is indeed in Leopardstown, I'll be the handsome looking fellow with hair going in every direction.. also you wont miss me hobbling around the betting ring because I cant walk properly, the heel went kaput during the Go Native celebrations, I seriously cant walk like, but I'll still be there each day!

Will knock up the weeks screen shot tomorrow, even though I've only had three bets all week, keep things on track anyway. Now, to study form for tomorrow..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Very Nice Paddy Power

Upon Mr Power asking for the winner of a certain race to be picked, and said horse I (The Daddy) picked for him.. and indeed picked the winner. But of course it won, I'm The Daddy.. I dont pick losers! Only joking. (clearly, HA!)

Anyway, birra Christmas good will and all that, a free bet of €25 on the darts tonight. Went with Andy Smith v Darin Young under 7.5 180s at 8/11, that line looks massively high comparing it to their talent. I suppose PP is factoring in the match going all the way, but even so neither are big 180 hitters and I'm happy to be on under. Cant lose anyway sure.

Very nice Paddy. By the way, the hoor put it under "free bet" so I had to back something, the last time we did this on the Ireland game he just gave me the 50 quid into the account. Recession hitting him hard or what.

Also like to take the chance to say congratulations to my good friend Tomas Reilly for coming out of the closet today, I havent seen him since Thursday but he text me today: "Just in Eddie Rockets now, its not the same without you." What a gay, last time I'm ever sitting beside him in college.

And an update in my life too, my Christmas shopping is now complete, its hurts your wallet. No bets on Betfair because I said I finished up yesterday, and because I was in the que in HMV for fooking hours!

Happy Christmas again everyone..

EDIT AT 8-40 PM: I am SEETHING! Absolutely seething, game goes to extra time because its was 2-2 in sets, 2-2 in legs, winner must win by two clear legs. Theyve knocked in 6 (yes SIX) 180s in the extra time so now the 180 count is 8. SEETHING! Couldnt hit one at all during the game and now hitting them every second throw, both missed at least 3 darts to finish the game in normal sets too, gonna get some stick off Paddy, fook it anyway! Thank god it wasnt my own money though, jaysus I'd be off to the nearest bridge if it was.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas..

Right then, happy to end with a winning day before Christmas. Traded India v Sri Lanka, Lumpy (the bloke who bets €100,000 a pop in the market) had a bit of a mental breakdown today. He had the odds all over the shop, its fair to say he controls the market because of the weight of money he brings to the table. He fancied Sri Lanka all the way through, but they collapsed going from 165/1 (I think, around that) to 239 all out. Then he didnt give up.. pushed India from 1.25 at the break to 1.34, then after a slow start, as to be expected, pushed them out to 1.42, he was having a shocker. The problem with him is when he has a shocker, everyone notices, when I have a shocker, no one notices! Until I tell everyone here what a eejet I've been. Took him on all day and it paid off, only small mistake I made was laying India back at 1.07/1.08 thinking on a wicket he'd push them out mad again (he did the wicket before that), they never lost the next wicket though.. suppose thats how easy it was in the end with a rate of under 4ish.

I would have thought a man of his esteem would know when to abandon ship really, but he kept going and taking them on when he had nothing going from him, must of lost an absolute fortune, he sometimes does push the boat out a little but he hasnt been that wrong in ages. I dont particularly like taking him on normally, because if something does go his way, he'll absolutely rape you with the odds swing, you'll have to go awe-red at awful odds purely because of his weight of money. Its like today, he puts up €200,000 at 1.34 and people start jumping him to 1.35, 1.36 etc.. so he jumps them again, all of sudden weve a chasing the money fest. And if its going against you, its hard not to panic a tad. I do be alright because I'm never overexposed to my max bet, and can say "fook it" at certain times, but if youre trading above your comfort level, hes a bit of a hoor to mess with. When he switches though, god its a sight to behold.

Anyway, havent done any Christmas shopping at all and its Emmas last day in work tomorrow so its my last chance, I'm a disaster for doing stuff last minute. So no more betting and posts until after Christmas. Just wanna take the chance to say thanks to everyone whos visited, followed, even read one post or commented, be it whatever, its appreciated and you know its been a lot of craic, and hopefully something made sense, if not hopefully I made you laugh somewhere, with me or at me I dont mind. But happy Christmas to you and your family and I hope you have a brilliant one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Just sort out the P&L from the cricket, traded the darts a little too but not going mental, not too keen on all the swings.. OK if youre on the right end of them, terrible if youre not.. and if they miss doubles youre seething!

Cricket: -€30.02 | Darts: €22.42 Total P&L: -€7.60

Took Monday, Tuesday and Thursday off this week. Lost a tenner on a slow Wednesday, and traded the test match Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. filled in bits and pieces around that basically so its been a slow week. Delighted to dig myself out of a hole in the test the weekend, it was looking grim at one stage. Another thing I'm delighted about is no pre-off bets either, something I set out to do you know. Everything on the P&L is in running so again a profit there, I'm 100% sure now I'm better in running than pre-off, the last three weeks has confirmed that and I'll be trying to stick to in running only for the future. At least until the flat season is back anyway.

Next week is Christmas so it'll be slow enough too.. then Leopardstown, the calm before the storm next week! Sri Lanka v India tomorrow in the cricket, I'll trade that if the first innings doesnt kill it.. then I presume that'll be it until Christmas.

By the way, did anyone read the John Terry story in the News Of The World today? Caught him good, what a nonsense story though. He paid for his Christmas presents, very nice JT. Just so the Irish papers know, if they wanna give me €10,000 for a tour of Ballydoyle, I'll be more than happy to help them, maybe get the face in the paper too!

Christmas Number One.. Amazing Scenes

Not that I particularly deeply care about this issue or anything, there are far pressing matters in the world than Christmas Number One. Anyway, judging by the market it appears the Rage people have won, very nice rebellers of Simon Cowell.

Now, heres a mad thought, Rage Against The Machine are signed up to Sony right. Yes. And BMG are part of Sony right. Yes. Well, by any chance would Simon Cowell happen to own this company? God no, the people are rebelling against him sure. JAYSUS, hold on, he does own it!

Very nice rebellers, very nice. I'd love people to rebel against me while giving me money. I quite like Simon Cowell actually, hes alright, I reckon he'd make a top, top gambler, even when he loses, he wins. Whos the daddy!

I've no issue with people who hate X-Factor doing it, but you could of picked a different record label.. or given the money to charity, think if everyone gave a quid to charity instead the difference it would have made, instead of putting a "fake" Christmas Number One up to beat what they call a "fake" Christmas Number One by Cowell. The world has gone mad.

Jedward for Christmas Number One I say.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Position In The 1st Test

Backed Saffers at 3 when England came out to bat. Did well there to knock over Strauss before close, thats so important. Delighted with that. Still think Saffers are too high currently at 2.4 (barring weather of course but I cant control that). Do I trust England to bat out 90 overs for a draw? No. Big fat no actually. If they do, good luck to them and I'll say well done.

The morning session has brought wickets every day here, Saffer players commented that the ball does a bit in the mornings before becoming a bit easier in the afternoon, so happy to run this position in the morning. I could lower losses to €100 awe-red from €150 at the start of the day, but happy to be on Saffers here.

If you look at the right of the screen shot you'll see how much money I've had in the market at different times.. never had over €300 so thats plenty of bets. Probably far too much actually when you think about it. No wonder I've a poor enough book. Chopping and changing doesnt work.

Anyway, happy to be on Saffers win, lose or draw. However will look to control things depending on how the morning pans out. Need wickets in the morning. Thats key. Better set the alarm for 8 bells, never seen what 8-00 looks like on a Sunday morning!


UPDATE: After this mornings events, two wickets down and a flip flop, lowered red, switched onto the draw. Only small though to be +€20 draw, -€130 Saffers. Lots of scope to change too if need be, England arent going for the runs so it'll either be draw or Saffers win.

Ball is getting old now and easier to play, pitch looks OK for a 5th day wicket, still hard but you know you expect that. All I need is the England players not to give their wicket away.. easier said than done from memory.


UPDATE: Into afternoon session.. England only three down, one of them is Anderson. KP seems to be looking in good touch, just had a cheeky tenner on England at 100 and over, hopefully he can push the price down a tad maybe. Also, if they dont lose a wicket in this session and are left to get say 170 in the last session only three down with KP there.. who knows. Highly unlikely though, but scope for market movement.


Getting a little excited over these runs coming here. Ball is old now. Need another 240 runs to get, playing with fire because I need them not to lose a wicket. Lose a wicket its kaput probably, but gone €30 quid red the draw for a massive green England. Draw still most likely result but worth 30 quid with KP there, if still there after tea, he might just fancy getting these..


UPDATE: Right, dream session, no wickets, 92 runs. England need another 195 from 36 overs. Er, thats not done often and will be hard. Not impossible however. I tend to get a bit jiggy in these situations and let bets run. Should probably green up for a small few quid, but I've "only" got €30 red under the draw and then I'm €2,000 green England.. I wanna let it run, fook it! Although it depends how they come out next session, if they have a dart at the total, the market will be all over the shop with panic, then again England might be happy with the draw and bat as such. The RRR is 5.4, if this were a ODI I'd be backing England the way the pitch has died. We'll see what happens anyway, would love to know what England are thinking right now.


UPDATE: Head in hands man for KP. What the fook was he doing running down when Trott shouted no..!

Had €300 red on Saffers all afternoon, have had to get rid of that, if Colly goes soon, you never know. This'll probably be my final book..


England are collapsing and the Betfair market is down.. carnage! 10 overs left, 4 wickets left. I honestly hope for the sake of things it finishes a draw. Betfair = pants. Its a joke like, the amount of money they make for this to happen. What was the upgrade that goosed the site this week.. adding 150 arcade games.. FFS!


England dont do easy! Jaysus, that was close. Fantastic finish. They really do make life hard for themselves though.. once again Colly saves them. Book finished as per the last screen shot, was calling the collapse the whole way but didnt have the balls to trade a market like it. Think 1.06 the draw was still there when Betfair came back online, went out to near 1.8ish before finishing a draw. Cricket is amazing sometimes, great game!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Making An Absolute Balls Of It

Highly frustrating day. Not so much because of the P&L, but because of the way I did things. Saffer v England test match I had a total mare, nothing I did went right.. seriously, nothing. The neighbours must think I'm an awful queer because every ten minutes all I could do was look at the tv and shout "AH, COCK!" Ian Bell leaving a straight ball to hit little stump = tosser. OK, the pitch is hard enough and I'd of forgiven him if it was clipping, bit he stood there, didnt move and watched it hit middle stump. Honestly. Head in hands man. Was on the draw, off the draw, on Saffers, off Saffers, on the draw, off the draw, etc, etc, etc and I'm €150 all red feeling less than shrewd. You know I dont mind losing money, its just theres an awful stupid way of doing it, and it was a nightmare market. It makes you feel awful too.

So, onto the ODI Sri Lanka v India, Sri Lanka chasing 302, started well and I jumped on board the ship at around about 2.1 down to just under 2ish. Grand and handy, cruising along trading at under 1.2 needing less than a run a ball when they decide that this isnt the way to do things, this is too easy for Stephen.. lets fook it up! Go on to make a total meal of it, fly back out to 1.7ish before Mathews brings them home (hes a bowler more so than a batsman). Ah, cant complain about going all green like (€60), I had a great position from before and still won money. Just seething they made hard work of it, but more so seething at myself for 1) being greedy and not greening at 1.2 and 2) actually bailing then when they did look like ballsing it up. Like you either do one or other, green at 1.2 or stick it out, I did neither. Even though I won, this was at the same time as the English test and they went hand in hand for terrible trading decisions, it was just a case of me feeling I could of been better doing my part.

Then, onto the darts, to add to the frustration. Won money on the first game, lost more on the second game. When I was on McDine he couldnt hit a double, when I was against him he hit everything, everything. It was just like take one step forward and back steps back. Just a piss poor trading day! But anyway, it happens and I'll take it on the chin, although if every day was as annoying as this one, just keep on niggly-like annoying at me every hour, I'd pack it in. Just one of those days. No craic.

Thank god the boxing went well or I would of had a mental breakdown. Although I did call the result wrong just got the odds moving my way and went all green. €2,000 lost at 1.02 on the bloke who I thought won by at least three rounds.. boxing for you.

I probably did learn something though. I think I've actually said it before during the summer, when I get all red on the market I'm terrible at coming back. Cant seem to make it right, just make things worse. Cant explain it. If I knew I probably wouldnt make things worse in the first place, the test match started at €25ish all red, and ended the day at €150 all red. The losing darts match started at €11 all red (no joke) and ended €114 all red. Maybe its just me having a shite market, but it does seem to happen a lot, I'll have to give it more thought about how to try and fix it.

Boxing: €41.51 | Cricket: €62.59 | Darts: -€29.32 Total P&L: €74.78

The P&L line doesnt really reflect it, I've had a mare today. Of course, the test market doesnt settle until Sunday, the end of the week will reflect that more. This video makes me feel better about life though, what makes it ten times better is everyone goes silent, how one of the crowd doesnt piss themselves I've no idea. Fantastic tv.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Cricket: €8.57 | Horse Racing: -€22.36 Total P&L: -€13.79

Slightly annoying day and happy to finish up early, Betfair has been woeful me today, I've never known it so bad. White screens, taking AGES to load markets. It must be said though, when I do eventually get into the market, its grand and the refresh is as normal, its just getting there thats the problem. Obviously the last "upgrade" was a tremendous success. I heard the site was down for two hours yesterday too! Its buggered for me anyway.

As I said, once the market opened there wasnt an issue and it had nothing to do with it being a losing day. Small, but a losing day nonetheless. Laid Ruby in the 12-20 at Newbury.. I had him down as a sort of non-stayer when going through the cards this morning, so was keen to take him on turning in around 4ish or so, as they came down the straight one by one the others fell away. All I wanted was one challenger! The horse in front, who I had as staying there, made an absolute bollocks of the last three hurdles to rub it in. However, it cant be a coincidence that every time I lay Ruby and Paul Nicholls every other horse in the race buggers off to be no help. Probably just too good. Apart from him, didnt lay another loser, but missed plenty of races waiting for the site to load.

Heads wrecked you know, when the stuff your using doesnt run smoothly it feels like an awful long day. I'd been on the Saffer lay against England in the 1st test all day long, how much has the market moved all day? One tick, yes one tick. Hello test cricket, gimme limited overs any day. Had to trade out because I cant look after my position tomorrow. Probably not a bad thing because I'm sort of confused which way the match is heading tomorrow morning, looks a nailed on draw given the pitch and the bowling lineups, but the Saffer tail is a long one and an early wicket in the morning could see them all out quickly. Plus I'd be trusting England not to collapse for it to be a draw.

Saffers bat well in the morning and dont lose wickets, could see them get to near 450/500. Lose wickets could be all out for 350ish you know. Then England bat, and most times I'm pissing in the wind guessing what they do. You'd be hoping they can top anything Saffers post, England look the better team on paper. As I said, I was all over the Saffer lay but if something important happens tomorrow and I'm not there to look after my book, I'd be seething, so I have to square up. Been on betdaq with that market too, will move back over to Betfair Friday if it works..!

Cricket in the P&L was session runs this morning by the way. I'd be keen to take on Saffers again at some stage, if the price stays around the same place it is now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

X-Factor Winners Song Wrote About Gambling?

Well? Odds on surely? Simon Cowell knows. With the risk of becoming a homosexual here I've downloaded Joes song. Now, the lyrics strike me as if its something someone tells you about gambling..

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going

And I, I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on

'Cause there's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Somebody's gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

Keep on moving, keep climbing
Keep the faith, baby
It's all about, it's all about the climb
Keep the faith, keep your faith, whoa

Dont worry I only copy and pasted it, I'm not THAT gay! Anyway fook Joe.. Jedward got more votes than Olly the week they went, WE WERE ROBBED..! ROBBED. I am seething, incandescent, livid! Not really.

Got my degree in college today, my first one, currently doing another one so that basically makes the first one unless, moving up in the world or whaaa. Hopefully this time next year they'll stop throwing me off the bus for not paying the correct fare. Seriously though, getting up early is no craic. Although sitting on the bus in the mornings with the workforce of Ireland inspires me.. yeah right, everyone looks hungover/depressed/suicidal and the journey in dead silent the whole way, no wonder I stay in bed. What happened to just enjoying everything regardless of whatever shite is going on, I'd a horrible day with wall to wall classes 9-4 but still smiled and had a laugh the best I could. Smile and the world smiles with you, whatever tosser said that was obviously never up before 12.

Got 48c from trading out from Jedward, BOOOMM! "Special Bets: €0.48" Ever so slight problem though, both football bets left last night lost, €50 gone there.. so minus €49.52 to the total since yesterday. Also, head in hands man for Rafa. Rafa, Rafa, Rafa. Arsene Wenger is much better when he has his arshavin.

No bets today anyway, nor tomorrow.. will do in running Wednesday. I'm already looking forward to it, the real world is no craic.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Clean sheet, BOOM! Thats pretty much my perfect day you know, just tick along nicely without doing wonders, no need for trying to be too clever, just tick, tick and tick along. Have to say I sometimes get a bit bored, started listening to Christmas songs while betting in running, I'm sure plenty more people have better strategies than that like. Its hard to focus for the whole day when theres a different race every five minutes. Not like cricket or something when youre always on the one track as to how you see it. Probably have to give myself a kick up the arse half way through the day, or even take a ten minute break, get something to eat or whatever, at the moment I drift off to Facebook and Youtube in between races and find it hard to come back 100% on the job, it does effect the race then. I suppose the other side of it is, it relaxes me and keeps me calm should things go tits up, Christmas songs get me jiggy.

Anyway, my week finished in profit. Dont fancy doing the snooker or NFL tonight, I collect my cert in college in the morning so if I start and they go on until 12 or so, I'll stay in bed in the morning you know, HA!

This weeks been/felt really hard though. Monday feels like absolutely ages ago, stayed up all night to do the cricket without luck, buggered my system until Wednesday, which was another losing day. I'll never do that again, at least I learned something about it anyway, thats good, I know to stay away. Lost pre-off on the horses again, lost pre-off again, won in running again, exact same craic as last week basically. Really have to sort it out cause its annoying me at this stage.

In Running P&L this week.. €355.17
Pre-Off P&L this week.. -€125

Now €50 of the pre-off were football bets, which I dont really have an issue with. Theres another two more to go tonight, if they both lose that'll make pre-off -€175 for the week. Er, you know, in running last week was just over €400 and this week €355, if I could just stick to that I'd be laughing sure. I havent been able to stick to it though, which is really frustrating. A mate said to me during last week that I was around the same total for ages, its weird, hes right like, but because I bounce up and down each day, it never feels like I'm in the one place. But I sometimes do stick around the same total for weeks without noticing, as I said last week, you try all week to win €300 or so and one bet might kaput it and youre back to square one. Its avoiding that setback thats the thing to do. Should stick to what I'm good at and leave everything else alone you know. Apart from that, like last week, in running has been good.. boxing, cricket, snooker and horses went well. Just HAVE TO stop pre-off (bar football, but thats only small bets, and I enjoy it). Also learned not to listen to people from now on (tips) and do my own thing, actually been quite a good week for learning what not to do in future. Just felt like a long, hard week and I'm glad its over. Most gay Christmas song I could find below!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Listening To Others..

At 5 bells this evening I was sat here contemplating giving up pre-off on National Hunt. A massive call. Why? Because upon receiving a tip from none other than the man, the daddy, the bloke we all want to be, JP McManus, Smoking Aces in the 1-40 Fairyhouse was turned over. Now, if he cant do it how am I suppose to? Its probably a niggly little thing in my mind over the last week comparing pre-off to in running, and the only thing I'm losing on this month is pre-off on the horses. So its a touchy subject. Why am I losing though? Because I keep backing tips. Why am I backing tips? I dont know! The Mullins hotpot turned over in the bumper from Paddy Mullins (4/5 into 2/5) and today from JP (15/8 into 8/11), you dont get more in the know then that, however still lost. So, I've decided.. bollocks to listening to other people, I'm going to do my own thing from now on.

I "only" had €75 on the horse today on Betfair, I say only because I'd a much bigger bet in the shops. Like you know, its not every day you get tips from good sources like that. But, why do we listen to others? Gambling nearly revolves around following others for some reason. Is it because you think they know more than you? Well then, is it a confidence issue or what? I cant explain anyway because I've been doing it myself. But from now on, I'm doing my own thing, I can only blame myself if things go belly up then, and I do tend to have more on a "tip" than something I fancy myself. Again WHY.

From today onwards.. "everyone else can go and do their bets, whatever the fook they want, whatever gambles landed, whatever anything else, go and do it, good luck to them, I honestly hope they win.. but look, this is what I'm doing, on my own." I suppose its about confidence, birra skill and big balls to go against everyone you know, stand on your own. Ignore everyone else. Think its possible? Cause I'm not 100% sure, I can only try sure. Its all well and good sailing your own ship, but its not being stubborn and rubbishing others views, its just about sticking to your own view. Every persons view is as good as the next you know. Very hard not to listen to someone like JP however, thats a given. At least if I'm lumping on something from Ballydoyle, I know what I'm getting into, every other stable I dont know if I'm guessing or not.. so why trust them so much. One thing though, I'll never ever have a go at someone whos backing it themselves (which has always happened), sure we all get things wrong you know. This is just about me doing my own thing.

Anyway, cricket went really well today, sitting and waiting for momentum to make a move worked a treat. Again, coming back to the horses, something that stuck with me after the game.. I laid off to go awe-green at 1.3, would I do that normally, probably not you know I run positions at the best of times. I not gonna say greening out was through gritted teeth, I was delighted at the time to have the chance, but the reason I was greening out was because I'd lost on the horses before and I wanted the green both sides. It wasnt because of what was happening in the game, because India were pissing it. And I needed the money to get back to level here for the day, no horse bet and I would have let that position run but you know, you cant complain about winning though. Its just impossible to not let the market gone before effect the next one, how'd you do it?

Snooker. Now, jaysus. As someone who laid John Higgins at 1.07 for €1,268, 1.09 for €400, 1.1 for €240 and 1.19 for €632. Right, there was a flip flop after all this happened, but in one way or another, I only managed to win 59c! Er, trying to think of something to explain it, but I havent got anything. Just you know, pretty poor trading really. God knows what could of been, but I'd no idea the flip flop would come really, I thought the game was trading the 1.0x's and that was it. Obviously Higgins only had to win the one frame, 8-2 up (Ronnie came back to 8-8 before Higgins won), was always a bit touchy on the button because you know one frame and it was GSM. Maybe if I'd been braver would of come off big green, but I was looking after myself the whole Ronnie comeback in case Higgins won one.

Cricket: €118.18 | Horse Racing: -€75.00 | Snooker: €0.59 Total P&L: €43.77

Also lost €25 on Stoke, did you see the Wigan goal from his own half, fook sake! Best part of the day? Finding the definition of seething on youtube, its only ten seconds into the video.. I love it, at least he committed fully to it, delivered with a birra venom! Hes got my vote.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Laying 200/1 Winners..

Right then, massive drama yesterday.. I was in the kitchen on the phone when I hear this mad screaming from the sitting room, honest to god, it was like the Jamaican bobsled team had broken in to gang rape her, it was mental, but alas no Jamicans at all when I got there, Sky had updated and she couldnt find BBC3 for Eastenders. I had to re-tune it through the add channels thingy, it was 9-57, it started at 10-00. I've never been under so much pressure in my life. So, compared to that, gambling is fooking easy man!

Although not that easy actually, on a rare occasion when I graced college with my presence in the morning hours yesterday, got to the bus stop with only 2 quid change in my pocket, bus fare is €2.20, now.. do you say €2.20 and try get away with it by putting just the €2 in or go for €1.80 and try get away with not being caught until you get off. I reckon a bus inspector getting on any said bus in question at a given time in Dublin is around 75/1, now whats the odds of actually being asked past the stops youve paid for? It must be around 200/1 surely. I worked this out at the bus stop, thought fook it I'll take my chance laying a 200/1 shot, no bother to me. Well, yeah, theres the biggest priced winner I'll ever lay. You should have got off two stops ago mate, obviously my "OHH really" wasnt good enough for him. A man of my esteem threw off the bus, shocking scenes. Head in hands man please.

Anyway, tail firmly between my legs, gambling actually went smoothly for the last two days, not so much yesterday only traded one market (the Ronnie game, won €35), today was good you know. Boxing was a woeful fight, really bad, hard-ish to score. Ever get into one of those situations where you think to yourself "Ah, I'll lay it for a tenner and see what happens." Well, I kept laying tenners until I had a liability of €140ish, the odds werent moving properly on what was happening in front of me sure. A nice little hour you know, something I hadnt planned for really just working out to be really profitable. It was an awful fight to watch though, which is why I had the little few quid on the draw near the end.

Found out a little bit more about myself doing in running today too. I cant back. I'm pants, I really am. And it was a sort of terrible day for discipline too, laid the Mullins horse in the bumper for €50, then thought "here, I'm suppose to not bet pre-off ya tosser" so backed it back, then it lost. I'm full sure however had I not backed it back it would of won and I would have lost, sods law, but really it was just coming to my senses. Won money in running on the race then, which should be my only betting you know. Suppose thats where rules come in handy. Also, backed a horse in running, 1.3 and swinging off the bridle, found zilch, in fact went into fooking reverse after I clicked on the hoor. So, you know I'm OK at laying, obviously I've a sort of nack for seeing when a horse is beaten, also like to judge when a horse is in front and going too quick or has little left, like Nina today in Cheltenham in the Cross-Country, stayed there until after the last but I was always confident she'd come back to them for some reason. Anyway.. laying = good, backing = bad. I'll write that on the wall. Small bit annoyed I lost that €22 backing on one bet when most of the others were profitable, bar a few markets with small losses, which is also something I've got to work on, often lay something then change my mind and back it back at smaller odds, so far its never gone on to win. It could work out for me some day, but at the moment liabilities are only smallish anyway.

Snooker went well, its a weird sport, I never expect them to miss at all, and then when they do I'm like "for fook sake what was that you clown!" It does seem a sport that gets me seething for some reason. I dont know. Wouldnt like to do it all the time, but its a grand sport really, good for tv, I should probably be more open minded about them missing, might calm me down. At the moment anyway they'll never let me in the hall to watch them cause I'd be the one down the back shouting "for fook sake" after each miss, like your man in Father Ted after the King of the Sheeps. Remember? No? On your own Stephen?

Also have to add in, heard from a number of people now at this stage, theres a cough in the Mullins yard, its impossible to know which horses have it, the usual you know, some will win and more will lose probably. Theres the reason for me getting burned on the bumper machine sent off at 2/5 in Fairyhouse anyway, too late now! I wouldnt lay any of them just on the basis of it, but the stable is the last I'd want to back at the moment. I was told to stay away from backing his for two months, we shall see, Cousin Vinny runs the weekend and it'll be interesting to see how he gets on. I wonder if things get too bad if he'll shut down the yard, either that or things will turn around in a week or two, but anyway sit on my hands time with Mullins horses for the moment.

Now that I've put the Jamaican bobsled team in my head, I'm gonna watch Cool Runnings.. feel the rhythm.. feel the rhyme.. get on up.. its bobsled time! BOOOMM! Some day I'll grow up..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Disaster Market

Lines v Maguire this evening, game was spent trading between 1.2 and 1.0x Maguire. Now, I made a couple of bad moves but matters were NOT helped by this screen for HALF AN HOUR!

It logged me out, then wouldnt let me back in, then wouldnt load the markets. Oh dear, it was count to ten time. I was seething. Oh boy was I seething. The funny thing is, this happened over probably were I made my best move, laid Maguire at 1.04 and he went out to 1.12ish (on the graph) only problem was I was looking at a screen like this while the odds were moving.. smile! Quite proud the laptop is still in one piece but anyway, regardless of that happening, it was still a bad market and just would be been a less losing market had I got that trade (eventually backed it back at 1.06). Everything else I did was basically shite, you know just couldnt do anything.

Did lose the head after Betfair going down, and made things worse by maybe 20 odd quid, it was bad before that, but er, havent lost my temper on Betfair in ages and I did tonight, bit disappointed but it happens us all I suppose, its done now. The greatest thing about it is I'm here writing this and not betting on the next match. Packed it in for the day.

Also learned today that "use firework holder, light fuse and retire to a safe distance" does not mean stick it in a plant pot and put in on the shed roof. Carnage. I was only celebrating the Budget.. (that was a joke by the way, in case you know, anyone eats me).

Snooker: -€91.85 Total P&L: -€91.85

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Mickey Owen three goals.. have it haters! Hes into the horses too and seems a sound bloke, delighted for him.

As for me, still goosed after last night. Gonna take tomorrow off, maybe if theres snooker around 6ish might get involved but will take the day time off. Never doing the all night shift again, dont care whats on. For anyone on Betfair too, just read this for Thursday.. "Due to the Second Test between Australia and West Indies going the full 5 days, our site maintenance has now been postponed until this Thursday, 10th December 03:00 – 11:00 GMT. During this time, ALL Betfair Products will be unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will endeavour to complete this maintenance as quickly as possible." Might as well go into college Thursday morning so.

Yesterday went well, actually got lucky because when I turned on the tv Ronnie was 2-2 looking like he was playing well and around 1.5 - 1.6, I only found out later he was 2-0 down and playing absolutely shite. Just jammy to be on him at the right time really, but it was comfortable after he seemed to just be going through the gears. Today was much harder, although had a fantastic position initially backing him at 1.3 after Ebdon only potted ONE ball (I know, 1.2 to 1.3 on one ball in a first to 9 game FFS!), pretty much bollocksed things up by trading in the 1.0x's, if I hadnt of had the great starting position I'd of lost on the market. Its been hard going today after no sleep yesterday, but sure a day off will sort that out tomorrow.

Also, wish Mick Kinane a long happy retirement, one of the true greats and an pure gentleman to boot. Was just chatting there this evening on Skype about him, remembering stuff, Johannesburg popped up, what a turn of foot he had..! The furlong pole in the video, just fooking woosh. Of course he never made it as a three year old, which is slightly scary thinking of St Nic for next year, the turn of foot he has as well, just tip the reins and hes off. So many two year olds that never make it as three year olds, you'd just be praying he isnt one of them.

First And Last Time

Australia v West Indies last night, 2nd test, 5th day, everything to play for, even sorted out my Australian wallet business for it. Kicked off at 12 bells (night time). With it being winter over here and not much knocking around the temptation is massive to do the American and Australian hours for something decent to bet on.

Comes to around 3ish/3-30ish and I was goosed. Seriously. Legs weak, stomach awful feeling, eyes seeing things, headache, just basically gone at the game, I was 'finnish' as they say, no energy no strength. And I was still staring at the tv and computer. I had to give up.

Was on Australia big at 5ish, maxed out on it, they creep down to 3.6 or so going along nicely before losing a wicket and I had to bail. Small bit annoyed with myself I didnt trade out when it moved a whole point, for example if I was in the "trading" mindset (which I was) and I backed a team at 3, I'd start to green out at 2, so why not do it with the numbers at 5 and 4 instead of 3 and 2? The mind plays funny tricks with itself. Anyway, awe-red after that for small few quid and then got a small draw trade to get green on that, was favourite and most likely result, on the screen shot - had the €2 on Australia at 34 later on. Finished zero on the market.

Had to quit. Cant do it. Wont do it again. Its not even the physical side of things, its the mental side of things that does it. For the first time ever since I made the €300 rule on cricket, I'd a liability of over it (€340ish). Why? Because it was the middle of the night? Does it make a difference? Does it bollocks. I've come to accept at this stage I'm not normal compared to everyone else because I dont have a job and they do, I see everything in gambling terms and they get worked up over whats on RTE news (who cares?), but I cant do the all night thing, dont mind not being "normal" during the day but the all night thing just takes you that one step more than you want to be at..

At least if someone says "oh you dont work, just sit around the house all day betting on horses" I'd laugh at them, gambling has a lot more to it than that, you know youre never going to convince people what you do so best off just laughing what people say you know, why care what other people think of you once youre happy. Up all night staring at a computer and tv and in bed all day is hardly the lifestyle you want though is it. Profit or loss, its not worth it on the body.

Also did the snooker yesterday, and continue to do it today, (update the P&L later) I suppose that didnt help matters too, because I was going 16+ hours maybe, I wouldnt work that so why gamble it..? Because I'm addicted! Duh.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Look, no losers.. but of course, I am the daddy! Starting to see when I'm doing in running for the day I'm either on a 'going day' and perfect, or I'm basically shite and cant do a thing. Not particularly bothered by that you know, I'd just be hoping I have more going days than shite ones, you have to sort of be confident in yourself that'll happen. No real worries today, actually managed to lay a few 3ish/4ish/5ish losers so when I up stakes that'll mean better returns, but I'm actually quite happy ticking along like this picking up €30ish a day, also laying those prices if they win, wont do THAT much damage. As I said before, its a nice little way to win money (if I can) when I dont fancy anything when going through the cards. Not much else on tonight to get involved in, sports been on the last two nights anyway so its only fair Ems gets a birra time.

Looking at the weeks screen shot (dont pay an awful amount of attention of winning/losing weeks but I like to see it every week, its the overall thing that matters but anyway), I am incandescent with myself really, feel like a tosser, take out the Twist Magic lay and it would of been a fair serious week, won €44 with Paddy Power too, just feel gutted that I lost €330 on one bet while I've spent the whole week trying to win that much you know. As well as that, did I think Ruby would make the running? No, actually definitely not. Did I think Big Zeb was better? Yes, he couldnt jump however. Did I think Twist Magic would like the ground? No. Just basically wrong as I said, but afterwards just feel like "for fuck sake I was guessing there" I'd no idea he'd make the running you know. So to lose on something that felt like "guessing" is annoying, benefit of hindsight though I suppose, but wont be happening again. A harsh little lesson though. Apart from that mishap, its been almost plain sailing and enjoying in running, enjoying everything really. Just going forward I'll remember not to "guess" at something pre-off and go in running in the future.

You know, you put so much hard work into your week and then its BAM, crash back to level with one result going against you, but sure it could be worse might of lost more..! If anything though, I'd like to learn these lessons by losing €50 and not €330, I suppose though the more you lose, the more of a lesson it is and you wont do it again..

Also had two football bets, one lost and one still to go. Anyway, why I'm always waffling on about in running / pre-off and comparing..

In running P&L this week.. €400.58
Pre-Off P&L this week.. -€437.39

I know its easy to look back and say, well I should have done this, this and this. But I'm clearly better at one than I am at the other. At least I know this now anyway going forward though, the more I know about my betting the better you know.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recovery Mission Completed (Sort Of)

I was never gonna claw back the €330 lost earlier, but got back just over €100 of it so not bad going, could of been worse you know. Really enjoyed the boxing tonight, some good fights, and was pretty easy to call. Khan over in 10secs! Surprised 1.1 was still there after the first knockdown, your man was clearly gone, could see his eyes and legs, so nicked a small few quid there. Other two fights was going off how I scored them, went OK.

Again you know, do well in running and balls it up on something pre-off. Looking at excel, should really just focus on in running purely. Thats incredibly difficult though. Might "try" to do it until the end of the year but we'll see how it goes.

Twist Magic

Horse Racing: -€328.55 Total P&L: -€328.55

Bugger. Er, no issues or complaints, I was just wrong you know, take it on the chin, not the first time I've laid a winner. Upon reflection, I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon going through excel, created two new columns to get the total of in running and the total of pre-off. I just make in running bets a different colour but it appears all the red ones at the end of the days seem to be pre-off. I want exact figures to see which is more profitable, I'll sort that today and draw conclusions. Slightly annoyed you know I spend all week in running making money, then one bet pre-off bollocks it up in a matter of minutes. Win the guts of €200 yesterday in running, lose €330 pre-off today. No complaints however with the actual lay, as I said just wrong, but in the next few hours from looking through excel I'll know whether to stop pre-off totally or not, shock horror. (Stop until the flat season/summer that is, for obvious reasons.) That takes a monumental amount of discipline however..

Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, Prizefighter was a great success, went to plan (sort of) in running, although bit off with how I saw things going beforehand. Hard to take what you think beforehand out of your head, laid off both fights (Grant and Jones) when I shouldnt of really because there was only one winner, only laid off because I fancied the other bloke before it kicked off too you know. Watched the first round then got involved was the idea, was hoping Cook wouldnt land a big shot, and he did first round so that waiting tactic paid off there, same craic in the other fight too. One losing market, had it a close fight, one bloke was 1.2, had to lay it, got a knockdown the next round and that was that, was very close before that however. All round a good night, final was a great tear up too, no view there, although backed Rees then laid back at the same odds and decided to just watch.

Horses today.. head in hands man in the 1-25 at Sandown, laid the winner at 5ish maybe a mile or so out, then watch it happily go out to 1000 (I know FFS) before storming back up the hill and chinned Ruby on the line. Just one of those things you have to say fair enough to and move on, its not gonna happen every day. Apart from that did well, and was delighted to pull it back to level, stopped then.

Boxing again tomorrow night, looking forward to it already, definitely going in running. As for the main one, think Khan wins, cant trust him with the chin at low odds though. Tingle Creek? Massive fan of Big Zeb, those railway fences put the fear of god into me though, still I'd have him winning if he stands up, Paddy and Chief should run well too and give him a good test. I'll hold my hands up and say I'm totally wrong if he wins but cannot have Twist Magic at all for the life of me, gonna lay it, will have the other three running for me. Dont understand why hes so short, seems to need good ground too, he likes Sandown which is the only thing in his favour from what I can see, anyway at 11/4 I'll lay him and hope the others prove just how much better they are. Its just one of those prices I have to lay, rightly or wrongly, you know I just have to do it and if he wins I'll say well done Ruby.. and maybe call him a name or two but anyway!

Prizefighter Light-Welterweights

I love Prizefighter! No 1/3 shots to lay the arse off tonight though, all fights could pretty much go either way, should be a good evening all the same. Sky Sports One 9 bells.

Michael Grant (4/6) v Jason Cook (5/4)
I'd have Grant winning this one, and its tempting to back him at 5/2 to reach the final with Boylesports (leaving it though), Cook should be rusty enough coming into this and rusty boxers have an awful record in Prizerfighter. Although tonight though the rusty one is the outsider, normal theyre odds on! Grant is sort of the little dark type boxer tonight, although I dunno how fit he is or how training went because Amir Khan seems to be everywhere. I'd be just hoping Cook doesnt land a big shot, will probably watch the first round to see how things are going and then get involved. Grant is a good little boxer and a former Champion.

Gavin Rees (4/9) v Ted Bami (2)
Only bet I've had so far, Rees at 4/9. Bami is (was) a good fighter, has some good skills, but has looked past it and is knocking on in years, was stopped by Mattew Hatton (who doesnt have much power) in March. This format should suit Rees, whos got a good record himself, a former WBA light-welterweight Champion, losing just one in 29 fights, only issues are his trainer (Enzo Calzaghe) has gone to pot while in court and he hasnt fought in a while, hes still in his twentys (just about) so that should be OK-ish, enough to deal with Bami anyway. Again, cant really tell you how fit or how hes trained, but Bami might (will) struggle to make the weight. Basically my thinking here is, Bami looks shot and Rees should out hussle/box him.

Colin Lynes (4/6) v David Barnes (7/5)
Should be the fight of the first round. Definitely one to go in running with anyway, er, I dont know much about either of them bar what I've read today (which isnt much). What I do know is Lynes has lost his last three, which is never good lets be honest, but hes said to fade in fights, best of three rounds should help him there, still couldnt be backing a bloke whos lost his last three before seeing how he starts. Now for the confusing what to do bit, Barnes is said to be a slow starter.. couldnt have a bet before the off in this one at all. If Barnes starts slow he wont win, but Lynes' form is hardly impressive. Hardest fight to call, but I suppose thats what makes it the best one to watch.

Barrie Jones (8/13) v Young Mutley (6/4)
Mutley might struggle to make the weight, and theres also a fair chance he could be shot, he does however have serious power and if he lands one he wins basically. If he doesnt land one however, Jones should out-work him really whos only been brought in on short notice though as another bloke pulled out. Same as Lynes, Jones has lost his last three, again you know cant be backing a bloke whos lost his last three but is Mutley finished you know, I dont know. Again one to go in running really, think whoever wins will be beaten in the semi.

After the first round we have the semis and the final, really important to suss out who has the best stamina (thats what she said!) and who looks in the best condition. Also, its a massive cliché but who wants to win the most, fair few of Prizefighters are basically finished and here for the money, thats why I think Grant might win. Suits people with power because its basically a three round tear up but if they dont land they'll get outworked in three rounds easily, I dont see that many knockouts tonight really, but you never know with this lot. As I said before, its a happy hunting ground for laying really short priced favourites, always has been, but tonight theyre all pretty much priced up correctly in terms of what they have to offer.

Fighters who look shot - Bami and Mutley.
Fighters in bad form - Jones and Lynes.
Biggest punching power - Mutley (probably).
Dark horse - Grant.
Likely to fade in later fights - Rees.
Slow starter - Barnes.

In running all night for me, I fancy Grant, Rees (backed already) and Jones to win first round, dunno other fight. I'd also be of the view whoever faces the winner of Jones v Mutley is the semi basically has a bye to the final (one big punch withstanding), think Rees will impress the most but big question does he last all night, think if Grant can get past Rees who could have an easy first fight he could win. Good luck to you anyway..! Because I've a feeling I'll need it too! Cant wait though.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clean Sheet..

WHOS THE DADDY..! Steady day in running, cant really ask for more you know. Without fuss, without a liability of over €70ish, it just basically clicked today. Still not fully committed to using higher stakes but that will come in time. I wish every day was like this one you know everything went perfect. Days like these are fantastic for in running, didnt fancy anything at all pre-race and still manage to win money you know. Stops you from getting bored, gives you something to do and moves you forward, theres no real downside to it.

For example, 30 quid a day becomes €210 a week, which becomes €840 a month, which becomes €10,080 a year. I know theres lots of losers and losing days along the way, but you know you dont have to bet thousands to win thousands, and in running you dont exactly have to have an opinion just go off what you see in front of you. Its just a nice way to tick over for me when theres nothing else knocking around. I dont have the patience/skill/interest in trading so it'll be really nice if I could make the win market work like I made the place market work, it just takes a huge amount of pressure off to find a bet each day when you get given cards like today.

I'm getting much better in the win market though compared to how I was, and things can only improve with fast pictures, one click software and the new computer I'm planning to get. Like, I went the whole day without a loser/getting matched at fair odds, on a Macbook with no mouse, on ATR and off the normal interface. So, I know I have the sort of nack for it, just need the best tools at this stage. I've also noticed I can do other things with one click that I havent got the time to do normally, I'd often call things right I just wouldnt have the time to get on. Although I love Macs, why do they have to be so bloody awkward for everything!

Weather forecast looks pretty bad for the cricket in South Africa tomorrow, hopefully it goes ahead. AND if youre around in the morning, India v Sri lanka, Sehwag is on 284 not out, the world record is 400 (I think, around that anyway) so if he starts well in the morning I reckon he'll have a good chance of breaking it, he doesnt hang around either so it could be good to watch. Starts a 4-00 AM though, bugger to that, hopefully hes still there at around 8-00ish about to break the record, I'll watch it in bed.

No sport on tonight to bet on, so off out for dinner, I'm no Tiger Woods..!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just back from a good day in Fairyhouse. Well, good craic, maybe not so good in regards to the P&L. Mullins in the last let me down big time, biggish on course 8/11, €100 for here on Betfair mobile, first reaction was he'd gone off too quick, but havent watched it back, just in the door. I was told it was a machine, it must be a losing machine but anyway, as I said at the time - bugger.

Speaking of machines, Dunguib is amazing, awesome, hes just unreal. You know how do you describe him. Catch Me was disappointing and another loser for me there. Pandorama was a good winner, only a small bet though as I didnt know how he'd jump after the last day, jumped well, won well however. Those were the main ones anyway but a pretty good day out, I'd do it again tomorrow if I could..!

Horse Racing: -€51.00 Total P&L: -€51.00

Also, going ahead with the new football bank idea starting this weekend, will knock up all the bets on the side there. Starting with a set aside bank of €500 and every bet will be 5% of the bank, so €25 a pop to start with. Looking forward to doing it again you know, last time I gave it a serious go was around this time last year. Thought about just keeping it to Betdaq, but gonna go with whoevers best price, and then keep track to the balance/work out bets in excel.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Jesus I'm like the grinch here tonight with all the bad news, first John Delaney, now news that Harchi has been retired. I loved him. Remember Newcastle when everyone had wrote him off beforehand, sent Katchit off favourite, then Harchi coming up the rails pissing it..!

Then d'ya remember Leopardstown at Christmas.. Harchi was in Kempton and the whole of Leopardstown backed him at around evens, watching on one little TV in Paddy Power must of been thousands around it, Carbs sat around 30L last and still picked them up..! The roar was immense!

Some fantastic memories, happy retirement fella..

(by the way searched youtube and cant find one single video of the hoor on the bridle!)

John Delaney

Recession, the Liffey bursting its banks, floods, civil servant strikes, civil servants all heading to Newry to do their shopping on said strike days, Air Lingus cuts, Brian Cowen, NAMA, Stephen Ireland, Jedward getting voted off the X-Factor, the Thierry Henry handball, the weather, Pat Kenny, Bono.

All topped by this gobshite asking to be the '33rd' world cup team. Honestly. I can handle of all the above without caring, but Sepp Blatter taking the piss out of us in front of the whole world.

John Delaney.. I have no words..

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Early finish to my week, the site is buggered for me for the last hour and theres not much on bar the footie, which is fantastic by the way, Arsenal v Chelsea, Barca v Real, lie on the couch time. Cricket this morning was simple, Saffers collapsed all out for 119 and England chased it down without giving me any worries - theres something I've never said before. Game shouldnt have finished til near 4-30 but over already. Not rocket science betting and handy enough.

Absolutely trilled Fairyhouse was called off too, couldnt find my sunglasses anywhere this morning, was in a state of panic. Honest to god, were going under water soon I'm telling ya, I'm not joking when I say I've never seen as bad weather as today, its unreal.

Cricket: €22.85 Total P&L: €22.85

Few updates, my laying system has made a 30 point loss in its first week, ouch! Glad I'm just testing it anyway. I presume if a laying system is making a loss, it then becomes a profitable backing system? Yes? No? I think so! Still there'll be no money down on it until sometime next year. I'm clearly pants at laying however.

As for my football bank, withdrew the money this morning from Betdaq after only having one bet this round (and in the last month), gonna scrap it, lost interest really. Man City knocked me out of Last Man Standing yesterday too, and it didnt even bother me. What I was thinking is, after been through a lot and learned from it, I want to give football another semi-serious go. Last time I started with €3,000 and made upwards of €14,000 before coming back down to level in a matter of two weeks. Havent bet seriously on it since, and it changed a serious amount in my gambling too. But I reckon if I start with a set aside bank of €750 and try build it up, €50ish a bet this time, stick to around those stakes, and having the experience from last time, I'm not gonna lose the head and I'll stick to the game plan this time. Who puts €4,000 on Chelsea away in the Champions League, fooking me! Of course at the time, it never feels stupid you know that only comes with the benefit of hindsight. But, that'll never happen again with set staking plans and you know the once bitten twice shy effect. I'll give it a few hours thought next week anyway.

As for this week, been really good. Most, if not all, of my bets have been in running. Only loss on the cricket but no issues or complaints there. Just basically a solid week without doing anything fantastic, couple of days off and you know didnt even have any worries throughout the whole week. If every week was like this one I'd be a happy man, after changing things a little after last Saturdays loss, I couldnt of asked for a better week.

Site has a planned upgrade tonight, so it'll be buggered and then again on Monday night/Tuesday morning (I think) so it'll be buggered for another day! Why cant they do it all at once? I dont know. I suppose I'll have to go into college then if Betfair isnt working properly. Strong chance there wont be any bets until Wednesday onwards next week, theres not much on anyway sure.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Its Days Like Today..

That make everything worth it in the end, days like today make life better you know, what a day for national hunt. Denman - absolutely amazing. That jump at the cross fence, bloody hell, just an absolute beast, goosebumps. And Go Native winning in Newcastle, nice little performance, once he has his good ground (in any sort of way good ground, would get away with good to soft I reckon) hes a serious horse. The fact hes still bigger than Binocular in the Champion Hurdle market is laughable, Binocular couldnt even get the job done against a weaker field last year sure. I love this horse though, I really do, my favourite national hunt horse and only second to St Nic in the Maher love stakes. Just looked back to the start of the blog results in excel, I had just under €400 before he ran in Cheltenham and that got me up to over €900, never looked back since. Just a special horse to me for so many reasons you know.

Throw in Ireland beating South Africa and United winning, youve got a pretty damn good day. Was busy for most of the it though so didnt have a bet on the horses for here, small few quid cash on Go Native just cause it was him. Caught the second half of the rugger. Really caught Ireland at the perfect time, wave after wave of pressure and was pretty simple to ride the market/team/crowd momentum. I love betting in running sometimes. Just the perfect timing to enter the market, often I call things perfectly but have fooked up beforehand and dont bet on it correctly, while when you pick the right time to enter the market youre laughing. Today was down to luck rather than skill but anyway. But if you sit there, watched things a little, then picked a good time, you know, things wouldnt go far wrong. Quite often I'm seeing the biggest swings are closer to the finish and if youre still fresh coming into the market you can make some serious money.

Having said that, All Blacks game was completely the opposite, it was quite obvious they were miles better than France 20 minutes into the game and waiting would see the price gone. Was on them, then off, then back on, always favouring them just protecting my position throughout at certain times you know. Without being too nervy and clicky on the button, for example I'd back them at 1.54, lay off the stake at 1.3, then decide to be back on them at 1.26 or something, know I've given away a few ticks but just to be happy in the market for me its worth it you know.

Anyway, fantastic day, maybe not uprooting trees in terms of bets and profit but just for pure sporting greatness, fantastic. Often wonder what peoples lives are like who dont follow sport, I dont understand them really, but they must be fair bored at times. Denman winning, Go Native winning, it doesnt get any better than that you know, what a feeling, didnt have a cent on Denman and I was roaring him home.

Just to say too, I'm an awful tosser at times, hung around til 1-30 last night for that cricket game, go to enter bet, says its Australian wallet, doh. What a clown I am. Must get it sorted, although reading what you have to do, is it worth the effort? Had a brief look on Betdaq, shite, the gap between the back and lay prices was a joke. You know I like them, their alright people, alright for before the off, fairly terrible for in running though.


To all the doubters who didnt believe.. SUCK IT! HAVE IT! BOOOMM! You'll never touch this horse, he is immense, he is a superstar, he is the man, he is the daddy. He is the greatest of all time. How dare you even try to beat Go Native. How dare you even talk about the possibility of him being beaten. This horse is more important than The Pope.

Of course one must keep the feet on the ground, it was only a silly little race at Newcastle against Binocular etc, whos Binocular I hear you say? Hes nobody. Why'd they call him Binocular, cause you need Binoculars to see him that far behind Go Native? Today was only a small little stepping stone to becoming a two time Champion Hurdle winner and a three time Gold Cup winner before coming home to live happily ever after with me, where I promise we'll sit and watch him winning every day for the rest of his life.

There isnt a horse in the world that can touch him. John Oxx wants to bring Sea The Stars out of retirement to try and beat him, the owner has said no as hes scared Go Native will win on the bridle by 5L with Carbs sitting on him with a bottle jamesons in one hand, a guitar in the other singing Barry White youre the first, the last, my everything, while wearing an Elvis costume and sunglasses (not for the weather just for effect).

Now youve been told, go now and impart this wisdom to the world. He is unbeatable. He is the greatest. He is the daddy.

(By the way I never backed him for the challenge today, anyone that reads regularly will understand the love..)