Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Number One.. Amazing Scenes

Not that I particularly deeply care about this issue or anything, there are far pressing matters in the world than Christmas Number One. Anyway, judging by the market it appears the Rage people have won, very nice rebellers of Simon Cowell.

Now, heres a mad thought, Rage Against The Machine are signed up to Sony right. Yes. And BMG are part of Sony right. Yes. Well, by any chance would Simon Cowell happen to own this company? God no, the people are rebelling against him sure. JAYSUS, hold on, he does own it!

Very nice rebellers, very nice. I'd love people to rebel against me while giving me money. I quite like Simon Cowell actually, hes alright, I reckon he'd make a top, top gambler, even when he loses, he wins. Whos the daddy!

I've no issue with people who hate X-Factor doing it, but you could of picked a different record label.. or given the money to charity, think if everyone gave a quid to charity instead the difference it would have made, instead of putting a "fake" Christmas Number One up to beat what they call a "fake" Christmas Number One by Cowell. The world has gone mad.

Jedward for Christmas Number One I say.


  1. One simple reason why they chose RATM - the last line - 'fuck you, I won't do what you tell me'.

    It's just the most straightforward way of sending a message to Mr Cowell. The money's irrelevant.

    Worth 99p any day.

  2. HAHA! I havent listened to it.. Christmas Number One with a line like that, HA!

    Seems a bit silly still giving him money though. Its a mad way of telling him to f-off!

    This year was ideal for a Cliff Richard comeback.. haha.

  3. Unfortunately mate, he doesn't own Sony but he set-up a 50/50 venture called Syco with Sony so he's just a minority shareholder of Sony. I imagine he would have got more money from Joe being No 1 but like you say he wins either way!

  4. Its just the irony of hoardes of sheep delighted over Rage Against The Machine "I wont do what you tell me," yet religiously obeying a Facebook group, is astounding.

    Theyve probably given him more money with this little thing anyway sure, the reason why X-Factor is number one every year is because people watch the show and like it.. it has a fanbase, its not because Simon Cowell tells them to buy the single FFS!

    Yet a Facebook group tells them to buy a single, they ALL do it, and they think theyre "rebels."

    Logic gone out the window..!