Monday, November 30, 2009


Jesus I'm like the grinch here tonight with all the bad news, first John Delaney, now news that Harchi has been retired. I loved him. Remember Newcastle when everyone had wrote him off beforehand, sent Katchit off favourite, then Harchi coming up the rails pissing it..!

Then d'ya remember Leopardstown at Christmas.. Harchi was in Kempton and the whole of Leopardstown backed him at around evens, watching on one little TV in Paddy Power must of been thousands around it, Carbs sat around 30L last and still picked them up..! The roar was immense!

Some fantastic memories, happy retirement fella..

(by the way searched youtube and cant find one single video of the hoor on the bridle!)

John Delaney

Recession, the Liffey bursting its banks, floods, civil servant strikes, civil servants all heading to Newry to do their shopping on said strike days, Air Lingus cuts, Brian Cowen, NAMA, Stephen Ireland, Jedward getting voted off the X-Factor, the Thierry Henry handball, the weather, Pat Kenny, Bono.

All topped by this gobshite asking to be the '33rd' world cup team. Honestly. I can handle of all the above without caring, but Sepp Blatter taking the piss out of us in front of the whole world.

John Delaney.. I have no words..

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Early finish to my week, the site is buggered for me for the last hour and theres not much on bar the footie, which is fantastic by the way, Arsenal v Chelsea, Barca v Real, lie on the couch time. Cricket this morning was simple, Saffers collapsed all out for 119 and England chased it down without giving me any worries - theres something I've never said before. Game shouldnt have finished til near 4-30 but over already. Not rocket science betting and handy enough.

Absolutely trilled Fairyhouse was called off too, couldnt find my sunglasses anywhere this morning, was in a state of panic. Honest to god, were going under water soon I'm telling ya, I'm not joking when I say I've never seen as bad weather as today, its unreal.

Cricket: €22.85 Total P&L: €22.85

Few updates, my laying system has made a 30 point loss in its first week, ouch! Glad I'm just testing it anyway. I presume if a laying system is making a loss, it then becomes a profitable backing system? Yes? No? I think so! Still there'll be no money down on it until sometime next year. I'm clearly pants at laying however.

As for my football bank, withdrew the money this morning from Betdaq after only having one bet this round (and in the last month), gonna scrap it, lost interest really. Man City knocked me out of Last Man Standing yesterday too, and it didnt even bother me. What I was thinking is, after been through a lot and learned from it, I want to give football another semi-serious go. Last time I started with €3,000 and made upwards of €14,000 before coming back down to level in a matter of two weeks. Havent bet seriously on it since, and it changed a serious amount in my gambling too. But I reckon if I start with a set aside bank of €750 and try build it up, €50ish a bet this time, stick to around those stakes, and having the experience from last time, I'm not gonna lose the head and I'll stick to the game plan this time. Who puts €4,000 on Chelsea away in the Champions League, fooking me! Of course at the time, it never feels stupid you know that only comes with the benefit of hindsight. But, that'll never happen again with set staking plans and you know the once bitten twice shy effect. I'll give it a few hours thought next week anyway.

As for this week, been really good. Most, if not all, of my bets have been in running. Only loss on the cricket but no issues or complaints there. Just basically a solid week without doing anything fantastic, couple of days off and you know didnt even have any worries throughout the whole week. If every week was like this one I'd be a happy man, after changing things a little after last Saturdays loss, I couldnt of asked for a better week.

Site has a planned upgrade tonight, so it'll be buggered and then again on Monday night/Tuesday morning (I think) so it'll be buggered for another day! Why cant they do it all at once? I dont know. I suppose I'll have to go into college then if Betfair isnt working properly. Strong chance there wont be any bets until Wednesday onwards next week, theres not much on anyway sure.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Its Days Like Today..

That make everything worth it in the end, days like today make life better you know, what a day for national hunt. Denman - absolutely amazing. That jump at the cross fence, bloody hell, just an absolute beast, goosebumps. And Go Native winning in Newcastle, nice little performance, once he has his good ground (in any sort of way good ground, would get away with good to soft I reckon) hes a serious horse. The fact hes still bigger than Binocular in the Champion Hurdle market is laughable, Binocular couldnt even get the job done against a weaker field last year sure. I love this horse though, I really do, my favourite national hunt horse and only second to St Nic in the Maher love stakes. Just looked back to the start of the blog results in excel, I had just under €400 before he ran in Cheltenham and that got me up to over €900, never looked back since. Just a special horse to me for so many reasons you know.

Throw in Ireland beating South Africa and United winning, youve got a pretty damn good day. Was busy for most of the it though so didnt have a bet on the horses for here, small few quid cash on Go Native just cause it was him. Caught the second half of the rugger. Really caught Ireland at the perfect time, wave after wave of pressure and was pretty simple to ride the market/team/crowd momentum. I love betting in running sometimes. Just the perfect timing to enter the market, often I call things perfectly but have fooked up beforehand and dont bet on it correctly, while when you pick the right time to enter the market youre laughing. Today was down to luck rather than skill but anyway. But if you sit there, watched things a little, then picked a good time, you know, things wouldnt go far wrong. Quite often I'm seeing the biggest swings are closer to the finish and if youre still fresh coming into the market you can make some serious money.

Having said that, All Blacks game was completely the opposite, it was quite obvious they were miles better than France 20 minutes into the game and waiting would see the price gone. Was on them, then off, then back on, always favouring them just protecting my position throughout at certain times you know. Without being too nervy and clicky on the button, for example I'd back them at 1.54, lay off the stake at 1.3, then decide to be back on them at 1.26 or something, know I've given away a few ticks but just to be happy in the market for me its worth it you know.

Anyway, fantastic day, maybe not uprooting trees in terms of bets and profit but just for pure sporting greatness, fantastic. Often wonder what peoples lives are like who dont follow sport, I dont understand them really, but they must be fair bored at times. Denman winning, Go Native winning, it doesnt get any better than that you know, what a feeling, didnt have a cent on Denman and I was roaring him home.

Just to say too, I'm an awful tosser at times, hung around til 1-30 last night for that cricket game, go to enter bet, says its Australian wallet, doh. What a clown I am. Must get it sorted, although reading what you have to do, is it worth the effort? Had a brief look on Betdaq, shite, the gap between the back and lay prices was a joke. You know I like them, their alright people, alright for before the off, fairly terrible for in running though.


To all the doubters who didnt believe.. SUCK IT! HAVE IT! BOOOMM! You'll never touch this horse, he is immense, he is a superstar, he is the man, he is the daddy. He is the greatest of all time. How dare you even try to beat Go Native. How dare you even talk about the possibility of him being beaten. This horse is more important than The Pope.

Of course one must keep the feet on the ground, it was only a silly little race at Newcastle against Binocular etc, whos Binocular I hear you say? Hes nobody. Why'd they call him Binocular, cause you need Binoculars to see him that far behind Go Native? Today was only a small little stepping stone to becoming a two time Champion Hurdle winner and a three time Gold Cup winner before coming home to live happily ever after with me, where I promise we'll sit and watch him winning every day for the rest of his life.

There isnt a horse in the world that can touch him. John Oxx wants to bring Sea The Stars out of retirement to try and beat him, the owner has said no as hes scared Go Native will win on the bridle by 5L with Carbs sitting on him with a bottle jamesons in one hand, a guitar in the other singing Barry White youre the first, the last, my everything, while wearing an Elvis costume and sunglasses (not for the weather just for effect).

Now youve been told, go now and impart this wisdom to the world. He is unbeatable. He is the greatest. He is the daddy.

(By the way I never backed him for the challenge today, anyone that reads regularly will understand the love..)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Crickets below, every move! Wasnt great at all but sure it was swimming against the tide laying low odds you know, England really annoy me. They seriously do, no idea why, probably because I dont trust them and they can do so much better in certain games.

Anyway, just watched the worse boxing match I've ever seen. It was awful. An hour of my life I'll never ever get back. 39 punches each in the whole fight for fook sake..! At least I won money, I'd be seething if I didnt.

Boxing: €39.52 | Cricket: -€79.94 Total P&L: -€40.42

Seriously tempting to pull an all nighter here for the Pakistan v New Zealand game, last day of their test match and all three results possible. Plus their both insane teams and can do absolutely anything, fall apart, hit six 6s in an over, the lot. Emmas already asleep, this is verging on addicted gambling here staying up all night! I'll give it til 1-30ish and see where I stand.

New Zealand currently 150/9 in the their second innings, leading by 247, with Pakistan having all day to chase, on a poor enough pitch it seems from what I've seen. Anything could happen with these two sure!

Also absolutely delighted Tiger Woods is OK, after the story on the news channels, bloody hell some of them were saying he was nearly dead, talk about a mountain out of a mole hill. Very strange story it has to be said, dont think we'll know what actually was going on or indeed happened to him.

Saffer Reserves Getting Tonked..

Fook it anyway, why do England have to be chasing, nightmare from a punting point of view. As many people will already know, I dont bet while the first innings is on, there hasnt even been 30 overs yet and Saffers are in the 1.0x's. Bugger. England bowling = woeful.

Been looking forward to this game all week! Unless something crazy happens, I'm not betting, sure nothing to bet on now its basically GSM, Newlands is an awful place to chase under lights, and given that Saffers are gonna knock up over 300 (looking that way anyway), trusting England to get a bounce out trade? No, not really, not for me.

Sport is funny ole game and anything could happen, I'd rather not bet on miracles happening though. Will finish the assignment now anyway, this is gods way of getting me to work, I sincerely apologise for any losses incurred from him doing this to me.


UPDATE at 4-25 PM. Saffers post 354, joint highest total here, England go into the record books alongside the mighty Kenya. Thats how bad England have bowled, woeful, shocking, terrible, all the words you can use. Saffers 1.07 to back, 1.08 lay, still no bet for me. But still of interest to watch you know, Englands batters have been good of late, playing with freedom seems to be working, game is basically over here so if the coach says go out there and whack it they could make a game of it. Someone needs to score 100+, someone else needs around 50ish off 30ish balls and they need to keep up with the rate from the start - something England arent that great at.

As I said no bet now, but if they get rolling could dip in and out for a trade, its a fair bit like catching a falling knife here though. Someone said the highest chase here under lights is around 225? Only another 120 odd runs to add to it then.. gulp! Having said that, backing 1.07 and watching someone come out and hit a few 6s, you start to panic, I've never been one for worrying but that type of thing does make me panic, youve got big liability for little gain and the market can move quickly away from you.

Need Trott to play really well, Colly and Morgan. Rest bar Pietersen maybe if hes in the mood are of no help here. Strauss will score steady as usual but you know, hes not gonna keep up with the rate for the whole innings. Need Wright to be the one scoring the 50ish off 30ish too.


UPDATE at 5-00 PM. Involved now for a trade, started well, rate dropped, Wright opening, pitch looks good, ball doing little. Like it.


Wright gone for 24 off 19, job done got them a good start, need to replace him at the end of the innings but hopefully I'll be out by then. Holding position for now with Trott coming in. Need to keep up with the rate though, above all else.


UPDATE at 5-30 PM. Strauss, Wright and Trott all gone, two wickets edged. Bugger. Talk about catching a falling knife. 58-3. Welcome to English cricket what!

Holding position, still have 3 out of my 4 batsmen to go, KP, Colly and Morgan, no point backing at 1.02. Monumental effort needed. Trouble here is they let the rate to up..


UPDATE at 6-30 PM. KP gone when I was just about thinking this was fully possible, market was 1.08 (thought that was low at the time), massive wicket, massive blow. Markets reacted down to 1.02, Morgan in now and hes pretty much the last hope. Still got original position.


Morgan didnt hang around long. GSM. Unless something amazing happens. Anyway, I'm out.


England need 165 off 110 as I type, thats do-able, with the powerplay. No money on it for the moment but massive chance of a market bounce here, wait and see how it goes. Need one or two more overs with the rate before getting re-involved, this time for a bigger stake..


Key moments here. Chance of market panic, but also do something wrong and its all kaput. Worth 20 quid. Take the powerplay, give it a whack, and see what happens.


I hate Matt Prior, what a tosser. 16 off 22 is SO annoying, while Colly hit an 18 run over at the other end, that tosser balloons one up in air when he decides hes had enough of blocking. Dont mind getting out to a whack. Market went to 1.05/1.06 before he did got out, could of been all green without him being a tosser!

Tis game over and a loss now. Didnt even get one trade, HA!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just a quick post, just been fiddling around for the last two days betting whenever I have a spare half hour or so. Had an hour this evening for the NFL and tennis, wouldnt normally do them, but they do appeal as something to think about you know, not sure if I'd have the time for the whole tennis thing but anyway, was pretty late in both sports getting involved in the market, and reckon that helped, felt almost "easy" to call because it was so close to the end, and probably because the stakes were so small too you know it wasnt life or death what happened.

Will do the Saffer v England game tomorrow between the assignment, hopefully it doesnt rain..! At least if it does rain though I might just finish the assignment, you never know. I hate work. Or any form of effort.. HA!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day In Running..

Right, still learning the ropes in the win market after a couple of years spent in the place market, its tough going changing your thinking but I'm getting there. I only started last week sure. Couple of things I've seriously picked up today and made a mental note of..

Before you read them, I've my bank at €100 while playing, basically because if I do something stupid it wont cost me, I dont see why it should be bigger while I'm learning something anyway. That limits what I can do, but at the same time its a fair way of learning how to do it properly.

1) No backing short odds (i.e. your 1.2s etc).
2) No laying above 75 (I cant anyway with €100).
3) No laying more than one horse in the race.
4) No backing (personal view, I'm better at laying, have always been a place layer rather than backer).
5) Dont get involved in two horse tussles.
6) Know the delay (see video at bottom of post).
7) Have one click software.
8) Dont play when it goes split screen, load of shite!

Just the basics there really. No short odds and avoiding two horse tussles being my important ones. And the delay, sure look I know what its like on ATR, weve been over it a million times, but I have to learn some way before I kick on you know, the delay doesnt stop you making money you just have to be better at race reading than the people ahead of you. One click software is something I really have to get when I start to take it seriously too, top of my list of things to do, er, big problem though, I'm on a Macbook, so I've to buy windows and convert, its actually cheaper to buy a new computer. I'm gonna have to do it though, I still wanna learn a bit more first, but its in my plans to sort it soon enough, buying an iMac and getting them to set it up through windows is also an option, I'd have the new apple magic mouse that way too. Then I suppose I'll have to learn how to use one click software because believe it or not I ever have, cricket isnt really a sport that you need it desperately and the place market worked for me without it.

As for today, picked one loser in 12 races. Pretty delighted like. The loser was at 2.5, and made all the running, looked beat before coming back, I'll take it on the chin. Maybe have to work out my timing a bit better, because I'd lay something at say 8.2 and it'll go down to 4ish before being beaten, cant moan because youre laying a loser but could get more out of it you know. Theres times I'd lay something at 14 and it'd be 120 in seconds so it works both ways I suppose. Betting from home, I do miss a good few bets, which does annoy me after a while, say if it happens three races in a row I'm here going for fook sake! I reckon the one click software will correct that somewhat, also you know being a couple of seconds behind it'll happen and just have to get on with it.

Anyway, started with €100 and made €16.30, not bad, I'll take it everyday, you know if I can win money while learning something thats fantastic. I'm only learning this for future plans so theres absolutely no need to be clicking for more than a few quid at a time. Also, came across this video on youtube, shows the delay on the three channels, just for someone whos never had the chance to compare, I've done it before on course. Its poor quality but you can tell by the camera angle change on the home bend what youre up against betting from home. Hence why I'll always be delighted with nicking a few quid while doing this.

Nothing on tonight bar the soccerball so an early finish, have college work all day tomorrow and Thursday, gonna aim for doing the Saffers v England game Friday but we'll see how it goes. Assignment is due Monday, I like college (sort of), but it really gets on my nerves when its gets in the way of me going racing, Naas tomorrow looks amazing and Fairyhouse has a good card Sunday. Its not like I'm going to have a job not in some way connected to racing when I leave. So in other words, college is a pain in the arse right now.

I've also wrote to Brian Cowen and asked is there any chance of him putting a roof over us until the summer, I mean it worked for Wimbledon, I cant see how it wouldnt work for Ireland. If it keeps raining we'll be under water soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Right, New Rules & New Thinking..

I always like to do something different after a heavy loss, yesterday hurt you know €450 a lot of money to anyone, a week wages to most, I have to change something so it wont happen again, if nothing else just to be happy in my own head with what I'm doing. If I was in any way unsure of what I came up with last night, today sort of proved it in my head, Judge Roy Bean getting beaten at 2/5 in Navan, I backed him before the non runner at just under evens on Betfair first thing, but he still got stuffed. And I did think he was a certainty before hand. So, a new staking plan for BEFORE the event..

English racing - max bet €50.
Irish racing - max bet €100.
Boxing, Rugby, Greyhounds - max bet €100.
Cricket, Darts, Tennis, GAA - Only in running.
Football - Betdaq bank for the craic.

All the in running maxes (between €300 and €400) still stand, and I'm gonna go more so in running all the time from now on. Its not that I dont want to bet pre-off, its just that looking through excel I reckon I'm much better in running. It'll also stop a lot of the €300 bets going down, rarely lose the full bet in running, while in the last few weeks I've lost the max bet pre-off a good few times. I'll see how it goes anyway, but I'm happy with the stakes there.

Anyway today..
Cricket: €138.99 | Horse Racing: -€6.58 Total P&L: €132.41

Cricket today went really well, as did in running on the horses, lost €100 on Judge Roy Bean so delighted to get back near level. I've changed from the place market to the win market this week, only showing loss for the week because of other bets, won in running. Place market is basically dead, I'm only annoying myself trying you know. And I know full well I'm behind on the pictures in the win market, but I suppose just have to be that bit better than those blokes and read the race better. I'll be stung a few times but its all part of it, I also wanna learn how to do the win market properly for summer plans, so you know I'll keep doing it and hopefully it'll come good, I'll know pretty quickly if it isnt working too.

Onto the cricket, and I actually really like the South African reserve squad now, their playing really well at the moment, sorry not South African reserve squad I meant England, only joking but they do have a lot of South Africans. Trott is a fantastic edition to the team though. As is Morgan. Basically youre just hoping the English contingent dont bollocks things up when you back them. I like the no fear idea of playing and you know as long as they keep their bowling in check they should win more games than they lose. I still dont fully trust them however. Traded to have lots of positions today, but was mostly on England, thing is though like you get a wicket and youre nervous straight away. There was lots of backing, then laying, all greening, all redding, then backing again, then laying again. Rather than just saying, right they'll win this from here. They'll only improve though, I suppose its just memories from them being knocked around the park and collapsing that scare me. This team has a good look about it, and I'll trust them more in time.

As for the week, well I'm in profit on Betfair, different story however with the books, to make it a €250 losing week. For what I've learned and now changed, its probably worth it in the long run you know, but no one likes losing. I really like the go more in running idea, and less bets/lower stakes before the off idea, hopefully it'll work. I've been good in running this week, pants pre-off, I reckon it'll also take away a good bit of good form/bad form runs. You know I lost €360 to the books and won €110 on Betfair, cant really look at that badly as I've corrected what I've done wrong for the future, so onwards and upwards. It would be ten times worse if I didnt know what I was doing wrong sure, excel is more important to me than the Racing Post these days. No bet on X-Factor tonight but just really hoping Jedward avoid the bottom two, and trade a bit lower, I'll green out soon enough if I get the chance. Basically zero chance of Joe and Stacey being bottom two, so youre left with Lloyd, Olly, Danyl and Jedward. Olly has a good following, and Danyls a good singer, so you know its not a betting proposition laying Jedward but hopefully they make it through.

Also working on a laying system, that today, the very first day, showed a 14 point loss. Good start then, er, not quite. Will give it until into the next year before I actually start putting money down. By the by, who did I have penciled in for Last Man Standing for this weekend before I got knocked out? Arsenal. It was never meant to be. Went with Chelsea this week for handiness sake, but will sit down and sort a plan of attack this week.

Just to say too, I've an assignment due next week in college, first one of the year, 2,000 words or something, bugger. And havent even started yet, actually dont mind that, havent even read whats its about yet. So next week might be a bit bare.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Early finish because its been the worse day in ages, going back weeks, maybe a month or two, I dont know. Notre Pere was terrible, really terrible you know, it was basically a five horse race not counting the rags and he finished 5th, I'll not back him again anyway regardless of the race this year. That was woeful like, and no excuse. Kauto was good for first time out, bloody close photo though! Why werent we shown the photo too, I'm not doubting the result at all, but just to stop people saying stuff they could of shown it straight away.

I can handle being wrong, thats grand, I dont might that. But New Zealand on the handicap, Dan Carter, what a fooking tosser! Hes meant to be the best number 10 in the world, he couldnt kick from in front of the posts today, handicap was 13.5pts, what they win by? 13. Seething.

Lots of sport on later but need to stop, been sort of unlucky but will do absolutely no good betting in this humor you know. Bugger.

Horse Racing: -€74.54 | Rugby Union: -€72.34 Total P&L: -€146.88

Add to that the €300 with Paddy Power from Notre Pere, that makes it a minus €450 day. Been a hell of a long time since one of those. Last time I lost over €400 in a day was the 19th of August actually, just looked back. I'm obviously annoyed, really annoyed, no one likes losing, but sure look at least I know here typing this I wont bet again today, just gonna have a night in with Emma and watch X-Factor. Cant afford to go out! Come back tomorrow and NOT try to win it all back, just play normal and be even more cautious than usual. Pissed off with Carter would be an understatement, however unless I fall down the stairs later, theres always tomorrow you know, always another day, and my money will still be sitting in the account. I'm talking to myself in the mirror here! High chance if I bet on something again it'll lose, and if it wins I wont win €450. I have max bets in place I know, but add €300 to €450 and it becomes €750, things can get pretty bad pretty quickly like.

Obviously you learn more when you lose, unless youre too head strong to not want to learn, what did I learn today? Right now, I feel like I only want to bet in running from now on. Thats just a first reaction, I'm sure I'll think about it more later you know. Today, Notre Pere wasnt going a yard, would I have backed it in running, no. Dan Carter couldnt kick snow off a rope, would I have backed it in running, no. Thats only two bets though and everything is different. Lots of things going through the head, and need to settle, but the main thing is I've stopped betting for today and sure look I've already accepted the money is gone. Theres no such thing as "winning it back" because its over, its done with, tomorrow will have nothing to do with whats gone on today.

It doesnt really matter that I've lost €450 today, all thats important is I'm winning in the long run you know. It feels fooking shite at the time, yes it does, but just have to get on with it and accept I was pants today. Even though I want to win every day, that'll never happen.

Like you know, in running you sort of have a fair idea of whats happening, while before the event youre guessing more. Youre still guessing in running, but youre guessing with more information as to how its going. People call it trading but its always gambling you know no one can be certain of anything and there wouldnt be odds if something was certain, so youre always guessing to a degree when you enter the market. Its just guessing well with the information in front of you. So, thats why I'm thinking I only want to bet in running because it takes away a fair chunk of guessing how things will pan out. People are very definite in what they say when they have a bet, but you know you wouldnt get matched unless there was some bloke betting against you. Is he a mug just because hes bet against you? Definitely not. Theres two sides to everything.

Anyway, I hate losing, I really do, but it happens. Fook it anyway I'm getting locked later and singing along with Jedward..!

Me today..

Friday, November 20, 2009


Canny evening. Made money on both markets while still being completely wrong, the art of trading whaaa! Well, I wasnt completely wrong, just sort of, well, wrong yeah. Laid Jenkins at odds on and went all green at the flip flop against Wade, Wade threw it away, crowd were tossers though seriously, terrible booing. Then laid Munroe in the boxing at 1.3, again got a flip flop and went equal green, judges had it by 4 rounds, god knows what fight I was watching compared to them but anyway, I had it a draw, or one round win by either sort of thing. Equal green all markets I've traded, I know, I must have swine flu or something! Its never happened before.

I'm coming around to the idea of being AWE-green, although I know exactly what I'm like, more times than not I'll have all my green on one outcome, only for it to lose, the usual. Its nice winning while being wrong anyway, makes a change.

Lost €60 to Ladbrokes with an each way bet, another thought I never seem to learn, why dont I lay the favourite when I dont fancy it instead of picking something else? I do it time and time again. Today though, it was a good bet, wont go far wrong doing that sort of thing you know. Will I change though? Probably not, tomorrow sure I dont fancy Kauto, what have I done, backed Notre Pere. You know, as I said the last time, it wont happen again. I'll try think of this before the event next time. It never seems to enter my head though, I'll write it on the wall or something, next to my youre the daddy Stephen sign, purely for self esteem like.

Also, didnt bet on it, but who was backing Anderson in the 1.1s in the darts only ONE break up? I was watching the boxing, clicked into the market and he was 1.11,1.12 etc, it was only 8-7 to him and first to 10! Anderson is well known to have the bottle of a Dublin football GAA player. Anyway, its easy to predict the past I know. I take on board I might see things differently from everyone else and get called all sorts of names for it, but some odds are mental though, its as if no one factors in the possibility of things going pear shaped. I suppose I'm saying this with the benefit of hindsight and they didnt have that luxury.

Boxing: €69.84 | Darts: €33.75 Total P&L: €103.59

All this waffle pales into insignificance anyway, by far and away the highlight of my whole day, possibly week, possibly month, possibly LIFE, was the look on Roy Keanes face when someones phone started ringing today. It was fantastic. It was absolutely brilliant. It was epic. I laugh every time, its stuff like this that makes life worth living you know, cant beat watching a good seeth! You know whats going to happen now every time were in the pub when someones phone rings..

Breaking News On Kauto Star

Due to the recent adverse weather conditions, Paul Nicholls, speaking this morning from Ditcheat, has taken the necessary steps to insure Kauto Star can keep up with Notre Pere on Saturday..

I've also discovered the one bookmaker I absolutely hate the most this morning, Victor Chandler. Dont really fancy anything very strongly today but theres a bad each way race in Dundalk, the 8-00, the favourite Excelerate hasnt ran for a while and has been taken out the last two days because he was lame, hes the best horse in the race and deserves to be odds on but theres every chance he may need the run you know. Then we have the second favourite Six Of Hearts who has decent enough form, enough to beat the others anyway and if you go back through his runs from a while ago you could argue he'd beat he favourite too. He likes good ground and is at his best on it, heavy ground doesnt suit so I wouldnt read too much into his form on anything worse than soft, surface at Dundalk should be no issue really. The 1M trip isnt his best (thats 7F) but he'll probably get away with it here, its not that he doesnt stay hes just probably better over 7F, its not a great race anyway and he has the best man for the track sitting on him too in Fran Berry, ideally he comes with one late run and thats enough, no better man than Fran to judge Dundalk anyway.

I understand its a bad each way race, and I understand bookmakers dont want to be caught, so by all means limit the race you know, I understand that. But fook sake, VCbet go best price at 100/30, I ask for €150 E/W, says stake is too high for the event try a lower stake, then by the time I put in €100 E/W, theyve gone 11/4. GRRR! By all means limit, but dont change the fooking price without laying it! Boylesports limit you, but at least they take something, even a tenner. Whats the point of going best price if you dont want to lay it anyway. Tossers. Highly annoying when you deposit and then have to take it straight back out again, I presume it'll take five days to clear or something, all for nothing like.

I think the 100/30 was just fantasy, so I'm still happy enough at 3/1, 60% if he places. Paddy Power, Boylesports, Bet365 and Blue Square all wont lay me what I want though. However, Ladbrokes to the rescue, fair played to them credit where its due you know, its a winning account too, well done to them they'll take a bet, If I lose they deserve to have my money.

Crickets been rained off too in South Africa, raining everywhere. Traded the darts last night to win a tenner, had big green on King but Barney was too good. The Taylor match was close too before he decided to go into second gear.

Darts: €10.82

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ireland v France

Well, the whole country is at a standstill over it so I might as well say something. Firstly and most importantly, theres no point just moaning about it, do something about it and contact FIFA, tell them what you think, just moaning will get us nowhere.

Dont call them any names now. Whatever you may think, but if we all send in something it might work, odds on it'll probably fall on deaf ears but sure tis the only thing weve got you know. Then when theres no chance of a replay, we'll have to stop moaning and accept it, were a small bit in danger of turning into the BBC here and be talking about this in 20 years time.

The whole nation is gutted obviously, theres plenty of hysteria in the press and on tv about it, and theres plenty of rows because we all have a different view. Anyway, in my opinion (obviously I'm Irish so I'm bias)..

Is Thierry Henry a cheat? Yes.

Would every player have done it? Maybe not every player, but most probably would.

Having done it would they carry on as if nothing happened? Yes, anyone thats played football would. Everyone wants to win. Thats doesnt make it right however, but everyone wants to win, fact.

Thats the sad thing, football has become laughable at this stage, nearly every player cheats these days, you cheat to win and its alright unless youre caught. Anelka knew what he was doing trying to fall into Given for the penalty. And Kevin Doyle wasnt really blaming Henry after was blaming the ref, they all think the same.

It is wrong? Yes.

Does it make an absolute bollocks of FIFAs "fair play" idea? Yes.

If they do nothing and continue with all this "fair play" campaign, they become total and utter hypocrites.

Garrard, Ronaldo, Drogba, Eduardo, have all been known to dive at certain times. And basically nothings been done, Eduardo gets banned then appeals and its over turned. Whats the point of teams playing by the rules if their going to get pissed on by the ones who dont? As I said, cheat to win and its alright once youre not caught, takes away an awful lot from the sport. And it feels terrible.

For the sake of "fair play" there must be some sort of thing done about it, otherwise whats the point of rules you know?

I entered the Last Man Standing for this weekend and have €100 in Betdaq ready to have another go at football, but you know it just feels like I dont want to bet on it after seeing whats happened. Just lose faith with it you know.

Anyway onto today, played in running a bit, won €12! 12 quid won is better than 12 lost sure, bit of a shite day to be betting really but nothing else knocking around, didnt have a bet yesterday either with the match being on. The one losing bet was a bit stupid, backing McCoy when under a drive, just because it was McCoy. Shouldnt have done that really. And the biggest win was simple, laid the front runner because I thought he was going too fast, apart from that struggled to get matched and was on the phone half the day about the football.

Hopefully South Africa v England tomorrow is a good game, and hopefully the weekends racing goes ahead, other than that theres nothing on. I'll have to start building a boat if the weather stays like this! Might trade the darts later but we'll see, either way not leaving the house anyway, its cold outside and the wind tosses my hair.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gimme Something To Bet On..

Another two blank days in a row in Maher towers, its not by lack of trying anyway, no cricket on and Cork was called off Monday. The daily UK racing is hardly worth not going to college for, but I've managed to pull a bet out of the fire for the weekend..

Notre Pere each way for the Betfair Chase at 3/1. I know 3/1 isnt really an each way price, but if he does place you get 60%, so for the chance of him winning I reckon its well worth it you know. Obviously the reason I went each way was Kauto Star, I personally think Notre Pere can beat him, while I dont really and truly believe it you know, I'm happy with €150 E/W at 3/1 anyway. Theres the added bonus of ante post terms too, if only four runners turn up, you still get 1-2-3. The weather forecast isnt looking great and its already expected to be soft ground so that should right up Notre Peres street, he doesnt necessarily need heavy ground either. He was going well when coming down in Down Royal the last day too. Kauto doesnt really like heavy, well lets say he isnt at his best on it at least, theres bigger targets to come, first run of the season and already been beaten here. All reasons to believe that if he was to be beaten, nows the time. Jim Dreaper said he'll run, and he doesnt strike me as a Jim Bolger type so I can presume he'll turn up on Saturday. Hopefully he runs anyway, I cant really see anything in the race to beat him bar Kauto, gutted if he couldnt beat the rest of them, anyway if he doesnt run now after I've told everyone I've backed him I'll be more embarrassed than a virgin at a gang bang.

I've also entered the new Last Man Standing, had to, I'm addicted now. I'm gonna start up a new Betdaq football bank again too this weekend, this time instead of backing teams I'll be laying, wont be getting any golden stars for the odds I'll probably be laying at, away teams to the big four mostly (minus Liverpool obviously!), but sure we'll see how it goes anyway, give it a try. Wont be an AWE-IN tactic but it might be at the start and then go from there, maybe a little in running too we'll see, start with €100 sure and play it by year, handy to just keep it to Betdaq. You know whats going to happen anyway, the first team I lay will win.

As for my X-Factor betting, tis finished, tis over and tis it. I've come to the conclusion that with only six left, its a pretty bad bet to be laying bottom two. Theres a bit of logic behind it too, Olly, Joseph, Stacey and Danyl are good singers, however they bore the absolute shite out of me. Lloyd is pants but he has a following, the problem is Jedwards following is sort of tied in a little with Lloyds following, i.e. horny teenage girls, you can probably see it from the last few weeks. Lloyd bottom two, then bounces for Jedward to be bottom two, then a re-bounce this week. Problem is that wont help either of them if the others are good. So, no bet from me. I still have €1,500 green under Jedward in the win market, do I believe they can win? Sort of, I dont not believe enough to lay them at 17 anyway, so I'll leave it for the time being. The X-Factor Betfair P&L stands at €470.66, while I got another €481.25 from Boylesports for top group, Jedward will forever be in my heart. That sounds a bit gay now I've typed it but anyway, only bet I lost on X-Factor was laying Lloyd bottom two, the tosser.

Speaking of music, total and utter disaster today as my iPods broken down, fell into the sink full of water. Its my baby. I'm heartbroken. I now have to listen to people on the bus in the morning talk about how Roy Cropper died on the way to college. Roy Cropper? Roy Cropper, the bloke who went out with a transvestite in the cafe, fook sake. I've to go to the gym and listen to some woman moan while on the exercise bike about her legs being too fat, of course your legs are fat, youre going two miles an hour while eating a nutrigrain bar. Thats not the worst of it, I've to listen to Matt Chapman on ATR too! No wonder I havent had a bet. Its not that I hate the world, just sometimes I like to shut it out you know, I'm not the needy people type.

Oh dear by the way.. speaking of needy people types, as a practical joke, one of my so called friends has signed me up for an internet dating website, so I'm faced with a barrage of 50 year old vaginas every time I sign into my hotmail account. And I've no idea of the password to stop it, god knows what hes been saying to them too, its a fantastic joke you know, just as long as its not happening to you. God help me, every one of them is fooking insane. "What cha thinking about my dear?" Oh I dont know, we met on an internet dating website, I'm thinking about you know not having sex with you and how I didnt masterbate to your profile picture for the last 14 nights in a row, what about you. "Sooo, how do I look?" Like shit I met you on the internet, but I couldnt do any better so you look brilliant.

D'ya know what else I found out today? Ireland has the highest percentage of helicopters per person in the whole world. Arent we a great bunch of lads altogether, who said we were a small nation. I can fully understand it you know, I mean the Galway festival is a long way away from Dublin like. One thing I still dont understand though is why were in a recession, must be the price of helicopter fuel or something.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


My god I'd ride the pair of them sideways! Legends. BOOOOMM!

Watch the first 20 seconds of the video, how fooking fantastic would it have been if the one on the right fell instead of tripping, even the little trip is brilliant!


I'm not able for the all day gambling/drinking stuff anymore, getting old, I woke up with legs/head/arms/back stiffer than a bangkok prison sentence this morning, having breakfast at half two in the afternoon feels rather weird too but anyway it was worth it to see Pacquiao v Cotto. And was in Punchestown and Croke Park before that. Pacquiao was class though, max bet on Cotto and absolutely no complaints. Whatever about the speed and power, the thing that amazed me was Pacmans chin, Cotto landed some flush proper shots and although he felt them, he took them well and came back with his own, which Cotto couldnt deal with, that punch for the second knockdown, still surprised he got back up. In the opening few rounds though I thought Cotto would win, went down to 6/4 in running, like he could out box him and was getting good success that way, just when Pacquiao opened up he was far too good, Cotto couldnt trade with him at all. One of those times just have to say well done to the blokes who backed Pacquiao.

Apart from that two solid odds on bets on the horses with Paddy Power, some people dont like backing short odds, I've no problem with it, in fact I thought the prices were quite high in terms of what they had to do. Hangover from hell today though so that'll be the end of it. No Ref has ever annoyed me as much as the one in the Rugby here too, I'm totally bias obviously but its like the fooker has backed Australia, weve been shite too though, its annoying! I'm still seething they didnt take the easy three points in the first half, instead go for some shite kick sideways that comes off about one in ten.

Have a bet open on Jedward bottom two tonight, I'll sort it out later with the total, but heres the screen shot anyway..

How in gods name they were odds on before the show even was close to starting I dont know, even if they are in the bottom two, there wont be a word of moaning out of me. Anyway, P&L last two days..

Boxing: -€300.00 | Horse Racing: €62.97 Total P&L: -€237.03

End of a weird week, zero in every market I entered until Friday. Then have €400 green on the Saffers and it rains, by the way they posted 240 in a 20/20 game against England today, I know that has basically nothing to do with the other game but I'm still full sure they would have chased 200 bar the rain. Unlucky with the draw on the boxing Friday night too, but it was close you know. Then the Cotto bet made it a losing week on Betfair (could all change with the Jedward bet though), few wins with the bookies again to make things level going into the X-Factor tonight. Once again, the most important part of my gambling week comes down to X-Factor!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Hate The Rain..

I hate the rain, I hate the rain, I fooking hate the rain!

Saffers ticking along nicely towards chasing over 200, on quite possibly the best wicket I have ever seen in all my days betting on cricket, AB and Morkel at the crease, market is around evens both, you know there was a reason it was evens both, 50/50 stage of the game, pick em, it was close, Saffers were ONE run behind on D/L when it started to rain. From my point of view, I was full sure they'd win you know hence all my green on them, could of had €200 all green at the odds but didnt want to, I'm sure England backers will disagree but there you go what can you do. Gutted it rained, because we'll never know who was going to win. I rate the €300 I had on Saffers at 2.98 at the break as probably up there in the best five bets I've ever had. Still lost though.

So, onto the boxing, Hatton v N'Dou, I have Hatton ahead by two rounds and the odds shift out from around 4.1 to a high of 9, again I'd put that up there as one of the best bets I've ever had. What happened? Finished a draw. Fook sake! First draw I've ever seen in boxing by the way. I thought Hatton won, but er, you know it was very close, not really shocked just a little confused.

Every market I entered this week I've come out with zero? No, had a win on innings runs on the cricket, 1.5 to get 150, when it was the greatest pitch of all time. SUCCESS, finally, a winner, whos the daddy! Jesus today could of been fantastic though..

Boxing: €0.00 | Cricket: €99.33 Total P&L: €99.33

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being Behind Live..

People argue with me over getting Sky Sports, my view is you NEED it, their view is its too expensive, nothing is to expensive if you NEED it. Anyway, todays match wasnt on Sky but I watched it on a link, how far behind? I dont know. But look at the odds asked for and the odds matched, big difference between 2.32 and 3.7! Now, let me tell you it makes a massive fooking difference between getting matched at 2.32 and next ball hes out and its 3.7, thats what usually happens me! But still like, if youre not betting with live pictures youre basically betting blind, I know theres certain circumstances where its impossible to avoid though.

Still got a fair enough trade out of it, only put €44 on compared to €100/€200/€300 because of where I had to watch it. Left €40 on New Zealand, zero on Pakistan.. what happens? Pakistan win. What happened when I did the exact opposite on Monday.. New Zealand won. I cant win! Anyway, this week still stands at zero, zilch, nada, nothing, blank, level, €0, feck all. Its still a better result than this time last week though.

Theres also absolutely no point trying the horses. Southwell, Ludlow and Taunton dont exactly get me jiggy and I'd only end up breaking the laptop after a few races. Whats on tomorrow to look forward to? Dundalk. Dundalk, what, really? Bollocks anyway!

I am however seriously excited at the prospect of backing Cotto the weekend, his odds are ticking out nicely as I thought they would with the Pacman fan money coming in. I've a mate out there at the moment (jammy bastard!) and hes saying the casinos have Cotto at 3/1 - 10/3, so I reckon he'll tick out a little more between now and fight time. I've had plenty of people try to explain this to me but I still fail to see how beating an old Del La Hoya and, er, a not so great Hatton makes him the best pound for pound boxer in the world. I dont know who came up with that idea but anyway, the beauty of it is we'll all find out on Saturday night. I've had the first two 24/7s on the blog, 3rd one is below there, its not really that great but its alright if youve nothing else to do. Its also important to remember Cotto is a natural at the weight (147) and I dont think Pacman has ever been with a natural at this weight, and Cottos also only been beaten once by a bloke with concrete in his gloves. Anyway, I'll stop now because I sound far too confident. But for me, I've my max bet here waiting with Cottos name written all over it.

Zero is my favourite number anyway sure..

It is in its shite!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its My Week Off..

And this is my P&L..

I promise to never moan about not being able to bet while in college again. Cricket was rained off today, much to my disappointment, I only got sky connected in the bedroom for the winter early morning cricket yesterday! The Saffers had a game yesterday too, started at 1.03, by the time the first innings was over and time for me to bet, there were no prices on offer. Anyway, no point betting if theres nothing good to bet on, I'm twitching to have one on something but sure no good will come of it.

Delighted to hear Rip and Fame are being kept in training yesterday morning, really think Fame might take over from Yeats in a few years time or so, hes an absolute certainty for the Irish Leger anyway, while Johnny said Rip didnt truly stay 1M2F the other day and reckons he should be kept to a mile, its pretty hard because theres so many big races over 1M2F but I wont back him again unless the race is over 1M. Also gutted Carbs got 30 "racing days" suspension, basically in effect two months, seriously very harsh in my view. Massive shame he misses Leopardstown at Christmas, it wont be the same without him.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Scousers..

Hold my hopes in Last Man Standing tonight. No Gerrard, no Torres, bollocks! If they win it'll only get me down to the last 30ish, so I know theres no real "logic" in laying them but had to for €100. €80 liability on match market and had €20 on 0-0. Done it on Betdaq, no real reason bar to keep soccer away from Betfair totally, got a better price on 0-0 too. I cant lose really..

Dont have a P&L from Betfair today, traded the Pakistan v New Zealand game for 10 minutes (didnt know it was on before it was near over) and ended up zero on New Zealand, €15 on Pakistan and went for a sandwich. Worth it. New Zealand won though, bugger.

Feeling Less Than Shrewd

Now, before I start I have to say the horse in question won, so alls well that ends well. But anyway, I backed something at 4/5 that I could of got 2/1 on. Purely because of laziness and stupidity. First off, oddschecker is basically useless if you dont look at Betfair, Betfair controls the market, like it or not, its the place to be. Stand in the middle of the betting ring with Betfair mobile, you'll soon see all they do is follow Betfair. I made the silly mistake of not even checking Betfair before I did a bet this morning, went through the race, thought it was a good thing, looked at oddschecker, 4/5 best price, back it, check Betfair and its 2/1. Felt like a gobshite. All the confidence in picking him completely went and I wanted my money back off Boylesports. Obviously that wasnt happening.

Why back something if youre not getting best price sure? Whats the point? If you lose you lose everything, so if youre gonna win you might as well try and win every single cent you can. Last time I'll make that mistake anyway. Dont even know why I didnt check, laziness I suppose. I have to know absolutely everything before I have a bet.

I have another example, last night a mate backed Lucie to go at 10/1, while Jedward were trading at 1.02/1.03 on Betfair (only what I've been told, I didnt have Betfair open), hes backed something at 10s when he could of got 50s purely because he didnt know what was best price. The only time I bet with the books is when their best price on something (Betfair commission considered) and when I dont feel the need for trading on the selection. Like I said, if youre gonna win try grab all you can. Obviously delighted the horse won..! But I could of been getting back €500ish instead of €200, big difference, and my own fault. The horse returned 5/6, talk about swinging in roundabouts.

Last night was hilarious though, absolutely hilarious. Simon saving John & Edward, you have to laugh, all the stick he gave them, saying they were shite, he'll quit, he'll leave the country. You couldnt make it up really. Finally, everyone knows what hes up to anyway, he likes them, and he always has. He had them their ready to go, all he had to do was say it, and he saved them. People backing at 1.02/1.03? Insane. Best singer was Lucie by absolute miles obviously, best money maker is Jedward by miles though. Whats everyone talking about this morning? X-Factor. Whats all over the papers? X-Factor. You think people are gonna watch the show next week? Of course. Whats gonna happen? Everyone will vote more, Jedward fans will vote because they feel they need the support, people who hate them will vote for their favourite because they want them to be safe, and to finish ahead of Jedward (seen as so many hate them). Whats all that mean? More money for Simon Cowell. Everyone loves money! Would Simon Cowell back a horse at 4/5 if he could get 2/1, definitely not, hes a shrewd hoor!

Anyone saying its a fix, a joke, a disgrace, whatever, ought to wake up. "Simons such a tosser saving John & Edward over Lucie." It went to deadlock, who was bottom. Whys there so much drama over it if no one voted for her then? D'ya think everyone will vote next week, yeah they will! Money. Money. Money.

John & Edward actually being in the bottom two was a whole different matter altogether, for starters they got good comments for probably the first time ever, Simon said they were alright so that lost them the "rebel" voters, and because they got so much publicity over the song choice everyone thought they were safe. I didnt vote because I thought they were certain to go through with the song choice, many others did. Look at Lloyd, bottom two last week so the fans voted in force this week.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just back from Navan, good day, good racing. Catch Me at the last though, sick! Started off poorly, down €350 after three races but then rattled off a string of wins.. €300 on Operation Houdini at 6/4, €300 on Made In Taipan W/O Big Zeb at 4/5, €300 on Osana at 8/11 and €250 on Morning Supreme in Limerick at 8/15. On a complete roll banging in the winners, books open up 4/6 on Catch Me, had to have all the profit for the day on, €600 and €200 for challenge too, takes it up coming to the last and the rest is history. Sick. Thats racing sure and jumpings the name of the game I know, but you know well, everyone knows what its like to have a last fence faller. He didnt jump all to well the whole way around actually but if he was going to fall I'd rather it not when leading at the last, happy he got up though thats the important thing. Could of been worse, could of lost on the day, but what could have been! Mirrored everything on course for the challenge only smaller.

Horse Racing: €15.65 Total P&L: €15.65

Catch Me falling at the last pretty much sums up my week you know. €300 loss on India to chase down 250 and they fall apart, next game I have €400 green on them and they lose five wickets in the last three overs to completely throw it away (traded 1.04) and Catch Me falling at the last. Probably been unlucky with all of them. The other horse losses, I've no excuse for you know I was just wrong, Rip Van Winkle etc, it happens and its no bother, this is life. Just needed a bit of luck elsewhere on the cricket that I didnt get, one of does weeks I felt cursed at times actually but still cant really blame luck you know its hard to describe. Few wins with the books have kept me going though so its not as bad as the Betfair P&L, although I rate that as the main one and want that to be in profit each week. Its felt like an awfully long hard week.

Havent watched the X-Factor this week either so wont bet on it tonight, Jedward are too high to lay bottom two anyway, really tempting to lay Lloyd at 1.4ish because I think he has a fair following, hes shite though and they never voted for him last week. I reckon he wont be in the bottom two but not betting on it, been gambling all weekend and neglecting Emma a bit so a night off is due. Best thing to happen this weekend was Man City drawing, if Liverpool win (touch wood) Monday, Last Man Standing will be down to the last 30ish and I'll still be there. Off college all next week too, so it'll be different and will have more time for Betfair, which is the way I like it.

This week though, basically just backed losers and been a tad unlucky when I needed to be lucky, but I havent chased once, and you know I can only keep going and keep doing what I'm normally doing. Actually not disappointed at all because I did everything "right" in my head, was just woeful at picking a few winners! Its odds on you'll be wrong more times than youre right gambling so gotta take it on the chin and keep the head calm.


Absolutely gutted with Rip, no excuses either stopped quickly and was beaten before they turned in. Er, I dont know, only just watched it, hes not THAT bad. In hindsight, probably could of done with the lasix, although dont think it would have made that much of a difference. Winner was awesome.

Only two bets today, Rip and Haye. I had him winning but you know what the judges are like over there, cant be too sure, Valuev was shite though barely even landed one punch. That said Haye wasnt throwing a lot either. Backed pre-fight with Boyles and then did the in running on Betfair, probably should have won a little bit more but was a bit nervy with it being in Germany. Cant complain.

Gutted after Rip, but anyway on to Navan tomorrow and an early start to get it out of the system.

Boxing: €97.10 | Horse Racing: -€250.00 Total P&L: -€152.90

A €130 winning day overall but it doesnt half feel like a losing one seeing all our horses bomb over there. I'd say the Betfair P&L will look like a total disaster for the week tomorrow evening too, but it hasnt been that bad I suppose, few winners with the books saving me. Onwards to tomorrow..!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Look, look, look. An AWE-GREEN screen, finally, after two weeks, BOOOOOOOMM! One of those odd markets really, was heavy on Pakistan (twice) thinking there'd be a flip flop, it never came, but the market in ODI utterly loves partnerships, and even though the rate was going up all the time, the odds were coming down. I've my score card here, the rate went from 6 to just under 8, the odds went from 3.4 to 2.2, why? Because they only lost one wicket. Unlike most of my bets, I was definitely squaring up rather than leaving all the green on the chasing team. If the rate was coming down, or at least staying the same, I'd have left the green on Pakistan, or not even traded out.

Horses P&L was a small bit disappointing, had a winner in Down Royal, and a couple of successful lays (Ruby in the main race being the most important), and then gave all the profit back on Lillie in America, no excuse for her either. Absolutely delighted Man Of Iron won so I cant complain. The wife was beaten too (Go Native), obviously a shock to completely shake the racing world when the greatest horse of all time loses, couldnt pick up on the ground and giving weight, sure even I didnt back him and love is blind. Only a minor blip on the way to Champion Hurdle success in March!

Boxing - couldnt make up my mind. What a tear up between Rogan and Sexton. I switched about 4 or 5 times, ended up level on both, cant tell you how because I've no clue myself.

Boxing: -€0.24 | Cricket: €99.01 | Horse Racing: €13.78 Total P&L: €112.55

I have one request for tomorrow, Man City not to beat Burnley, oh what it'd do for Last Man Standing. I'm on Liverpool, brave or what, c'mon Rafa!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Its official, I'm cursed until further notice it appears. Cant get anything to happen for me, and this one really, really, really hurt.

That game was absolutely made for me, massive total to chase, brilliant flat true pitch, weak bowlers, just kept laying Australia after a wicket fell. Leave €400 on India, few minutes later their trading 1.04 with three overs to go on 332/6 with Sachin there on 175, cue a total collapse after he gets out, maybe not collapse they just totally fell apart, ended up all out for 347 with two balls to go chasing 350. The Jadeja run out, complete mug.

Go all green at 1.05ish you say? Its the way I play to leave it. On a good or bad run its what I normally do, when you cant get anything right though, you cant get anything right. That was a right kick in the balls given this little run of form, that €400 would of made a huge difference. Happy I traded out not to lose obviously, but you know, still gutted. I'd mentally GSM'd it.

Top knock by Sachin, what a player. Thats me goosed for the evening anyway though, even though I havent lost I cant bet again until tomorrow.

No craic Smullen closing the gap in Leopardstown today on Johnny either. 88-84 now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello. My name is Stephen. And I am a loser.

Havent had a winner of any substance since the 25th of October. Only one being Mourilyan who finished 3rd at 20/1 E/W, whos the daddy. I'm not feeling in bad form either like, I dont know, just struggle on without losing the head. Anyway, backed Carbs in the first a Fairyhouse today, really fancied it to win to be honest, was full sure I had the second favourite (turned out to be favourite) beaten and thought it looked like a total two horse race on paper, that sort of head to head bet. Both ended up getting beaten in the end. My one just wasnt good enough, simple as that. It only dawned on me after the race that I probably should have laid the one I didnt fancy instead of looking for something to beat it, but thats not my natural style, and anyway why do these things only come to you after the race? I love hindsight, its fantastic!

I realise I'm not picking winners so wont go mad, just kicked back and lay on the couch for the rest of the afternoon watching countdown on mute while listening to Michael Jackson, I dont care what anyone says, I love life. Oh, and er, I only watch countdown purely because its great for maths..

Dont wanna put the Indian sign on any of the runners in the Breeders Cup so I'll keep my mouth shut rather than call them certainties. To be honest though, I'm not lumping on any of them, I know zilch about the opposition so I wouldnt know what I was getting into you know. Same craic as before with Rip though, if he runs theres nothing wrong with him, and if he loses the foot problem will be the excuse. Viscount Nelson is working well but thats always been the case. While the others all have solid chances too, its probably the best "team" AP has ever sent over actually. Please god we get a few winners (or winner at least) anyway.

In other news, I bumped into Lady Gaga on Grafton street Tuesday while on route to college, shes asked for my number and obviously shes loaded so I'd be a fool not to. Were going to the cinema tomorrow, I'll report back if shes really a man or its just a rumor, taking one for the team..!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, er, India, er, I dont know what to say. How do you not chase down 251? When par on the pitch is probably 300ish (or more), wicket was flat, and only one wicket was out from the ball hitting the stumps. I'm still here scratching my head how they lost actually, never mind eh.

The only possible reason, when I was doing the bet, for them not to win was too not bat out the overs, get a collapse whatever, but that didnt even happen! Every batsman got in, got to 15/20/30 and got out. What a bunch of wasters. I dont have a reason for losing like even after all this happened.. the run outs were terrible (Jadeja, I'll remember that clown), Juvraj and Dhoni running too Ponting, Tendulkar given out when he wasnt and few stupid shots, at least one of these things normally happens in a game but when it happens with every batsman, I dont know, not even angry because I still cant believe they managed to lose from 40-0 chasing 251! Only player I put no blame on is Harbhajan, rest were shite. It was quite possibly the worst 50/50 run chase I've ever been a part of.

The only thing good to come out of it, is the fact that I've a max bet rule in place, if I had €5,000 in the account, it would have been on them at 1.47, no doubt. It was a straight bet, no trading, decided before I did it, I've learned in games like this when I fancy a team so much not to trade, because obviously I'd keep laying the Aussies as their odds got shorter and shorter. Its not a nice feeling losing on something you class as a certainty you know but it happens I suppose. Withdrew money to have the Betfair balance at €200 and I'll bet with that until Saturday, I can sort feel I'm getting a few things wrong lately, throw in today being unlucky, not unlucky but you make your own luck you know. Just one of those times to bet small for a few days.

Have a screen shot of the run chase, still dont know how they lost, the rate never went over 6.7, and they took the Powerplay then, baffled how they lost. Theyve a good few overs with just two runs off them, I wasnt even bothered by that at the time because all they had to do was not get out, bat the overs they win. And I still dont know how they didnt.

One of those bets that I'd do tomorrow again so no complaints, just bet small for a few days because obviously I'm doing something wrong that I dont know about. Here I am only two days into the month and already down to guts of €500 like, having done nothing wrong in my view, just lost. I have to laugh, I was asking for more cricket to bet on yesterday, I even took the day off college to bet on it. Should of went to college, should of went to specsavers.

Cricket: -€300.00 Total P&L: -€300.00

The Melbourne Cup 2009

Its the race that stops a nation so I might as well have a guess at it..

Mourilyan E/W at 20s with Ladbrokes.

He had solid form when he was with Oxx and won two good races in Dubai, was then sold and it took them ages to get him right. Finally came back to good form this year, finished 2nd over 2M, then 4th over 1M5F when there was zilch pace on for him and Frankie made all the running on the winner, then won a listed race over 1M6F fairly easy in Goodwood. The last time he won a race, he won four in a row and then got a shocker off Mickey Joe to finish 2nd to end it, so he seems like one of those that puts in a row of good runs together, Ryan Moore has been riding though, the horse is a bit mad like, but he has a good turn of foot for a 1M6F - 2M horse and he likes good fast ground.

Ideally I want to him to be held up off a fast pace and then come flying without the horse thinking about what hes doing, never heard of the jockey so dont know if he can ride him like that you know, you sort of have to put him asleep for the first half and then be very strong with him at the finish. Hopefully he runs a good race for me anyway.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Leopardstown and Cork called off, point-to-points called off, GAA games called off, it was like the world was coming to an end or something this morning! I even went shopping on a Sunday afternoon instead of betting, gay or what. Anyway, got the X-Factor wrong this evening, bummer, bit small annoyed I went away from John & Edward and took Lloyd on board bottom two, you know he has the biggest number of fans on Facebook, and basically all the little girls love him. Er, they must have been out trick or treating this weekend though! I said earlier to people that I was happy to lose if they were in the bottom two at the prices I was laying (Lloyd was evens), it was that type of feeling you know.

I have to laugh though, Jedward singing second last with all the works on the stage, the only ones to dress up for Halloween too, you couldnt make it up really! The judges really hate them dont they (wink, wink!). I should have just stuck with my views on them and not brought in another act but there you go I did it. I was full sure Lloyd had the fanbase, so stand by the bet. Sure enough he survived the bottom two deadlock to go through to next week. No regrets laying evens you know, but I should just stick to Jedward in the future. Lesson learned not to deviate off my original plan. I cant be too gutted at all either because I'm still around €600 in profit on the X-Factor, although all that has come from John & Edward, and not Lloyd. I wont lay another act again bottom two, John & Edward are my guys. The €1,500 green, its still on!

Also, to follow up on the 24/7 Pacquiao v Cotto heres the second one..,4689.0.html

Although Pacman looked a bit better when in LA, my views havent changed really though, I'm still backing Cotto. But as you can see from Pac been mobbed at the airport, the money will come for him fight night from America.

Gaelic Games: -€15.57 | Special Bets: -€142.14 Total P&L: -€157.71

Been an incredibly quiet week. Couple of blank days, a total pap day in running, a level day in running, down plenty but pulled things back in Naas, and then today. Believe or not, my make or break bet this week was X-Factor, thats how quiet its been! No cricket, first time maybe since the blog started, not sure but odds on it is. No real fancies either this week, the fact I didnt have any winners and only lost €170 reflects that, if I'd have won it would have been a €170 profit week, basically the week was the Lloyd lay at evens. Lost a few quid to the bookies too, if anything I'm only disappointed to be back down below the €18,000 mark again and not the actually losing, but what can you do, I went with what I thought and I was wrong, I wont let it bother me you know.

Hopefully theres more craic next week, Breeders Cup should make sure there is really, and maybe the odd cricket match would be welcome. Best thing this week was getting through to the next round of Last Man Standing. Onwards to next week, sight problem though, I have the Scousers penciled in for my pick, er, its not really a great time to be backing them is it. I suppose they have to win a game some time though!