Friday, November 6, 2009


Look, look, look. An AWE-GREEN screen, finally, after two weeks, BOOOOOOOMM! One of those odd markets really, was heavy on Pakistan (twice) thinking there'd be a flip flop, it never came, but the market in ODI utterly loves partnerships, and even though the rate was going up all the time, the odds were coming down. I've my score card here, the rate went from 6 to just under 8, the odds went from 3.4 to 2.2, why? Because they only lost one wicket. Unlike most of my bets, I was definitely squaring up rather than leaving all the green on the chasing team. If the rate was coming down, or at least staying the same, I'd have left the green on Pakistan, or not even traded out.

Horses P&L was a small bit disappointing, had a winner in Down Royal, and a couple of successful lays (Ruby in the main race being the most important), and then gave all the profit back on Lillie in America, no excuse for her either. Absolutely delighted Man Of Iron won so I cant complain. The wife was beaten too (Go Native), obviously a shock to completely shake the racing world when the greatest horse of all time loses, couldnt pick up on the ground and giving weight, sure even I didnt back him and love is blind. Only a minor blip on the way to Champion Hurdle success in March!

Boxing - couldnt make up my mind. What a tear up between Rogan and Sexton. I switched about 4 or 5 times, ended up level on both, cant tell you how because I've no clue myself.

Boxing: -€0.24 | Cricket: €99.01 | Horse Racing: €13.78 Total P&L: €112.55

I have one request for tomorrow, Man City not to beat Burnley, oh what it'd do for Last Man Standing. I'm on Liverpool, brave or what, c'mon Rafa!

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