Thursday, November 5, 2009


Its official, I'm cursed until further notice it appears. Cant get anything to happen for me, and this one really, really, really hurt.

That game was absolutely made for me, massive total to chase, brilliant flat true pitch, weak bowlers, just kept laying Australia after a wicket fell. Leave €400 on India, few minutes later their trading 1.04 with three overs to go on 332/6 with Sachin there on 175, cue a total collapse after he gets out, maybe not collapse they just totally fell apart, ended up all out for 347 with two balls to go chasing 350. The Jadeja run out, complete mug.

Go all green at 1.05ish you say? Its the way I play to leave it. On a good or bad run its what I normally do, when you cant get anything right though, you cant get anything right. That was a right kick in the balls given this little run of form, that €400 would of made a huge difference. Happy I traded out not to lose obviously, but you know, still gutted. I'd mentally GSM'd it.

Top knock by Sachin, what a player. Thats me goosed for the evening anyway though, even though I havent lost I cant bet again until tomorrow.

No craic Smullen closing the gap in Leopardstown today on Johnny either. 88-84 now.

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