Monday, August 30, 2010

Villa Manager Market

Crrrrrash on Sven, charrrrge!

Whos backing him at odds on when hes 5/1 with Ladbrokes, and 9/2 with VC. You couldnt make it up. Unfortunately missed the odds on lays (what a crackin' bet if you got them) but have got all the 2/1ish lays, I'd laid him before tonight too, weeks ago but had got rid of the red.

I still cant see it being him, or Mark Hughes, or David Moyes - who seems like the dark horse in the market atm. Obviously I'm busy planning on running for President and have been in contact with the Villa board to reject the offer - my interviews just couldnt be this good..

'Arry is a great man for the seething isnt he, brilliant.

€120 @ 5/1 with Lads returns €600.
€70 @ 9/2 with VC returns €315
Got -€856.80 on Betfair, so if he IS given the job (and I really, really dont think he will) I get back €60ish, if he doesnt though I'm getting around €350.

I love when people do this..!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

Aw man, Kildare lose by two points (and before I start I'm not saying we "should" have won), goal given against us that clearly wasnt, score a clear point that wasnt given, hit the post twice, once for a goal, once for a point, hit the crossbar in stoppage time! Nothing went right at all - every single 50/50 went against us it was unreal bad luck, having said that you shouldnt be relying on luck to win you a game and we gave the ball away far too much.

Couple of points - it being a semi final today we had referees in the umpire positions, so how the fook do you miss the square ball for the Down goal, everyone in the crowd saw it, how'd they miss it, its the only thing they have to check FFS! Shocker. And the point in the first half that sailed over in front of the Hill wasnt given - again shocking umpiring.

No blame attached to the ref at all, and Down played well, fair played to them and good luck to them in the final. Absolutely gutted for the lads, Johnny Doyle was magnificent, just fooking brilliant, what a hero. Deserves an All Star IMO, and if Brogan for Dublin gets one and Doyle doesnt, having outscored him all summer, I'll be seething.

Cricket: €1,345.66 | Gaelic Games: -€208.96 Total P&L: €1,136.70

If that wasnt bad enough, shocker with the cricket being all over the news for all the wrong reasons this morning, actually the worst reason possible. Ah, I dunno what to say about it you know, I cant be bothered arguing over it all to be honest because fixing is something you just cant control - just have to trade events and get on with it, I'm gutted Amir is involved, only 18 years old and what a talent.

Main misconceptions today have been the New Of The World paying £150,000 for the no balls - they didnt, the no balls were just proof of what could be done and the £150,000 was 'membership' into getting the important information later. And that it was punters paying for the information - it wasnt, it seems its big bookies behind it, one line stuck me saying: And to hammer home the amounts of money our man could win, Majeed called an Indian bookie he regularly deals with and asked him how much he would pay for a definite Oval Test result. Majeed demanded $1.2million but the bookie replied, "I'll give you one (million)."

The biggest misconception is the world begins and ends with Betfair, the Asian market dwarfs Betfair, and the illegal market dwarfs it by a hundred. Its no surprise that THIS match was brought up, there has been rumors since it happened - BUT Pakistan were approx 1.22 on Betfair at the time to chase down the total, and it wasnt being laid for thousands, you wouldnt associate a 1.22 shot with something that was fixed. All the information seems to be going to layers in Asia NOT punters, illegal betting - also Betfair leaves an audit trail thats no good for them, and such is the market one million must be a good price for them to pay. Shocking day for cricket though.

The most interesting piece to come out though IMO was Boom Boom coming out on a news channel in pakistan and saying he had went to the board to complain and they did nothing, can read it here, now this line is unreal - "Shahid told the management that he suspected Mazhar and Azhar were linked to bookmakers and were corrupting players particularly Salman Butt and Kamran Akmal," the source said. So, WHY after that happening did they install Butt as captain? Have to ask that question. Youve a new captain involved, and the many before him who have been suspended/stepped down over similar allegations, a new 18 year old in the team involved, its not just a few in the team is it, where does it start, how high up?

Anyway, apart from Kildare losing its been a pretty good week, happy with the test match finishing a day early to give me a day off tomorrow, I'm heartbroken losing like that, I'd have preferred losing by 10pts just to be definite in my mind. Lucky I'm not the Taoiseach because I want to go play golf tomorrow on my day off - apparently hes not allowed enjoy himself on his time off anymore because some have borrowed more money than they can pay back and the country is going down the swanee, so the papers say every single day now, given up reading ages ago. Taoiseach is a worse job than managing England at the World Cup these days. I'd seriously love to be a trader in a bank though compared to Betfair, imagine just getting a blank cheque back at the end of every week with someone saying here fill in your losses it'll be grand, we'll go for a pint dont worry about it. Clover.

So, it is with great regret I withdraw my application for Taoiseach on golfing grounds. I may still run for President though, that seems like a handy job, meet up with Obama every few weeks, shake hands whats the craic, come home feet up, why not.

My CV currently consists of something like this: "Skills include spending 12 hours a day on Facebook/Twitter, watching sports, swanning around, dont really like early mornings so probably best I start around 12ish for a lie on, I dont like working too late either probably wanna finish up at 4 to beat the traffic home for the cricket, my mate says hes gonna bowl a no ball in the 4th over tonight you know, cant work weekends either because I like my rest and I'd like an hour break each day to nip off to Boylesports for the 49s and a free coffee." Apply within.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Dear Pakistan

I know the world of sport is very critical and pretty harsh at times, but I felt sorry for Pak today more so than calling them names. 74 all out and 41/4 tonight is just worse than terrible to be honest but theyre so shot mentally it was sad watching it almost.

Anyway, still gotta trade it, had an awesome book going into the collapse from last night after laying the draw at 2ish for the Eng collapse, greening out and then laying Pak at 2.3ish, greening out and then laying the draw at odds on again this morning.

Then, obviously with the collapse all my green has ended up on Eng to finish with this, pretty sure it'll be over by tomorrow afternoon, what odds was that!

Just time to have it all on Kildare in Croker..? No chance! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Shitting it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day One Close

Got a pretty handy book to start off with so I can attack from now on without worrying about ending up too red. Only problem is what do you attack? I'm wary of laying the draw as the pitch looked pretty flat for the 12 overs we had today, I dont trust either side to get a GSM score either, take it as it goes really - hard to believe Pak are at 7ish while Eng are hanging around 2.6ish as I type, I'd have them much closer, but then with losing a day today that bet means Pak have to bowl them out pretty sharpish either tomorrow or at the latest Saturday morning. Backing Eng means setting a score tomorrow and half of Saturday then knocking over Pak and trying to force the follow on (or at least have a 100+ lead), either way the draw seems like its going to be in play Monday - couldnt back it at odds on, no confidence in laying it either.

And I bet 'Arry loved spanking Young Boys last night!

Soccer: €10.48 Total P&L: €10.48

I managed a final table too last night, hurrah, was actually last nearly all the way from 20th down, just hung around watching them knock each other out. The weird thing about my day now with tests on is filling the gaps in life switches around, if you just sit around all day you'll go bonkers thats a given, so normally its filling the 10 - 2 in the mornings before we start, now its filling the 6 - 11 in the evening before relaxing. Much prefer filling the morning as you can go for a run, go the gym, and then feel good and fresh get the blood going for gambling, keeps you more calm IMO, but evenings are different because youve been concentrating all day. I fully understand people saying "Oh well, I could gamble for a living, but I got bored or I like being around people/an office" but if you fill the gaps you'll never have that feeling, would never want anyone around while gambling anyway because they'll only annoy you. Keeping fit and doing stuff while not gambling is really underrated in the whole makeup for gambling IMO, far less likely to let things get under the skin if its forgotten about while doing something else after its happened. Over thinking stuff, holding a grudge etc.

If I had a choice of doing something or gambling, I nearly always pick gambling, but then if I was having a shite day its just easy to pack up and go forget about odds for an hour, and I tend to not remember what happened yesterday when sitting down - maybe I just have a pap memory! Once I have a new market I wont remember what happened in yesterdays market, because I've done so much in between. Gambling is the main thing in life but its not the ONLY thing in life, so being right doesnt become an obsession, neither does winning. Each to their own but filling the morning helps the afternoon calmness, plus the sessions online always feel short and therefore feel less tired. Having said that I would actually go 18 hours non stop if I had something to entertain and engage me for the whole time, bar a busy Saturday that never happens though.

Been flicking through the channels here, SSN still havent reported who Liverpool got in their Champion league group? Shocking reporting.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drinks On Lumpy..

He well and truly lost the plot this evening, if you opposed him the market was pretty damn easy (for a change!). As is his way he threw money at a situation where the odds should be moving against him but he wants to keep it low because hes lumped on low, events (for a change!) went against him totally. Clover. He has more money than the rest of us though so hes not far wrong most of the time, he had a shocker tonight though. The only mistake I made was greening out too soon but sure theres no way of knowing its gonna be a 1.01 train you know, its only an afterthought.

Was pretty impressed with City last night, although Liverpool didnt offer too much, City looked solid, cant see them giving away too many goals at home this season, lining up 4-5-1 might be a small problem for scoring, Sky comms were calling it 4-3-3, looks pretty much like a 4-5-1 to me, theyre nearly all defensive midfielders, look more trustworthy than before though. Then again Liverpool are gash.

Ems just asked me what time were leaving on Sunday for this semi final, nerves are starting to kick in just thinking about it, whats it gonna like on Sunday FFS. Funnily enough Kildare have failed to score the first point in their last three games, against Meath, Monaghan and Derry, we also conceded the first point against Louth while still in Leinster. Down on the other hand are well known fast starters, were even six points up against Kerry after 10 minutes (who were favs for the whole thing at the time). PP goes evens on Down first point and if the last few games are anything to go by it seems a good bet, everyone else is odds on, its generally a muggish market though because the books seem to let you have what you want on. I am on us to win the game though, whether it be shrewd or blind faith we'll find out, am expecting a slow start and maybe trade odds against from the opening 1.9ish too.

Anyway, thats five sleepless nights away, got a poker tournament going on at the moment, 44th with 144 left so hopeful, never actually won one yet so final table will be the aim as usual, managed a 5th last week, apart from that been scarce for the last month or so after the good run of final tables. Goes in roundabouts I suppose.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Gaelic Games: €21.30 | Soccer: €0.19 Total P&L: €21.49

Before I say anything, can I just say I take full credit for Newcastle winning 6-0 today after slagging off the tache yesterday. The tache has powers untold to man, how else do you explain Newcastle winning sure. He even scored, amazing scenes.

Somehow, after years of watching it happen, Dublin imploding isnt that funny anymore. I suppose whats rare is wonderful, were used to it by now. Whats still funny is the fans seething, fear not though next year is their year, or wait wasnt this year their year? Or was it last year that was their year? I'm confused. D'ya remember the time they were 7 or 8 points ahead of Mayo with a few minutes to go and still ended up losing, then the thrashings by Tyrone and Kerry. I dont think they'll get a better chance than today though, Cork were poor enough IMO, but Dublin lost it (for me) in the last 10 minutes rather than Cork winning it. Anyway, good result for Kildare (and Down if they beat us), because Cork are very beatable IMO and arent as good as everyone makes them out to be. Dublin arent fantastic by any means but were in command and five points up nearly the whole game until they decided to go into metldown, Cork only took the lead near stoppage time, they'll undoubtedly be favourites though against whoever wins next weekend.

Cant believe what happened me this morning, I base my whole morning around William Hill going 14/1 on No Goalscorer, real price is around 4/1, what happens first thing? Goal, FFS. Beforehand, a goal first scoring play was 35/1 for Cork, 40/1 for Dublin, gubbed by a 40/1 shot. Its amazingly weird how something always happens when you try to be too clever. Also amazing how bad odds compilers can be, even if its a mistake, how do you miss something big like that FFS.

Been a good week, was a little bit jammy on the golf because the market let Johnson hit the 1.3s, planning to lay him that just worked out almost too easy. Had a good test match, love watching Pakistan play, I dont really enjoy test match trading but with them theres always something happening to make it interesting - more importantly I suppose that always means market movement, I still remember the day I laid Saffers at 2.74 in the morning and at the close of play they were sitting at exactly 2.74, with no overs lost either! Still very early days on soccer trading so I expect to lose for the next few weeks at least before either turning it around or giving up (again..).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Any Chance Of The Weather There..?

Well, with the test match ending I can finally go back to showering, shaving and talking to people, yay! Dont want to be too critical of England but going from 194/3 to 222 all out - what a pack of mugs, it was never ever that sort of pitch, the annoying thing was I traded the collapse like a mug too, just kept thinking someone would get runs, Colly, Morgs, Prior, even Swann or Broad, nope, all in a heap.

Before all that happened I had +€850ish England and draw, -€330 Pakistan, no interest in greening up at that stage because England were 120 ahead with KP and Trott there, one of the wickets gone was the nightwatchman Anderson and more importantly the market swapped Pakistan for the draw as second fav - all they had to do was bat and Pak were goners. Instead they collapse, was absolutely seething last night, 5.3 to 1.2 in less than an hour FFS, but looking at the P&L this evening I'm happy so its all forgotten. I wasted €8 laying the tie when I was €440 all green at a stage too, mug.

Cricket: €264.12 | Horse Racing: €28.95 Total P&L: €293.07

X-Factor is back tonight, and the very first fellow is on as gay as Christmas, has it ever happened before..! Although last year Ems won "us" something like €850 so I approve, judging from last year the singing part is fairly irrelevant to an extent and is just a popularity contest. Cant beat laughing at the terrible ones at the start though.

Looking at Cheryl Cole isnt as good as looking at Joey Bartons tache, HA! Apparently hes not going to shave it until Newcastle win a game, should be able to laugh at him for a while then..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


No post last night as I was busy getting spanked by Young Boys..

I wouldnt recommend it anyway.

The first trade was pretty OK because even if the early goal hits the market doesnt go too far away, the second one at 1.8 was awful, just awful. I ask myself would I have got involved if I wasnt involved already, probably not, its easy after, but being awe-red does funny things. But anyway, Spurs are gash, 3-0 down after 25 odd minutes and four goals by HT, I was gonna lose regardless I think.

Pity Cavalryman was 4th, I thought he was coming to challenge a furlong out or so, but 4th best horse in the race the way it worked out so no complaints at all. In running has been OK-ish without anything interesting happening, apart from Rip winning without touching under 1.24 - isnt it amazing what happens in close finishes when Betfair suspend on the line instead of waiting for ATR and the likes..! For anyone thats been to Leopardstown, I've seen it with my own eyes the market suspends as they pass the stewards box - whats that maybe six strides after the line, not sure, its a fair enough distance to click at least a handful of times anyway.

Got rid of my red on the Sven lay, 8ish seemed fair enough, I dont think anyone has any idea who'll get the job at the moment, probably have to wait weeks. And I've a pretty decent book in the test match but still four days left to balls it up..

Cricket: €0.09 | Football: -€106.29 | Horse Racing: €29.99 Total P&L: -€76.21

The best ads never make it to TV..

Monday, August 16, 2010


Wasnt planning this but cant believe hes 33/1 tomorrow after looking, if the ground and weather is to be believed that is a knocking price IMO.

His 3yo form is superb, beating Age Of Aquarius etc, winning three times and finishing the season off with a 3rd to Sea The Stars in the Arc. Then of course he went to Godolphin, and we all know what happens there FFS, two poor runs in Meydan when favourite followed but to be honest I could care less what happens in Dubai.

He then came back to England to finish 5th around about 3 or 4Ls behind Fame And Glory, found trouble in running but nothing major and was a solid first run back in the UK. He then lost his action at Royal Ascot on good to firm ground - but he absolutely hates firm or anywhere near it.

York at the moment are calling it good and "expect" 7mm of rain tonight, which may or may not hit thats out of my hands, but if he gets the soft side of good or even close to that hes surely shorter than 33/1. The thing about Godolphin now too is theyre in brilliant form over the last week, IMO its because the horses are back long enough now after the winter in Dubai, which ruins them IMO.

Only 19s on Betfair at the moment too, so 33/1 seems more than fair E/W. Trouble getting on, Bruce Betting let me have €15 each way, website is a bit backwards but cant win the lotto if you dont buy a ticket..

500 Up

My 500th post, fook me I dont half waffle on..!

I had success trading the footie again, still pretty much early days and learning mode, I think I have three options on what to do..

1) Trade down as the market moves like I do in cricket - but I still dont know whether that would suit football as much as it suits me on cricket you know.

2) Leave it until it hits a certain price and then get rid of all red or go equal green, that probably offers more green but comes with more risk, and then could easily meet with resistance points too which means more scope for being hung, drawn and quartered.

3) Make a selection and just let it ride without any trading. The "fook it be a man" approach.

I suppose theres a time and place for all three of them, I dont know, I'm happy enough with the cricket approach for the moment because it works well enough there, tick down with the market. Its a half and half way of doing things really, not greening out fully still supporting your pick but yet if something goes wrong theres then scope to get out, or at least lower the red. It works for me with cricket anyway, football is to be decided.

I still cant quite believe the market let Dustin Johnson hit the 1.3s last night, fair enough he was ahead going to the last, but the 18th was a par 4 playing at 4.6 average (I think, not sure what the final stat was) and surely hes one of the biggest bottlers going. Going into the night planning to lay him, it could not have worked out any better, although was lucky to green out at 13ish having laid him for €100 at 4 when he hit the front the first time - he went out to 30ish then and comes back into the lead, then blows it again, he just cant take being in front at all. I'm staying out of the whole argument on being given the penalty at the last, IMO, it was the tee shot that went into the crowd that was the problem anyway and he was just unlucky to ground the club in the bunker.. but hit the fairway none of that would have happened, so you make your own luck. I know of at least four people who backed Kaymer at 50/1 so delighted he won the playoff.

Rip is out tomorrow, I remember saying last year that a mile was his trip and I wouldnt back him again over anything else. Maybe a year older and stronger the 1M2F might be OK at this stage but I'm happy to watch tomorrow with no bet at the price. I recall the reason for the Breeders Cup was the trip anyway. Havent gone through any of the form yet but think Rewilding might win the 3rd and probably Lake Ontario is the best chance of a Ballydoyle winner. Not too bothered about backing anything, in running with it being on RUK will be the way forward in life.

Golf: €191.19 | Soccer: €21.41 Total P&L: €212.60

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ireland when the weather is like this is simply the best place in the world IMO, not a cloud in the sky! Pity it only happens a handful of times, be handy if global warming would speed up a bit..

Anyway, its gonna be Kilkenny v Tipperary in the hurling final - dunno what to make of today, Tipp werent fantastic, and every time they looked to have the game won they eased off and let Waterford score 2 or 3 points, nothing more annoying than that as a betting man because you never want a bounce out and nervy moments when there shouldnt be. Kilkenny have a few injuries for the final but it'll still be a shock if theyre beaten in fairness. We managed to get two free tickets to todays game in the supermarket this morning, random! The Kildare hurling team doesnt even get into the Championship. We play our football semi on the 29th - I've already took a bit of evens in Ladbrokes shops but with the slow starts I'm not keen going massive on them.

Although we were 4 points behind Derry and won by 11, 5 points behind Monaghan and won by 4, 6 points behind Meath and won by 8. Down start faster than all those teams though, its just a fact Kildare are horrendous starters.

The Pepe Reina mistake was pretty funny too! Ah Liverpool, new season but it never gets old..

Gaelic Games: €29.27 | Soccer: €6.10 Total P&L: €35.37

Steady week. Havent done anything of mighty muggishness since the cricket Wednesday night, that was the first market back since the internet went down so just forget about it sure. Apart from that, havent done anything great and just got on with it. Its got to the stage now where I know what not to do so its just about avoiding that list, avoiding guessing, and just craic on with the rest.

Still a little annoyed with the tie last night because it would have added €70, thinking about it though cricket is fantastic in a sense because it finishes so late, you can actually get really wound up and annoyed but without any inclination to chase or look to bet again because the day is over. Wake up the next morning and its forgotten about, horse racing is probably the worst sport when youre tilted because theres a never ending stream of races.

My Tigger Wood green is worthless the useless bar-steward, and Dustin Johnson has just hit the front might be worth a lay at some stage, remember the massive meltdown in the US Open. McIlroy wont get a better chance than this for a while IMO.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gutted, Gutted, Gutted

So sick after that tie, they let 11/12 become 8/6 and only get 7. So gutted, here two hours on a Saturday night for nothing you know, AND why does it ALWAYS only happen when I'm green? Never when I'm red, never.

Other than that, it was a pretty good day, the second semi was hard enough with the D/L and all the rain but exciting to watch all the same. That finals just ruined the day though.

I tried small stakes in a few football markets, I'm a pretty average football trader at the best of times but I wanna learn, or at least try to learn because it appeals over the winter with so many opportunities.

Cricket: €61.73 | Horse Racing: €45.98 | Soccer: €5.67 Total P&L: €113.38

Not gonna lie, that tie hurt, Saturday night like, to be healthy-ish green too, head in hands man needed..

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just over level since Tuesday, bit muggish on the cricket last night - had every opportunity to green out didnt, then a small misclick, backed 1.38 when I meant to click on 1.5, thats probably the main drawback of Gruss being so fast, the odds can actually change by the time your finger presses down, 1.38 was next inline after 1.5 - which is incredibly unlucky for the amount of times that will actually happen in a cricket market. But I would have lost anyway, that just added a few Euro and pissed me off, which didnt help matters.

The horses have been better and kept me afloat though, was up around €120ish after Sea Lord won, we had all backed it in the books and KF gave it an absolute peach, got that giddy high gambling buzz after that and dropped €70 over the next few races in running, doesnt take long to come back down to earth.

Cricket: -€41.04 | Horse Racing: €52.83 Total P&L: €11.79

I've got max liability on Sven for next Villa manager at the moment, cant for the life of me understand why hes down to 2.5, fair enough HE has said HE wants the job, but Villa havent even mentioned him, have to remember this is Sven and the bloke wants every job going, it was only last week he said he wanted to manage Fulham, now that jobs gone he wants Villa. I'm happy to lay 2.5 anyway and sure if they appoint him, I'll pay out no bother.

Was planning on not backing Eldrick this week, after backing him E/W 8 places in The Open, being just off the lead and down to 1.4 top 10 and still not getting the job done, said that was that for the year. Opening birdie, birdie did raise an eyebrow though, traded his price on Betfair (first time this year) for €200 green on him, zero the field. I have no interest in trading the whole event, I'm not a fan of trading golf, I much prefer backing cash and just letting things run, but at least if he wins now I'll get some losses from earlier in the year back, if you asked me WILL he win, my answer would be no. Hope I'm wrong though because hes my favourite sportsman by miles, its not a swinging or putting thing at this stage, its whats in between the ears.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Week

I suppose the biggest sporting news is Usain Bolt was beaten in the 100M. What a bloody sore loser though, I mean to put a sticker saying "GAY" on the back of the winner, I havent done something like that since I left school FFS..

Anyway, no internet since Tuesday night but I've been able to do the test match through Betfair mobile as speed isnt really important, Betfair mobile is actually around 20 times faster than o2 stick internet with the 5sec update - probably the best thing Betfair have ever done aside from the normal site. HOPEFULLY Eircom will have it fixed by the time I get home, came into my Grandads just in case England collapse. To be fair to them, I rang Thursday at 12ish, they tried to fix it from base but couldnt, I rang at half 7 then that night to say it didnt work and they said they'd fix it in two days, just unlucky it was the weekend, but thats the first problem in 3 years and I wont have to pay for them fixing it, very good service IMO.

Strange market yesterday with Kilkenny, no players out, no fuss or bother, but drifted from 1.23 to 1.3+ in the half an hour leading to the throw in. I had them in at 1.14 to begin with, best price with the books was 1/6, cant explain the drift. By the way, theres a fellow over here and hes backed them to win five in a row at 1000/1, he had €50 on it and theyre now down to 1.3 and into the final to win the 5th, what an awesome buzz thats gonna be watching the final for him, fair played to him.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Betfair To Dublin?

o2 stick internet is no good so I'll just put the link.. interesting enough if they come, considering were highly likely to have a betting tax by the end of this year.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Internet Finnish

Theres nothing more annoying in life than no (or slow) internet. Nothing.

We had a storm here Tuesday night and it seems to have done something to the line. I've a direct business line coming in so the good news is Eircom say they'll fix it in two working days so no hanging around then, oh wait this is me, its Friday tomorrow which is day 1, odds on Monday day 2 then.. 1/33. The other good news is too it'll cost nothing either because its in the contract if its outside the house they pay, inside the house I pay.

In the real non gambling world I shot 8 under today, whos the daddy! And United at the Aviva last night was awesome, best stadium I have ever been to, from outside it looks like something from the future the way you can see right through it and inside is just top notch. Perfection.

I do have o2 stick internet, but from were we are its so slow its unreal, in my Grandads its pretty fast and strong, from my house the words "connected" and "disconnected" mean fook all. Anyway, for anyone mad enough to read my waffle I havent jumped off a bridge I just cant gamble. God I miss Betfair..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Theyre really going overboard now arent they..

Few dodgy moments on the Pro40 tonight, was pretty big Sussex all evening but kept getting knocked back to go awe-red and then start again, didnt *want* to lay off near the end at 1.3 but *had* to because they were making a complete horlicks of not bottling it, how in jaysus name to do let 40/36 become 38/30 without losing a wicket, when youve 6 wickets in hand too FFS! The market hit 1.7+ after though so it was a pretty wise decision in terms of me bottling it later on you know.

Manchester United are in town tomorrow in the brand new Aviva stadium, I think tickets are still available, the father on the phone (hes more excited than me) tells me Fergie said hes putting out a pretty strong team so it should be cool to see them. My mate paid something like €1,000 to fly over and see them last year, I'm getting the train for 20mins to see them for €45, ya cant eat value..

Cricket: €50.30 Total P&L: €50.30

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Semi Finals!

BOOM! Yesterday was awesome, it may have been pissing rain the whole game but that last 10 minutes was REALLY enjoyable. It hurts everywhere to move now though, I'm not 18 anymore.

Whatever about us winning anyway, some shock Kerry not winning, so we play Down in the semi now - not sure how to price it up because I've no idea how the bookies will factor in Down beating Kerry, I'd reckon if we had played Down in the quarters Kildare would have been around 1/2ish, but now Down have knocked out the favourites, that whole idea might make it a 4/5 Kildare 5/4 Down game. My personal price would be 4/6 Kildare but I think the books will go 4/5 5/4. Tyrone were second favourites beforehand and they got knocked out too, so theres actually a chance (I said a chance!) of us winning the All Ireland. No real opinion on the second semi, Cork v Dublin, but I reckon Cork favourites, maybe 8/11ish.

Phil Taylor won again the weekend with a 108+ average I think, I traded out before the semis though because I wasnt here, hes just unreal isnt he. And the cricket is the test match finishing, Pakistan batting eh, you wouldnt fall asleep watching it, actually blink and you might miss a wicket FFS.

Cricket: €21.46 | Darts: €14.86 | Gaelic Games: €97.58 Total P&L: €133.90

Plus €350 this week which I'm delighted with, no losing sports, I havent done anything special just got on with it basically. Trading out of big red positions was key because money saved is as good as money won you know, if I left positions run on Monday/Tuesday I was down nearly €400, but instead got out for a €20ish loss instead of a €200 loss twice. Last week I thought I did nothing wrong and finished level, this week I've done the same and a good winner, its all just about not losing the head really and getting on with it, being calm and enjoying it, it is what it is.

Now I'm going to lie down in a dark room all day because I am not hungover, I am actually dying. Also a big shout out to one of my best friends, Tomas Reilly, who is from Meath and was gutted in Croker yesterday, unlucky mate, I must be dreaming..