Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Theyre really going overboard now arent they..

Few dodgy moments on the Pro40 tonight, was pretty big Sussex all evening but kept getting knocked back to go awe-red and then start again, didnt *want* to lay off near the end at 1.3 but *had* to because they were making a complete horlicks of not bottling it, how in jaysus name to do let 40/36 become 38/30 without losing a wicket, when youve 6 wickets in hand too FFS! The market hit 1.7+ after though so it was a pretty wise decision in terms of me bottling it later on you know.

Manchester United are in town tomorrow in the brand new Aviva stadium, I think tickets are still available, the father on the phone (hes more excited than me) tells me Fergie said hes putting out a pretty strong team so it should be cool to see them. My mate paid something like €1,000 to fly over and see them last year, I'm getting the train for 20mins to see them for €45, ya cant eat value..

Cricket: €50.30 Total P&L: €50.30

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