Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Semi Finals!

BOOM! Yesterday was awesome, it may have been pissing rain the whole game but that last 10 minutes was REALLY enjoyable. It hurts everywhere to move now though, I'm not 18 anymore.

Whatever about us winning anyway, some shock Kerry not winning, so we play Down in the semi now - not sure how to price it up because I've no idea how the bookies will factor in Down beating Kerry, I'd reckon if we had played Down in the quarters Kildare would have been around 1/2ish, but now Down have knocked out the favourites, that whole idea might make it a 4/5 Kildare 5/4 Down game. My personal price would be 4/6 Kildare but I think the books will go 4/5 5/4. Tyrone were second favourites beforehand and they got knocked out too, so theres actually a chance (I said a chance!) of us winning the All Ireland. No real opinion on the second semi, Cork v Dublin, but I reckon Cork favourites, maybe 8/11ish.

Phil Taylor won again the weekend with a 108+ average I think, I traded out before the semis though because I wasnt here, hes just unreal isnt he. And the cricket is the test match finishing, Pakistan batting eh, you wouldnt fall asleep watching it, actually blink and you might miss a wicket FFS.

Cricket: €21.46 | Darts: €14.86 | Gaelic Games: €97.58 Total P&L: €133.90

Plus €350 this week which I'm delighted with, no losing sports, I havent done anything special just got on with it basically. Trading out of big red positions was key because money saved is as good as money won you know, if I left positions run on Monday/Tuesday I was down nearly €400, but instead got out for a €20ish loss instead of a €200 loss twice. Last week I thought I did nothing wrong and finished level, this week I've done the same and a good winner, its all just about not losing the head really and getting on with it, being calm and enjoying it, it is what it is.

Now I'm going to lie down in a dark room all day because I am not hungover, I am actually dying. Also a big shout out to one of my best friends, Tomas Reilly, who is from Meath and was gutted in Croker yesterday, unlucky mate, I must be dreaming..

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