Wednesday, March 31, 2010


One step forward, one step back. Won on the first game, lost on the second game. Didnt do anything muggish though, just the breaks gambling. Almighty hangover too, ended up getting locked last night after the match because one of the lads lost his job yesterday, bad times. In the cricket, I'm probably improving in the sense that my losing markets are getting smaller, I think Gruss level profit button has a huge amount to do with that. Likewise though, I'm probably greening up sometimes when I'd have let it run a little bit longer beforehand, it depends on the market really. The one thing I've noticed about this years IPL is that the market is ten times harder than before because it expects 'amazing scenes' now more often that not, 1.3 now was 1.1 last year and the year before it was probably 1.02, since the first three games its really sharpened up not to go too low.

Even today, innings SP was 1.29 to chase 189, three wickets go down early and the market settles at 1.1, you'd think it'd go lower. But obviously from my point of view I'm not backing 1.1 in the IPL! Suppose many people are thinking the same thing. Even knowing this, I still made an error not greening out in the first game while it was in the 1.0x's thinking it should be lower, a mini collapse and I was panic greening at 1.2 now instead. My old friend Mr Raina took them home, amazing scenes FFS, he must of brought a full set of testicles on ebay over the weekend or something. I thought the 1.2 was a fair enough lay at the time, then we had a no ball 6 and it was back to 1.03 or whatever.

Second game, I laid 1.06 supporting THE BEAST (Yusuf Pathan) to get the market moving, he often does more times than not, just when hes going for 4 or 6 every ball, theres a fair chance of him getting out you know. From excel though, I was doing the right thing, the two overs when he came in went for 15 and then 11, then he got out and it was GSM, but if he comes off the market is at 1.3+ in no time at all, just didnt come off today. Hes a fantastic man when the market is low because people are so scared of him, and maybe when its 1.6ish etc when he comes in, its not as good.

Tie up yesterday too, Mumbai went out to 2.8 before coming back and winning, if I held position I would have won, but sure I could of had a bigger red at the same time. Its got much harder to trust players, compared to when they play internationally anyway.

And given what Jose said last night, given up laying the away team record, only lasted two games for me, but he doesnt seem to care though. He was probably just taking the piss, but I still think he wants to come back to England, apparently he has a clause in his contract saying he can leave whenever he likes, with no notice or reason.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Not Happening..

What a feckin' frustrating start to the week! Everything I've done today has found a way of going tits up, I wouldnt mind but every move I've made I've sat here and went "Ah, I'd be unlucky if this happened" .. then BAM, it happened.

Pokanoket in the 2-10 at Market Rasen was probably the shrewdest ride I've seen in ages, he went off around 15L in front, market comes down to 4.4 so I'm happy to lay, he lets the field catch up (went down to 22 then in running, he looked finnish) before kicking on again. I've no gripe losing because its just one of those moments where you go FFS how'd that happen me. Theres an argument for going awe-green I know, but thats never been my style in running, and it never will, thats just me. Couldnt believe he won though jesus, good luck to him.

It really was a day like, ah here have I walked under a ladder or something. The same thing happened Laureldean River in the 3-10, and he drifted sideways all the way over to the stands rail from the far rail.. and still won. Went from 1.1 to 8 before getting back up. I laid him, head in hands man.

Then abandoned the horses and went onto the cricket, I havent had a single chance to 'green up' in anything I've done. I find myself €29 awe-red, which is a proper good result in the circumstances. Lumpy held the market up at 1.4 (innings SP was 1.49) when they were 40-0 after 5 chasing 163, Sachin was there, had to back it, then he gets out (bugger!). And then the others just keep giving away their wicket when they look to be cruising. Games still going on but not calling it right so given up, I'd be happy if Mumbai lose now because it'll mean I've saved money redding out.

Horses ended up -€19.92, I'll update the total tomorrow when the crickets over, hopefully United do the business tonight off out to watch it, I'd take a score draw if given it.


Just for anyone who backed Famous Sunday, she hasnt eaten since she ran, and wasnt a well horse this morning. Probably a reason for her poor enough run, but cant really call her names for losing you know, she obviously wasnt right and hopefully she gets better, it'll be a good while before shes galloping again I think, depends how quickly she recovers you know.

And I'm told Go Native wont run again this season, came back from Cheltenham with sore legs and hasnt trained since. That jump at the 2nd Paul was talking about did all the damage.

If all that wasnt bad enough, just found out they'll cancelled 24, my favourite TV show, and the fooking snow came back this morning! Hard enough get the horses fit, global warming my arse.

Should be around minus €50 for the day, it could of been a lot worse.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winter Finnish

The hour forward, flat racing, the sun shining.. absolute perfection. Not much happening today in terms of betting though, start of the season stuff you know. Viscount ran a cracker I thought, should come on a tonne for the run too. Others not so much but nothing that would make you depressed, wouldnt read too much into You'll Be Mines run, give her another run at a better trip and see then. September Morn ran on very well, hes gonna be an awkward bugger trying to find the right trip I feel. The Oxx winner in the first was very impressive too, from the stands anyway.

Horse Racing: €11.68 Total P&L: €11.68

Losing week overall, I did some awful stupid things on the cricket and caught a total collapse in Punjab, Bangalore I still maintain they "should have" won but they didnt, and Rajasthan I just bottled that bet. Regret all three things but sure I cant change it now, and you know -€120 in a week in the grand scheme of things isnt very bad, its not gonna kill me. Just have get on with it and onwards to next week.

One positive would be I stuck to 3 out of 4 on my main sports (other is GAA which isnt on), so theres always going to be that variance of winning and losing weeks. I didnt chase and didnt bet on the wrong sports guessing, thats easier said than actually done on losing days..

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Just back from Navan, needed a day away from the Betfair screen, yesterday was another -€75 day. Thats Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all -€75.. at least I'm consistent!

Confidence is a funny old thing, you know since that Punjab market on Wednesday I've doubted everything I've done. Not confidence in the sense that you think every bet you'll ever do is a certainty, and then blame the jockey or whoever else suits when it loses, just normal confidence in the sense of having a set of balls and a bit of bottle to back yourself, instead of doubting yourself.

Yesterday I had €300 (first max of IPL3) on Rajasthan, the price hovered around the same mark for a while before briefly drifting. I bottled it, lacking belief in myself, went awe-red, Rajasthan won, a 1.01 train. Pants.

The boxing was similar but Webb got an almighty cut over his eye which did for my betting ideas, laid Small (what a cocky twat he is by the way!) at 1.2, went awe-red at 1.14, Webb won (Small hit 1.02 when the doctor was called for the cut), it was an awful fight to bet on though because under British rules if youre stopped for a cut even though it was a head clash its kaput you lose anyway. I was happy enough to be small red at the time given the doubt of him being stopped, but its still a losing market having backed the winner first up.

The horses were a bit more simple, just a losing day, no rhyme or reason, just a losing day in running. Couldnt do anything right, I found this almost god like knack of laying a fast finisher for 3rd in the place market. Just have to put it down to one those days not being at the races or whatever.

Anyway, badly needed day away from the screens, no harm done. I was just flicking through records there when we got back, I was on €19,636 on the 27th of January and now on €19,588 on the 27th of March. Next winter I plan on becoming a small Asian boy making shoes in Calcutta, I'll make more money then and shall return for the flat!

Ah, as I said before, no harm in not losing and its all for the craic sure. I'll be in Leopardstown tomorrow, few odd jockey bookings I know but its all purely based on the ground and trip for tomorrow. You'll Be Mine is still (at this moment in time, before she runs) number one for the Oaks, tomorrow is 7F you know. And Viscount Nelson, I keep saying it with him, he doesnt run as good as he works, I'll give him two more runs and see. But they'll all need the runs to some extent and its still only a watching brief for me, sure its only March..

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Its 3 o'clock, the gambling day is only two hours old, and my heads gone west.

Coming off the back of yesterday, I was on Punjab, they went from 3-107 to 4-113 to 5-115 to 6-126 to 7-136 to 8-140 to 152 all out. My book went from this..

to this..

to this..

Some poor trading, in the middle of a collapse, I was left feeling like a right plonker yesterday evening.

Then this morning, RCB get off to a great start not losing a wicket in the first 9 overs, but lumpy (bloke who bets in €100k's) held the market not letting it go over 1.7 regardless (innings SP was 1.65ish), then in one swoop he takes it to 1.6 while they were getting singles. They were up with the rate at the time too. You know, I try to ignore what hes doing most of the time, but if I dont agree with the price of course I'm going to take him on. And when things dont go youre way, well, youre fooked basically, he doesnt green out, he presses again. And they didnt, 3 run outs too (pitch was flat), pathetic you know. The worse thing was there was 2 wickets in two balls, so markets completely gone away from me.

Then, I've tried the horses there for half an hour, was up €20 and just lost €30 to be minus €10 on them. I quit! (for the day anyway!)

Why am I stopping? Because I really want to chase..

I wonder whats the odds on someone chasing, with the brain frazzled, to get back to level, around 3/1? 4/1 maybe? Probably 2/7 to make it worse then. I'm meant to be going for the calm and relaxed feeling this week, it lasted a day.

You know the way theres the massive queue outside the passport office, and the workers are on strike.. I've a serious urge to drive past quickly waving my passport at them going waaahey. Wouldnt it be great craic..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back On The Horse

Felt real fresh and on the ball today after the weekend break. Cant remember the last time I won €100 in running off the horses in a day, two meetings on ATR too, amazing scenes!

Cricket: €12.25 | Horse Racing: €96.28 Total P&L: €108.53

For someone who likes to "guess" how the race will pan out as opposed to just clicking every time a jockey starts to push, I had an absolute field day in the fog at Exeter. The market shit itself every time they went missing, there was a horse in the 2-40 called French Saulaie, complete dog, finds nil off the bridle, in fact goes into reverse, his trainer was on ATR beforehand explaining that "he runs like a horse with something wrong with him, but we checked him and there isnt, he just doesnt find a lot for pressure." Hes 5L behind the 3rd place being whipped and pushed along, trading at 6 to back in the place market, they go into the fog, and suddenly hes 3.2 to lay because we cant see anymore! He was already going backwards sure, just have to lay and if a horse falls in the fog when I cant see, sure thats life you know take it on the chin and get on with it.

And I always like to judge the pace, but no matter what pace they go at the front runner always shortens up, always. Sometimes its so obvious hes going too fast but because hes 25L clear the market again shits itself thinking what if he stays there, Mayor Of Kilcock in the 4-05 Southwell was a perfect example, but I love making my mind up about them when the price is around 7 or 8, then watch it drop to 3 or 4, and then lay. I love those races, when it just pans out so easily. When I get the pace wrong, thats when I'm normally goosed, but sure thats gambling wont be right all the time. I dont like the front runners who jump well, I always avoid them.

I'm making a special effort to be more relaxed this week and just let things happen rather than force it a little. Say something is evens and has a 55% chance of losing, I'm willing to not click that and wait for something with a 60% of losing (IMO anyway), the single biggest thing I've noticed about myself and Gruss is that I click too easy. Some races I just shouldnt be allowed anywhere near the mouse. The more I wait and the more relaxed I am, its better for me. Its the "fook it" feeling, but in a serious way, always notice that absolutely nothing gets on my nerves when I'm in that humor too, not even Matt Chapman..

Cricket wasnt so good but OK, backed Chennai after the first wicket, market moved 20 ticks when your man who opens got out, hes only a token Indian player you know hes not much good, its the bloke down the other end that matters, a fellow called Matthew Hayden FFS! Got a good 1.34 to 1.52 trade out of that, and then pissed away most of the green laying in the 1.0x's hoping for a bounce out that never came. I see my old friend Mr Raina did his usual trick of getting a 6 and then getting out straight away, I'd be less harsh on him if it didnt happen every game with the hoor.

Anyway, anyone remember that show The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, Will Smith was in it, years ago now. Somebody emailed in the opening credits song to a religious channel on Sky, and your man read it out, birra Caribbean flavour to it as well, I think he actually cops on what a tit hes been taken for at the end too, brilliant..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cheltenham Finnish

Very keen early, mistake 1st and dropped back to rear, tailed off after another mistake 4th and soon pushed along, recovered and gained momentum to lead at midway, stayed on to challenge coming to the last, but no chance with leaders..

Before I start, I've a blank screen shot of my week below, issues with Betfair mobile meant no betting for the blog, nothing to do with Betfair - was internet connection problems on my end with the Tocco Ultra, dunno if it was a common thing but mine was kaput.

Anyway, thank fook for Big Zeb! After Dunguib and Go Native were beaten I was looking down the barrel.

I give out plenty of stick when my beloved wins so I'm happy to cop it when he loses. Er, he didnt really run his race, you know tailed off last isnt him, not saying he would of won or placed or anything, but tailed off last isnt his running. As I said at the time, no love lost and we move on, he still won plenty of times this year, in PP under the stands at Leopardstown when he won in Kempton was brilliant, sure he'll live to fight another day. Simple as that really, no hard feelings. Paul said after he got bumped into jumping the second, made a mistake, never felt good after that.

As for Dunguib, I dont blame the jockey, trainer, ground, or anything. I think he was just beaten by two better horses on the day. And maybe in a years time if they meet again, I'd say Dunguib would win, but he just wasnt the best horse on the day. I dont see how people can blame the jockey when hes been ridden the exact same way all year you know, but anyway same story as always, people lose and want to blame somebody else. My opinion on the Big Mac and Davy Russell thing is - what a load of tosh, arguing over an opinion, obviously every opinion will be different, just because Davy doesnt agree with Mac doesnt make him wrong, whatever people think of him hes still entitled to a view. And its his view, so what, asking for an apology on an opinion, get real like you know. The funny thing about opinions/views is that if anyone is different from you, you think theyre automatically wrong.

My highlight of the week was Big Zeb, you know I said before I went I was worried about his jumping but christ he was foot perfect all the way around, when you lose the guts of €1,300 on the first day and then have €150 on a 12/1 winner - epic feeling! After that I sort of went into my shell a bit, small stakes, aiming to come home level, Big Bucks was the only winner I had Thursday.

By the way, anyone else feel a little disappointed with Thursdays card? Four handicaps - is that really Cheltenham? Take nothing away from the Grade 1s, but Cheltenhams supposed to be the highlight of the year, and four handicaps out of six races on the card? Probably just me, not a fan of betting in handicaps.

Friday was another disaster no winners, but limited the damage with the staking, Nobel Prince only touched off for 4th hurt! I thought he got up too, ran a cracker though. And was on Denman E/W, Kauto was well beaten before falling for me. Group of tossers in the stands started cheering when he fell, I hate that, SO annoying. But a great race nonetheless.

And guess whats back tomorrow - the flat, BOOM! Just a watching brief for the most part for the time being but AP has plenty out tomorrow..
Know nothing about the 2yo in the first, but I'll still continue this year not backing any 2yo first time out as always.
Devoted To You looks to have a fairly easy race, at a short price though and first day of the season, I'd rather watch her win than back her.
Purple Heart, one of my favourites is back! Hes not the best by any means, in fact hes fairly average, but hes just the man of a horse, he only goes one speed, but he'll go that speed for the whole race you know. I spent the whole of last season trying to get Johnny to try make the running, and he finally did it the last race and won, hes just not the type to shoot past horses, he has to be there all the way, 7F is short enough at this stage, and for in running hes not a horse to lay high, he'll most likely be pushed along from a fair way out but he doesnt give up.
Encompassing, have him in at 4/5, bit short, I remember we got our fingers burnt on the bugger at Naas last year, he looked a bit of a dog that day to me, didnt seem to put up a fight at all, that was over 6F and tomorrow is a mile so we'll see how he gets on.
The rest will probably tell you in general how much the horses need a run, they'll all need a run to some extent but how much do they need it you know. I wont be backing anything anyway, I'll just watch.

Its Emmas birthday tomorrow too, so I'll finish up the gambling week now and leave Betfair alone for the weekend. Back to the grindstone Tuesday, I was just thinking I've been on the same figure give or take since the second week in January, and its grand not losing, but probably time I stopped swanning around and go back to grinding out €20 a day. Saying that doesnt make me win of course but sure I'll try.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Wasnt planning on going but just been offered flights this morning leaving tonight, why not like its cheap enough..

Back Saturday.

If Dubguib wins the recession is over, and if Go Native wins I'll die a happy man.

My biggest worry now is only having one room/one bed between four, my mate Liam, hes fierce lonely like, I dont want to wake up every morning being spooned you know.

The Irish will have to get a few winners the first day if were to come home winning I reckon, could have 5 tomorrow and then only 1 or 2 for the rest of the week.

PP money back if Dunguib wins, so can have a free saver on Get Me Out Of Here, I'd be surprised if Dunguib was beaten by anything else really, I've been backing him all year at 1/3 so even if he loses, we'll be level for the year, no love lost. I think he'll win on the bridle though.

No point me talking about the Champion, everyone knows how bias I am. Hes the best horse in the world fook it hes a certainty! Small saver on Solwhit, again I'd be seriously surprised if neither win, gutted if one of English horses win that one, our front two in the betting are miles better.

Worried about Captain Cee Bees jumping in the Arkle but he has a serious engine and if he can jump around he should be there at the last. Hopefully anyway. Saver on Sports Line who is miles better than his form at Leopardstown when he went too quick, actually probably go 50/50 on stakes with Cee Bee and Sports Line. Two good horses.

Think Voler La Vedette has the beating of Quevega in the mares. Quevega hasnt ran all year. Volers a very good horse if she travels over well etc.

Big Zeb isnt without a chance in the Queen Mother I think, if he can jump properly, which is a big issue I know, might an idea to back him each way with the faller insurance that some bookies give, will probably be a point or two shorter but worth it with a horse like him. He had Master Minded beaten at Punchestown before the mistake, I think hes over priced.

Enda Bolger will win the Cross Country, but dont ask me with what! Wouldnt lay any of his runners anyway thats a fact.

Rite Of Passage and Quel Esprit two horses I've been backing all year clash in the Neptune, hard to split them, hopefully one wins. Rite Of Passage probably the best of them, its a close one you know.

Shot From The Hip in the bumper, best Irish form. Jockey a worry though I wont lie.

Tranquil Sea in the Ryanair, if hes not favourite he'll be a great price, should be favourite, likes Cheltenham too, jumped fantastic when he won there.

Big Bucks in the World hurdle, no blue peter awards there.

Alaivan and Secant Star in the Triumph, cant have Carlito Brigante at all. Although Alaivan might be better going the other way around and I heard Secant Star had a small setback, it'll be a very small betting race but still cant have Carlito Brigante, that race he won in Leopardstown was the biggest farce with the pace they went up front.

Noble Prince in the County, hes sometimes sticky when he jumps his hurdles but if he jumps well he should be able to cruise into the race, he really does have a high cruising speed, lovely horse. Hopefully he can run well, thats a rough enough race to be coming from the back though.

Gold Cup, Denman. Never been a great fan of Kauto, I'll take my chances with the tank.

In five days time, I'll be sat here, skint, hungover, wondering where it all went wrong and how was it possible to back so many seconds in a row..

Good luck to everyone betting!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Two complete trains today. First market was really weird, Delhi were 1.18 to chase 143 yesterday, and then today KKR are 1.53 to chase 136? Different grounds, different teams etc, the gap between the two prices is unreal though given they were chasing less runs. Nothing wrong with the pitch today either, 36/0 after 4. It went from 1.4ish to bigger than 1.5 during the break too, I thought something was fairly fishy at one stage, still had to back it though you know, cant not back it off the back of someone moving the price. Either lumpy took a massive hit or the Injun bookies took the hit, they held the price for ages too. Rode the train down to 1.08, that was easy because I was on the right train, the second game was not, I was on the wrong one.

It took nearly half of my profit from the first game away, straight train, no bounce backs either, supported Chennai after they lost the first wicket (hes only a token Indian player), Raina comes in with Hayden there, support them, Raina hits a 6 second ball, out third ball, head in hands man and bye bye money, awe-red for €60. They lost another two quick wickets after that too for GSM. On another note, probably an idea not to give Morkel as much hype as the comms give him, he hasnt won a game in ages really, they talk him up as if he can hit 20+ an over, he hasnt done that in a year now, still handy enough but not a miracle worker like Pathan or someone.

Cricket: €71.72 Total P&L: €71.72

Cant wait for a day off tomorrow FFS, IPL really isnt good for your health! Nackered. A losing week, but not a big one, minus €100 on Betfair, plus €40 on Betdaq from the outage. Frustrating more than anything else really, Tuesday was a waste of my time with ATR more behind than usual, I was seething Wednesday at events lost €160, Thursday was plus €15 or so, Friday was minus €35 and the weekend was alright in the end getting back €110 or so. Wednesday was just poor all round, Zimmers collapse, Windies 5 runs short of my line, me not going awe-green, just crap.

I presume next week will be a big winning or losing week depending on what happens, cricket every day and Cheltenham. Finished just about level give or take a few quid every week for the last 6 weeks. I dont mind finishing level, but I dont like it when one stupid day just ruins the week like this one. I'm never gonna get this with the IPL on - but I'd prefer €30 steady each day as opposed to win €100, lose €70, lose €40, win €50. I'd prefer the easy way to life, but sure never gonna happen with the IPL on. Never gonna happen with gambling full stop really.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Internal Error Has Occurred

Well, I'm sure everyone will know how pap Betfair was today. When you do a bet and it doesnt come up on the market, I think thats actually worse than when the whole site goes down, because you could click ten times thinking no bet has gone through when it has. Luckily enough Gruss showed the message saying it went through but it still wasnt coming up in the my bets section or the market. Stressful. Got out straight away though in a matter of seconds and then couldnt bet obviously because couldnt trust it.

And while all this was happening for International users, English users were grand. International users couldnt cancel bets and then couldnt place bets, thats a serious advantage for the English users. Fill or kill on Gruss was handy today. They should just take it down when that happens. What do you expect though, it was a Saturday.

Anyway, no problems at Betdaq except maybe not as much money coming through the market but thats not the end of the world. Schoolboy error this morning thinking the first game started at 11-30 when it started at 9-30, market went from 1.01 to 3, then back to 1.01, I missed it all and only won a Euro. That said I could of lost a fortune too. Second match was difficult enough to trade (and Betfair went down totally in between!), Delhi werent that impressive but Punjab never scored enough runs, no real opinion on either team yet. Delhi started at 1.16, went out to 1.8, before winning. Starting to think you could just lay low odds blindly early in the game and see what happens, but were only 3 games in, and theyve all been mental.

Pacquiao fighting tonight, amazing how low key the build ups been, any talk of drugs whatsoever and people lose interest, Clotteys never been stopped inside 12, but sure you cant back against Pacman until he agrees to this Olympic testing, because you dont know.

Cricket: €1.00 Total P&L: €1.00

Charles Byrnes & Solwhit

Monday morning Solwhits price is sitting at 6ish for the Champion Hurdle.

His trainer, Charles Byrnes, comes out and says: "The news is bad. Solwhit scoped dirty less than half an hour ago and while he is not definitely out of the Champion Hurdle there has to be a serious doubt about him running."

Solwhit goes out to 20 on Betfair, but springs back into 11.5 to lay by Monday night, in a matter of hours after the story.

Tuesday morning Byrnes comes out and says: "Solwhit coughed four or five times today. I more or less expected that to be the case, and that he would get worse before he gets better. I'm not optimistic and I have to say his chances of travelling are less than 50-50 at this stage."

Solwhit goes out to 18 this time, layers afraid to go back to 20s, and yet again in a matter of hours the price springs back to 10 to lay.

This morning to price jumps down to 8, before Byrnes says: "Solwhit breezed this morning and scoped clean afterwards, so we have decided to let him take his chance."

I dont have to say what were all thinking about the particular trainer.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, That Was Weird

Ever see a particular round in boxing matched at 4/1, 5/1, 6/1 before a fight? Rumor had it he was supposed to take a dive, well the 4th round came and went without a bother. But the market was odd the whole way through, Smith got seriously cut twice in round 1, yet the market held his price (which went from 4/9 to 1/4 beforehand) until we past the 4th (HA!), then he shoots out to 3 with nothing happening in the 4th bar a bitta man hugging, then finishes well to end up winning in the end, fair enough you know, but it was oddest set of events..

I for one never believed it for a second, sure I mean have you ever met a crooked Scouser? Never. That bloke Stevie G, he never dives. That and the fact I couldnt get on, Bluesq max bet was €2.75, PP was €3.30, Ladbrokes was €6, Boyles was €0.75 and Bet365 took down the market. What a bunch of bleedin' amateurs, at least when this sort of stuff happens in football they get the scoreline right FFS.

First day back in the IPL, 1.05 gubbed. Christ. Head in hands man. Its sort of nice in a way because you tell yourself not to back low odds etc, you expect it, then the first game it happens just to actually prove it that theyre so untrustworthy its unreal. Anyway, was an odd market and I suppose I can expect it from now on and get on with it, for starters Deccan SP was 1.6, captain at the toss said they wanted to keep them down to under 150, the team scores 162 after being 0/2 and 1.18, so the halfway price was 1.49 just purely on how they got the runs rather than the actual score, the market went low so it wasnt letting it go back too high. The 150 runs line was 2.6, so clearly one price was wrong.

So, I laid, and Gilly comes out and smacks it around, market goes 1.05 (I'd bailed by then), he gets out and they collapse from 99/2 to 142/7 at the end. Still a one man team from last year then. I'm annoyed I lost on a low odds gubbed game but I was in the market at the wrong times, filtered over €2,500 through the market at different points and never once had a chance to go awe-green. Just wasnt a goer for me, €50 loss is alright considering when things go pear shaped I usually lose more.

YouTube is around 30secs behind ITV here in Ireland. ITV is right up to speed and the market wasnt moving a lot before it happened on the TV, which makes a change. Right, slightly annoying thing, ITV are blocking out the Indian ads, fair enough, but today their ads were longer so we kept missing balls, missed a free hit (how fooking important like..!), missed the start of overs through chat in the studio no need for that, and there was a wide and they went to a break FFS, forgetting he had to bowl it again. Alright, they dont do cricket normally and it was the first day, and luckily enough nothing major happened off the balls missed, but if they do it again and something happens there'll be uproar.

My few things to take from the game were, never take on Gilly - its just not worth it, the Deccan tail starts at 4 - if the top 4 dont get them the rest arent, Ganguly out for a duck - jury still out, the pitch was quite good (Mumbai), outfield lightning and the rope in - think par was probably higher than 160 but they were two poor enough teams really, KKR will improve for Gayle though (obviously!), and most importantly - I need balls of steel trading this, I'd slightly forgot about that, I laid the loser basically thinking they wouldnt get the runs but lost because one man took the market away from me. Like, if I'm of the opinion not to back 1.2 because it flips so easily (and it did today!), then there'd be an argument for not going awe-red and letting it ride, with the max bet I'd never be overexposed anyway so it could be idea. Of course there'll be trains but you know, I'll of backed my opinion I'll take it on the chin.

I think the more you try make sense of the IPL the more confused you become so fook it, onwards to tomorrow.

1.05 was gubbed in the rugby league too. And I hear Inter got gubbed away from home tonight. Bad day for the money buyers.

Boxing: €15.91 | Cricket: -€52.80 | Rugby League: €3.33 Total P&L: -€33.56

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Found out this morning my degree exams hit slap bang in the middle of the 2000G/1000G weekend. Why me, why me FFS. That wasnt the worse part though, that was turning on the TV to see Rishi back on RUK, my mute button will be gone kaput in two weeks tops..

Anyway, horses are much easier to do IR on RUK, nicked a few quid but didnt play many races. Darts impossible to trade tonight too, two draws and then a Barney 1.01 train (has it ever happened before? Not in months anyway), cant trade Whitlock games because I like him so much I'll only be bias.

Finished my highest place ever tonight playing poker, 282nd out of 1800 odd. Blinds were at 500/1000 and the ante was 200, I was getting short stacked and sitting on the small blind, everyone folds around to me, so I go AWE-IN with AJ suited diamonds and get called with As3c, thinking great, then he cops a flush with the 3. Still, I'm getting better, theres a few situations were I'm still confused what to do but its alright. Prefer Omaha to Hold'Em because of all the outs/odds/combos. I didnt know the rules until two weeks ago.

Darts: -€1.32 | Horse Racing: €15.48 Total P&L: €14.16

Just think, this time tomorrow we'll have all seen our first Citi moment of success in India..

Two very interesting teams tomorrow. Deccan - will Gilly be as good as he was last year, whole year without cricket, everyone said he'd be rusty but he was still the man last year. And Kolkata were the whipping boys last year, remember they were the ones with the whole fake IPL player story following them everywhere, no Gayle or McCullum is a massive loss for giving it a whack first up. Ganguly who has "superstar" player status over there, was pure gash last year so it'll be interesting to see what hes like this year as captain.

My rules on the IPL for what its worth..

Never listen to the comms. Mostly after selling sponsors and being exciting, mostly talk shite, you'll hear "and thats gone for a DLF maximum" only for it to land safely into a fielders hands on the ropes, then it'll be classed as "a massive Citi moment of success." DLF will be seething.

I'd never back under 1.2, people have their views on "value" but eh, IPL is full of nutters, I'll be saying away from low odds anyway.

Likewise, I'll always be greening out. Whether its letting the profit run on one side or going equal, I'll always be greening out if I get the chance. That said I'm not jumping ship at the slightest movement you know, just if the market goes 1.1 and thinking "certainty from here no point greening out I'll get an extra €30," ten burnt fingers later and the market 1.1 the other side will probably land you up in PC world to buy a new computer the next day, and a new window.

Indian tracks seem mostly flat, obviously everyone is guessing what they'll all be like but recent games in India have been going for 350 and 400 in ODIs, so maybe 200 isnt a total to be scared of, youre guessing until you see it, but I'd say the scores might be high enough. Pure guess work until it starts though that one.

Theres never been a tie (THAI!) in the IPL to date. Just wait until I'm awe-green for some crazy amount then they'll have one..

Nothing is a given FFS. Last year a team needed 4 off the last over with six wickets I think to win, they lost. Didnt even get the 3 runs for a tie.

Teams can only play 4 non Indian players in the one game. So when you look at the team sheet and think fook me look at that team, just remember only 4 of them can play and the rest might be Indian mugs..

Everyone is expecting massive swings, fireworks and amazing scenes, wouldnt it be gas if the first 10 games or something were 1.01 trains! Well it wouldnt funny actually because we'd all be skint.

Lastly, last year they had male cheerleaders. I'll be incandescent if they do again this year. What a bleedin' waste of time. Although I suppose they have to have some cheerleaders Shane Wayne wont have slept with by the end of the month.

Basically, its the IPL, there are no rules except not letting the red get too high, and not chasing the market. Hail Mary full of grace books generally arent the way to go, only my view but I'd prefer €150 awe-red to zero one side big red the other. If things go tits up, they go tits up you know, no point lumping on at 1.2 to 'get out' because theres a fair chance it could be 1.2 the other side in two balls time. Remember last year we had a no ball 6 and then a 6 off the free hit, so 13 runs off 1 ball, so many ways to be hung drawn and quartered its unreal.


Very sad to hear Changingoftheguard had past away this morning, suffered a ruptured bowel during a routine gelding operation, he was a grand lovely horse when he was in Ballydoyle, may not have been one of the top ones but always looked lovely in his coat and wasnt the biting type he was very friendly. You know, when they break down on the course its heartbreaking but I think its more sad when things have gone wrong when they shouldnt have really, these things happen but to die from a routine gelding operation, he didnt deserve that. Theres more to horses than just winning money off them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calmed Down..

Well, today wasnt my day. Two words could of described my state of mind walking down to meet the lads: "fooking seething!" I'm sure people thought I was an escaped nutter from a mental home the way I wandered down the road talking to myself, little do they know I am but only a humble little Betfair user.

The positive is, I cleared off out of the house, away from the computer, and didnt chase. Sounds simple, but hard to do as everyone knows.

I can look at the Zimmers score card and laugh now, I wasnt laughing at the time(!), how in gods name do you get from 51/1 to 104 all out! Head in hands man.

A possible plan for the future would be to stay away from innings runs - coming up 5 runs short with some stupid batting, I'd say I was 90% grand for the win market, but 10% tilting at the same time. Dont know if it would have made a difference (most likely not) but for focus on the win market I should probably stay away.

Touch of being greedy too. Had a chance for €90 awe-green, didnt agree with the price at the time (was less than 20 runs away from a flip flop IMO), but I'd just lost €85 half an hour before, could of squared up no loss for the day and came back tomorrow. Instead, here I am -€160. Whats the difference greed and not agreeing with the price though you know.. its difficult.

Another thing I want to look at is what I expect, I expect certain standards from players and then feel let down when they dont meet them. I should probably expect the unexpected instead. But then again gambling is all about guessing isnt it, youre guessing what teams and players will do. Its just, ever just look at a game and common sense and common logic would say its easy if they did it this way, and they fook it up, and youre just there thinking "you stupid tosser, FFS." I often wonder would teams be better if they approached it from a betting point of view.

Anyway, it wasnt my day, 5 runs short and on the biggest collapse in weeks. I'll take it on the chin. I've lost loads more money and been less annoyed about it than today. No innings runs and more flexible on players is what I've learned.

And not betting when I've lost the head is gold dust. I'm just lucky to have it really, I dont think you can teach someone to do it, no one is there to hold your hand and say stop when youre on tilt, you have to do it yourself really and truly. I'm just lucky to have it.

West Indies v Zimbabwe - 3rd ODI

Learned a valuable lesson today, never trust Windies to do anything! I backed them to cover the 250 line at 2.5ish when they were four down needing just over a run a ball to get there, they finished on 245 nine down. Needed 15 off the last over (had fooked it up by then) and only got 10, with wickets falling, it all happens with them, never a dull moment. Couldnt help but laugh at Ramdins shot when he got out, awful, then next ball Shiv gets run out, head in hands man FFS. Last over there was another run out when they were running for three. Still, five runs is a fair bit away in runs betting so cant feel too hard done by. Lost €85 all the same.

Anyway, really think 250 is par on this pitch, hence the bet, Windies batted shockingly in my opinion and if Zimmers can start well they'll go close, scope for a flip flop. One massive problem though - supporting Zimmers while batting is like playing Russian roulette with five bullets.. it chancey. They did score over 250 in the first ODI and looked to be getting a big score until they collapsed to 200 in the second. They collapse often you know.

Theres huge lumps of money coming for Windies though and I have to lay them, Zimmers are better than market thinks, although they do fall apart, one wicket brings another quickly etc. It'll either flip flop or go to 1.01, but I cant have Windies as low as 1.23 FFS! The trust in Zimmers is the only thing stopping me from having a higher liability. No panic if they lose an early wicket, I'll take my chances and ride it out.. hopefully they see off Roach without losing a wicket.


What a bunch of feckin' numpties, only needed 118 from 168 balls to leave 70 runs from 10 overs but just arent experienced enough to calm down take 4 an over, brainless. Lose four wickets in the space of two overs. Reduced the red, but still looking at a €80 loss.

Annoyed now I didnt go awe-green at 1.5, but at 1.5 the game was there for the taking if they batted with any sense, 1.5 was a shite bet because it was pure flip flop stuff if they kept the head, but gutted I missed it now. Brainless, just brainless. 51/1 becomes 58/5, god help me. Off to the pub for the United game, will keep the market open on the phone in case it hits 1.2 again. Seething!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Betfair & ATR..

I'm about to have a rant about the two above organisations. But before I start I have to stress that I didnt lose any money because of this and I bet to my own accord, I sit down at the computer and I know what to expect with them you know, thats why the stakes are so small on the horses.

Today we have three ATR/SIS meetings currently going on, Newcastle, Exeter and Southwell, and ATR is about 6, 7 or 8 seconds behind judging by when Betfair open the market for in running.

First point on Betfair, well we all know what theyre like, greedy bastards. But my gripe is that they open the market for IR 6/7/8 seconds before the stalls open but they DO NOT close the market 6/7/8 seconds before it finishes. They suspend crossing the line or maybe a length before it. Common sense or logic would suggest that if it opens 7 seconds before, it would close 7 seconds before, it doesnt. How many bets get matched at 1.01 or 1000 when the race is over?

Second point on ATR, those that will remember 'ATR extra' will know they can have pictures at up to just 1 second behind. Those that watch RUK will know they usually (but not every day) run one second or so behind TurfTV (like SIS but for RUK tracks), so it CAN be done, ATR dont HAVE to be so far behind. But instead they "put on" 6/7/8 seconds so people will keep paying for SIS.

I know theres track players and exchange shops (I go to one some days), and more power to those people, you know if they go out of the way to do it good luck to them. But the powers in racing always keep banging on about this 'level playing field' but yet every day we get this absolute shite going on..

Betfair suspend 6 seconds before they leave the stalls but not 6 seconds before the line - more commission for them.

ATR have a 6/7/8 delay added on to the pictures - more money for them. SIS supply ATR with the pictures, "race reading skills are key," they say, so why do they need the delay? I understand ATR is a channel to show racing and isnt directly to be used for in running purposes, why then does it say "Live" on the ATR screen when it clearly isnt. Why do they talk about in running prices.

The most annoying thing, the thing that gets me, is that they CAN make it fairer for the casual home player if they wanted to, but they dont give monkeys about the casual home player do they.

I read Cheltenham are thinking of plans to move to Saturday in the next few years, a bit of gloss has already been taken off by the 4 day festival rather than the 3 days (those were the days!), so now they want to move it to Saturday because crowds dipped. Well-fooking-duh. Of course they dipped you already cocked up with the extra day including lesser graded races at the meeting which shouldnt be there in the first place. "Racing for change" very catchy slogan isnt it, pity they havent got a brain between them. Gold Cup day on the Friday is always a sell out last time I looked, but they want to change it.

"Lets change the odds to decimals and get more people racing." Oh what an idea, charge €60 in as well while your at it, €25 per meeting isnt enough already. €15 for food, €3 for a race card. Dont worry though, once it goes to decimals people will pay. Seriously FFS?

"Lets have more meetings and more all weather." Because thats just so exciting for new punters isnt it. Did you know that Dundalk is free in nearly every second Friday night? How can they run a business if its free in, because they get so much money from bookmakers for staging a meeting on a Friday night that they wave the admission fee. They do. Friday is pay day, all weather racing, pubs and bookies for most people, the racecourse does be empty.

Its not like the Racing Post will flag up anything sure just sponsor them or take out a page advert and you can say what you like sure or stop them telling the truth. Try bet €1,000 with Boylesports, you wont get on, but they sponsor the 'going guide' on ATR, lets interview Leon Blanche and he can tell everyone how they took €20,000 at 6/1 in the shops this morning. Oh yeah, and the next bloke went in with €50, got offered €20 at the price and the rest at SP, a coffee and a custard cream.

The common thing in racing is to blame 'crooked' trainers and jockeys, theyre not even half the problem FFS. Lets blame the "cheaters," lets blame the ground, lets blame the weather, lets blame the recession. Its all bollocks. Lets be realistic and blame the people in charge for once.

And they wonder why the games dying..

(Apologies for the rant).

Anyway, P&L today, nothing doing, nothing decent on.

Horse Racing: -€2.05 Total P&L: -€2.05

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Horse Racing: €3.53 Total P&L: €3.53

Not much in terms of betting today, fiddling around with stuff, went to my Gruss training course, was very good you know, probably the best thing about it was there was absolutely no bullshit whatsoever. I expected "always green up" etc etc a little before I went in, but there was none of that, just proper stuff. Plenty of handy stuff for Gruss to add to my betting, but mainly not changing the style, just probably the tools for getting matched, putting in the bets and the ladder for trading on low odds. And non stop gambling talk, my language, I'd have sat there and talked about it for the week never mind the day, all nice blokes too. No idea whether a particular person would need all the ins and outs of Gruss but would recommend it if you didnt know them and play in running, think theres more on down in the IFSC, not 100% sure though.

On another note, delighted Zaarito won today, delighted! Like you know, I've said it countless times, hes got some engine if he can stand up. Just standing up is a huge problem, I wont argue that is isnt and I wasnt backing him at odds on today. I hear they might put him in one of the handicap hurdles at Cheltenham, interesting if they did run him, I think I'd back him (depending on the price). I read this morning another one of my favourites Nobel Prince is going for a handicap in Cheltenham too, hope they dont clash FFS.

Anyway, been a slow enough week with the new computer, new software and a few days off but as ever, delighted with any small profit I can get. €40 doesnt pay many bills but in the grand scheme of things its grand you know, weekly and daily wins/losses mean bugger all in the context of the overall thing, I like the weekly screen shot on the blog though purely because I cant spoof and leave out a losing day you know. By next Friday I'll have cricket every day so there'll be a few swings and a bit of excitement in the P&L then..

Inter play at home tonight, so continued my Jose home record betting on Betdaq, will update it on the side bar there when it finishes, still 0-0.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Christ that was a nervy chase if you were on the Windies. They were going fine at a run a ball before lunch, then come back out and the pitch starts turning square! I missed all the 1.0x lays and the 1.1s but got the 1.2 lay and greened at 1.6, cant trust either team you know. The three games left should be good too, although they'll be at a different ground. No schoolboy error of messing my awe-green book today (didnt bet!), learned that lesson the last game with these two.

The horses, level again. Struggling a bit with them. Its not through being in poor form, I'm not doing every race and finishing level, I'm looking at two or three races and just feeling incredibly bored. Just that couldnt care less feeling. I'm flicking between channels, making a cuppa, playing poker, anything but concentrate on the race. Whether its the quality of the racing or what, I dont know. I sit down and I'm fed up after two races, its not the money in the market sure it was a Saturday, its not the getting matched issue sure I have one click, I just couldnt give a monkeys what wins the seller at 3-40 or whatever it is. Thats the only way I can explain it. If I was a horse Matt Chapman would describe me on ATR as not wanting to win and fallen out of love with the game, at least I dont use fake tan though. Cant wait for the flat to start back for a bit of excitement!

Have my Gruss training course tomorrow, I think theres 14 or 15 other people going, I've been practicing my 'Hi, I'm shrewd' look in the mirror as to not feel out of place.. Right, theres this fellow on the Betfair forum, he made a load of t-shirts taking the mickey, its brilliant if you understand cricket you'll get the jokes, I never bought this one (seething now!) but could you picture me walking in to a trading course wearing it..

Cricket: €49.22 | Horse Racing: €2.91 Total P&L: €52.13

Friday, March 5, 2010


Boxing: €33.07 | Horse Racing: €0.54 Total P&L: €33.61

Wouldnt be a Friday night without the bloke whos odds on at the bell not winning! Was extremely close though, so it was hard to question it (was 1.8ish), cracking fight.

I'm still unconditionally and irrevocably in love with one click betting, its amazing, it just makes my life so much easier. Pity I never had it until now but sure whats in the past is in the past. Still setting up different custom columns every day, hard to set the price right compared with the amount for the timing you know, need nigh on 10 customs plus the market to have the choice of everything. Then I might have say €50 at 2.5, when really I only want to bet €20, hard to gauge it at times when setting them up. Love the way I can leave notes on every horse though, before I'd go through the card, high trader/low trader marked on the RP or piece of paper, now put a note on the horse and it stays there forever - meaning more time in bed, result. It wont let me put the Timeform squiggle beside the English cricket team though, seething. And another small annoying thing is the stakes at the top, I'd love to have different sets of them, for example the horses IR I'd have €2, 5, 7, 11, 22, 33. Cricket €20, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300. Then the boxing tonight I have them in between sort of way going up in tens. I'd love to be able to flick between sets of them rather than change them for every sport and market. Still great overall though, refresh was at 150ish tonight which was pretty slick.

Didnt get to do the horses properly (only seen 3 races) or the cricket today due to having a presentation in college. Went alright, she was a bit of a wagon though, everyone who had poor attendance was hung, drawn and quartered for no reason regardless of the presentation they gave, bit harsh, she picked on quite a few groups who were good I thought. I had to laugh though, some of the foreign lads spent weeks doing it, had it finished before last week, when did we start ours? 11 bells this morning. It was due for 12. Why didnt we go in at 10? Because we all agreed on having an extra lie in. Never ones for panic the Irish students..

Windies v Zimmers again tomorrow! Head in hands man at the ready. Gayle called them crap today..

I remember when he said they were "a top class limit overs team" obviously forgot to add "when I bat all the overs" to the end of that sentence.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Good And The Bad..

First the good.. the IPL is on ITV! Who would have seen that coming, think I speak for everyone when I say BOOOOMM..! All games on ITV4 I hear, and maybe the final on the main ITV, but absolutely great news. Social life gone down the pan, but who needs mates when youve got "DLF maximums" and "Citi moments of success," or whoever else is sponsoring it this year.

Then the bad news, Windies v Zimmers today, its been ages since I've seen a game that good, close and nervy, but it was a disaster for me at times. Massive swings are great when youre on the right side, a real bugger if youre on the wrong side though. I cant be annoyed at Windies because I know what theyre like, just annoyed at myself for backing them at 1.6 having been €50 awe-green, I turned it into a loss of €70. Very little things in gambling are more annoying than ballsing up an awe-green book to end up losing.

Anyway, epic game, and cant complain about the market or the teams, just myself. Best moment? When Smith got bowled, the camera cut to Gayle in the dressing room absolutely seething and mutters to himself shaking his head "fooking stupid prick." Brilliant. Only needed 4 off 3 at that stage, next two balls were wickets.

Gruss is running smoothly, still figuring out small little things about it, but my training day is booked for this Sunday so thats grand. Did the horses in running yesterday and won €20 without anything good really, just ticking over, thats the way I want it too, nothing major. It'll be important for the IPL more so than the horses.

My Benn top bowler bet didnt come in either, he bowled well though, 4 maidens and only 8 runs off his first 6 overs, got a bit of tap in the powerplay then. Wasnt really a wicket taking pitch in the end. Again you know, no matter how much information you have pre-off youre always guessing to an extent as to how things will pan out really, whereas in running you have every piece of information in front of you as it happens. That was the first pre-off bet I've had in ages, and a little kick to remind me why I stopped.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

West Indies v Zimbabwe - 1st ODI

Now, I'm not normally one for these guessy type bets pre-off on cricket. Top bowler/Top batsman. But Sulieman Benn tomorrow at 7/2 to be top West Indies bowler seems more than fair. The Zims looked like they really didnt have a clue against him the other night in the T20, his figures read - 4 overs - 2 maidens - 6 runs for 4 wickets. In T20 thats basically, er, you might say impossible, if I didnt see it I wouldnt believe it you know.

Small problem is I'm guessing what the pitch will be like tomorrow (it mightnt suit spinners) but Cricinfo, who I stress cannot be trusted, say this: "A contributing factor to the dry, crumbling pitch used in the Twenty20 in Trinidad is the drought which has gripped the entire Caribbean region since October - usually the wettest month - and Guyana has certainly not escaped its effects. Expect hot, dry conditions and another cracked, spin-friendly surface."

That seems like good news, Windies dont have too much spinning fire power bar Benn and as I said they really looked absolutely clueless against him the other night, he opened the bowling, in the powerplay, they were 0/3 after 3 overs. I'll be SEETHING if the Zims give away their wickets to a seamer swinging if Benn has picked up 2 or 3, they swing and give some jammy seamer 4 wickets being caught on the ropes. Its worth 50 quid at 7/2 anyway..

Just went AWE-IN playing Omaha poker thinking I had a flush (clearly dont know the rules then), but won with a straight (which I didnt know I had either). WHOS THE DADDY! The funny thing is, some people seem to think I'm shrewd at this gambling lark, I'm just a jammy fooker! Anyway, I've read wikipedia and I know the rules now so this time next year I'm gonna be a millionaire.. (Poker was only €1.40 by the way, think I'll stick to those stakes for the time being..!)

Video clip is brilliant.. "so thats just over 3 million each" .. "well, weve had worse days." What a show..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Issues

Yes, one year ago today I stuck my first bet under Gambler Falls, but I havent been able to celebrate it with a bet this year, disaster, hope the shaking stops soon its been two days since my last bet..

Ran into a few issues sorting out the computer yesterday and today but things are getting better by the minute and I should be up and running by tomorrow afternoon. Early signs seem good, Gruss works on the converted windows XP option (was more than a few problems there, Mac dont do it anymore!) and Excel etc works through the Mac. Early signs for Gruss seem seriously good, the refresh rate is sitting at between 140 - 160, down in the IFSC it normally sits between 80 - 100 when I glance at it, and they sit right on the fastest line in Dublin, so I cant complain with my line, ordered a business one in as opposed to a home one, dunno if it makes much difference but its more expensive so it better be faster! They say it is anyway.

Still working out which button does what on the computer (fierce confusing), its like reading Dutch at the moment, but I'll get used to it. On a personal note, all of my music (and Emmas) has gone west, as has all our photos, the only thing I saved was gambling records, less said the better about that schoolboy error.

Everything is as I wanted it like at the moment anyway and as of tomorrow, there'll be no excuses for missing a price, money, amount matched, or anything. Theres also zero chance of being sniped with the speed and the 'fill or kill' option in 0.1secs, just in time for the IPL.. now all I need is them to put it on the telly FFS!

I'm also in love with the "level profit" column, I'd be here working out in my head what figure to put in to go awe-red or awe-green, then the odds change and I have to change, now I just hover the mouse over a square and its done for me, I know exactly where I stand. I dont click it though because it leaves the bet in the system and then when I have fill or kill on, thats mad confusing because one bet dies if not matched yet level profit makes it stay in until matched. Cant cause any harm either because I have it set to liability of €75 per click, so if the market moves and I click by mistake on 100, it wont go through. Will fiddle around for the rest of the week getting used to it.

Kept the photo screen shot option (handy), my new place of work now looks like this..