Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Issues

Yes, one year ago today I stuck my first bet under Gambler Falls, but I havent been able to celebrate it with a bet this year, disaster, hope the shaking stops soon its been two days since my last bet..

Ran into a few issues sorting out the computer yesterday and today but things are getting better by the minute and I should be up and running by tomorrow afternoon. Early signs seem good, Gruss works on the converted windows XP option (was more than a few problems there, Mac dont do it anymore!) and Excel etc works through the Mac. Early signs for Gruss seem seriously good, the refresh rate is sitting at between 140 - 160, down in the IFSC it normally sits between 80 - 100 when I glance at it, and they sit right on the fastest line in Dublin, so I cant complain with my line, ordered a business one in as opposed to a home one, dunno if it makes much difference but its more expensive so it better be faster! They say it is anyway.

Still working out which button does what on the computer (fierce confusing), its like reading Dutch at the moment, but I'll get used to it. On a personal note, all of my music (and Emmas) has gone west, as has all our photos, the only thing I saved was gambling records, less said the better about that schoolboy error.

Everything is as I wanted it like at the moment anyway and as of tomorrow, there'll be no excuses for missing a price, money, amount matched, or anything. Theres also zero chance of being sniped with the speed and the 'fill or kill' option in 0.1secs, just in time for the IPL.. now all I need is them to put it on the telly FFS!

I'm also in love with the "level profit" column, I'd be here working out in my head what figure to put in to go awe-red or awe-green, then the odds change and I have to change, now I just hover the mouse over a square and its done for me, I know exactly where I stand. I dont click it though because it leaves the bet in the system and then when I have fill or kill on, thats mad confusing because one bet dies if not matched yet level profit makes it stay in until matched. Cant cause any harm either because I have it set to liability of €75 per click, so if the market moves and I click by mistake on 100, it wont go through. Will fiddle around for the rest of the week getting used to it.

Kept the photo screen shot option (handy), my new place of work now looks like this..