Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Not much happening here over the last two days as a family member is sick in hospital. Had a few bets yesterday before I heard the news and today for one race or so but the heads not here at the minute. If the blog isnt updated in the next few days I havent an a bet, I dont know really though it might take my mind off it, its hard to know what to do.

Horse Racing: EUR14.03 | Tennis: EUR8.60 Total P&L: EUR22.63

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiger Woods

What an absolute legend. He was amazing, not saying it just because I backed him to win but some of the shots he played today were fantastic. Almost as fantastic as me at times, he was brilliant. Had an even €300 with Paddy Power after I said I'd back him on the blog and backed him cash at a couple of places too, absolutely buzzing here after the putt on the 18th. Laid off €600 or so at around 1.14, got a couple of matched bets at 1.12 and 1.13 etc, so ended up with a loss on Betfair of €85.47, "Golf: -EUR85.47" and I'll take that away from the €300 I had on with Powers for the challenge. Fantastic. Wont be in college tomorrow!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Not sure what time the golf will finish so might aswell put up the days P&L now and update the golf on its own when it finishes, backed Tiger but trading too. Looks a poor day but it didnt feel like it and it wasnt really. Was in Leopardstown so the horses bet was on one horse while I was there that lost, but still had a nice day at the races. Cricket bets were OK too, no complaints.

Cricket: -EUR5.48 | Horse Racing: -EUR100.00 Total P&L: -EUR105.48

Totally messed up with the time changing for Betfairs screen shot, very annoying, knocks off last sundays profits at the time now but most of my wins have been with the bookies this week and I'm happy just to tick over on Betfair while winning elsewhere, although I'd like to win more than a fiver every week! Anyway the one below is the one I took before todays cricket had just finished and I can put that in next weeks.

Deutschland Rule 4

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Early finish here as I'm off to the Ireland game, wont say much as I basically did what I said I'd do in the Navan preview below, just played a few races in running and played very well so that made up for the two losses in Navan so far, but they were the two I least fancied so no major damage. Backed a winner with Paddy Power and another bet to go with William Hill, two screen shots below. Fancied an Ireland clean sheet at 5/4 tonight but not enough to back it.

Horse Racing: EUR35.68 Total P&L: EUR35.68

Navan Saturday Preview

Nice card in Navan today, was hoping to go but cant make it there and back in time to go to the Ireland game tonight, hopefully its a good match. Having awful trouble getting a bet on this morning, boylesports annoying me the most and have given up even trying with them now. Tried to open a Stan James account but wont let me deposit funds with a laser card and Coral, well I dont even know whats happening there. Its very annoying as their the ones going best prices about the horses I want to back but cant get a bet on! Anyway, been thinking about doing previews for the Irish meetings and just putting up a few horses I think will run well each weekend or during the week when theres a good card on. Couple of horses I like the look of today...

Pistol Flash 2.30 Navan 1pt win at 13/8 with William Hill.
I've backed this horse the last three times shes ran and all three times shes found trouble of some sort in running, davy had a shocker on her in Leopardstown. The owners have been backing her off the board every run too, they must be getting annoyed at this stage and today this is probably her best chance of winning to date. The main danger is Earth Mother for Ruby Walsh, she keeps on finishing second and it seems like she'd finish second to anything but should Pistol Flash run no race it'll probably be left to Ruby to get Earth Mother home. Shes been finding very little when asked but the trainer said the better ground might help her today. That said I think Pistol Flash will edge this one.

Fosters Cross 3.05 Navan 1pt win at 6/4 with Paddy Power.
Cant believe the price of this fella today, and hes drifting too, hope everything is OK. If you look through his form hes run with some brilliant horses and finished placed behind two Cheltenham winners (Mikael D'Haguenet and Dunguib) and finished 6th behind Go Native. Unless Deise Dan is very good I can see Fosters Cross winning this easily.

Glenfinn Captain 4.15 Navan 1pt win at 4/6 with William Hill.
AP McCoy comes over to take the ride which is a very good sign, and he should be leaving with a winner really. Missed out on Cheltenham to run in races like this and looking at the betting it seems he only has Watson Lake to beat. But Watson has Ruby on board today and loves this track, winning five times here, but has different ground to cope with today though. Plenty of people will be backing Watson lake E/W at 4/1 with 1/4 odds first two home, seems an OK bet. I think Glenfinn should win though, wouldnt be having loads on mind.

Deutschland 5.50 Navan 2pts win at 6/4 with Boylesports. (If they let you put a bet on)
Well, this is the main one of the day and the reason I've been opening new accounts to put a bet on, no luck yet though! Looks like I'll have to take around 11/8 at this stage, might get bigger nearer the off though but I'll be on my way to the Ireland match then. I think this fella has a brilliant chance of turning over Aran Concerto if he jumps well, he had a race won at Leopardstown over christmas before falling at the last. Aran Concerto without Paul Carberry today, coming back off another injury and running over two miles, theres too many question marks over him to take 7/4. I think if he manages to win today he really is something special, and its not hard to see why all the money is coming for Rubys mount. Deutschland isnt one of the main stars in the Mullins stable, far from it actually, but I think today is his day.

Overall, wont be lumping on them four horses but I think they'll all come close to winning and if I was there I'd be backing them without question. The bookie problems this morning have been annoying and leaving for the Ireland match is getting in the way of the Deutschland bet near the off. Prices are a bit short for lucky 15's etc but might have €50 or so on each of them on Betfair, I'll think about it nearer the time and see how he day is going. I'd be least confident about Pistol Flash and most confident about Deutschland, with Fosters Cross at good bet at 6/4 too, while wouldnt be putting much on Glenfinn Captain at the price but still think he should win.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Wont waffle on too much as theres someone here, an OK day, nothing major. Backed England after the first two wickets fell hoping for a trade which never came so went €100 all red. They were woeful. Got €50 back off the Saffers match and played the horses for one race. Had a good bet on the boxing after seeing the build up on sky, which turned a losing day into a winning one. Lost on Betfair, won with the bookies.

Cricket: -EUR56.47 | Horse Racing: EUR8.87 Total P&L: -EUR47.60

Also backed Tiger this weekend in the golf, happy enough with his position and hopefully he can get into the last round in the same group as O'Hair. We'll see what O'Hairs bottle is like but I wouldnt want Tiger playing catch up too much on the last day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Another poor day again today, but didnt lose which is nice. Nothing went right at all today really but it was me playing badly more than anything else. Still annoying though and I dont even want to talk about the darts, was 400 all green on the Wade v Part match and ended up winning a euro in the end. Just watched the first leg of Taylor v Barney and after so many missed doubles cant have a bet.

Darts: EUR10.55 | Horse Racing: EUR18.96 Total P&L: EUR29.51

Just watching the golf, with Tiger up near the top of the leaderboard he looks a good bet at anything over evens or so, thinking about backing him now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A bloody frustrating day. Got back from college around 3 o'clock and was actually looking forward to playing the horses, until I saw the fields that is. Three runner races and four runners races were the order of the day, I never seem to play them well at all. Anyway start off getting matched for €2 a time when asking for €22, always annoying at times, but wasnt helped by the fact I had just noticed the "play games now" thing Betfair have put right at the side where your bets should be. Clearly not getting enough mugs to click on the arcade so they try to mess with the real markets now, hopefully people wont get sucked in while waiting for a race to start. Got rid of that and just played poorly all day really, laid a horse that looked beaten all over until it comes flying back, the neighbors must be wondering whats happening in here now as I shouted "AH COCK" as loud as I can at the telly! Nothing went right today, I'm still in good form though as we bent two of the legs on a chair today in college and when one of the lads came in to sit down he went flying out the side door as the chair buckled under him and fell into the wall. Life isnt all bad.

Horse Racing: -EUR83.07 Total P&L: -EUR83.07

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Handy day here, played normally and picked up a few quid. Its amazing what happens when you relax and let things happen for you rather than go pushing for a big winning day. Before you know it you've won over €50, which is a nice day for anyone on Betfair. I think the days were you go chasing a big winning day before you even start are the days you end up losing, as I said good bets are much easier to find when you let them appear in front of you rather than go looking for them yourself. Still have the boxing bet to come, which is below, but a nice day on the horses.

Horse Racing: EUR65.82 Total P&L: EUR65.82

Prizefighter - Lightweights

Some great matches tonight up in Scotland, but theres one bet that stands out to me and thats Stephen Burke to beat Stuart Green at 4/9. The odds are short but I dont like the idea of backing him to win the whole competition at 5/1 when I can back him to beat the outsider of the group at 4/9 in the first round of the competition. Burke has been well supported all day and when you take a look at his amateur record its not hard to see why people want to back him, hes beaten Malignaggi in his amateur days. Three rounds of three minutes each match will suit the better amateurs here I think and cant see many knockouts tonight so I think the smartest boxers will win and the ones with a good amateur record. I was going to put him in a double with Ryan Brawley to beat Ben Murphy, but Brawley suffers with his nerves before fights and often throws up just before going out so that put me off. Hopefully Burke will do the business.

Monday, March 23, 2009


A nice day for a quiet monday afternoon, not much to say as everything went to plan really and didnt play big. Off out for a meal tonight so got to dash and have a shower.

Horse Racing: EUR47.84 Total P&L: EUR47.84

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Havent been near a computer all day but managed to get back in time for the last couple of hours of the cricket. Fancied West Indies from the start, when I got home England were two down needing over 180 to win I think, but both were evens and I had €250 on West Indies. Laid off while two wickets fell between at prices between 1.5 and 1.24, and went all green for a hundred at 1.16, having learned my lesson from friday!

Cricket: EUR112.26 Total P&L: EUR112.26

Curragh Gallops

A lot of AP O'Briens horses worked after racing at the Curragh today and to my eye Black Bear Island was by far the most impressive. Hes going to be aimed at the English Derby and he'll most likely end up being the number one come the day if how he worked today was anything to go by. Freemantle also worked very well and hes one to keep an eye out for. Just seen on the racing-post site they said Rip Van Winkle finished "close-up" in his gallop, he didnt finish in the first six from where I was standing.

His group was won by an un-raced horse called Stately Home and he should have no trouble winning a maiden. I wouldnt read too much into Rip Van Winkle's gallop as O'Brien said he had a set back a while ago, but I still cant see him being the number one for the Guineas unless he comes on a tonne between now and then.

Mastercraftsman worked OK but nothing amazing and his price should stay the same, Westphalia actually finished in front of him and could turn out to be the dark horse in the Guineas. Noticed that Poet won one of the gallops so unless he comes out and wins a couple of races soon, you cant really take the gallops too seriously, it was more of a day out type of thing with the ground very sticky in places.

Septimus also worked today and word after was that he'll be going for the Coronation Stakes, thats a fair drop back in trip. Frozen Fire is also said to be dropping back in trip and Johnny rode Age Of Aquarius in one of the lots which is always a good sign. I suppose its wait and see time but it seems from today a good few of them will need the first run, as is the case with most of AP's these days.

Challenge Update

Been having a good think lately about just using Betfair only for the challenge and I've come to the decision that its not a good idea. I've got a good bit over €1,000 now and going well so I think its time to move on to using every bookmaker possible to reach the €100,000.

The site has gone down for international users a couple of times this week and I need something to fall back on when that happens, I also like a bet on Irish racing with the early morning bookie prices and just using Betfair for the challenge is cutting that off. Sometimes Betfair dont always have better odds, people seem to take it for granted these days that Betfair are always better, they arent.

Although I can still see 95% of my bets being placed on Betfair, I just need the bookies to fall back on. I'm mostly an in-running player so I wont be betting with the bookies often but when I do I'll post a screen shot and a little preview of why I did the bet before it starts hopefully if I can.

Wasnt able to get near a computer since after five yesterday and when I couldnt get through to Betfair to have a bet over the phone, I opened a new William Hill account (got a new laser card last month) and backed Ireland to beat Wales. Also fancied a horse in Cork today and backed that in William Hill aswell, just gone through all the bookies on oddschecker and opened new accounts for the challenge, and also a new Betdaq account, so I've every angle covered! Hopefully it all goes well anyway.

Heres the screen shot from the weekend.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Nice half day here. Backed France to cover the 14.5pt handicap against Italy and played the horses for a little bit at half time and a couple of races after but nothing major. Cant believe how bad Man Utd are playing now its depressing watching it. Anyway off to watch Ireland win the grand slam hopefully.

Horse Racing: EUR15.19 | Rugby Union: EUR262.07 Total P&L: EUR277.26

Wont be home tonight and not around tomorrow, although may have a bet on the cricket over the phone if I get to see it at some stage. Heres this weeks screen shot. (going from saturday to saturday)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Heartbroken. Spent the whole evening betting on the cricket and had got myself to plus 600 on West Indies and zero England with West Indies needing 27 off 24. I was 130 all green at one stage aswell but after England went 1.3 I laid that for a good bit and then went level England during the mad Chanderpaul over. But jesus, West Indies coach calls them off when they were BEHIND on duckworth-lewis. I dont even know what to say, what a farce. Whats more annoying from my point of view was I should have had 100 green on England but was going for max profit off the West Indies, if they had batted out the overs I'm full sure they would have won, or at least traded lower than 1.5 at some stage. Gutted. Cant believe it! Feels like a massive loss, backed England at all prices between 1.06 and 1.1 while this was all happening to get €20 out of it but gutted. Ruined my night out and I havent even left the house yet.

Cricket: EUR19.88 | Horse Racing: EUR14.73 Total P&L: EUR34.61

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Was in college all day so didnt get to play the horses, got €7 off the bumper though when I got in the door. Played the darts OK-ish nothing fantastic but happy about it as I laid wade at the start but still didnt lose on the match. Cant be backing Taylor at the odds and thats it for the day, off out to celebrate nailing my presentation today.

Darts: EUR64.38 | Horse Racing: EUR7.89 Total P&L: EUR72.27

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Played poorly today and was lucky to get away with a loss of 265 really, couldnt do a thing right and the way I played probably deserved to lose 400/500. Everything I did went against me, if I laid a horse to place he'd finish 3rd by a short head and if I backed a horse to win he'd lose by a short head, it was one of those days. Couldnt get going in-running at all. Even the GAA couldnt have gone any worse and I was all red by half time there, I suppose that turned out OK in the end as if I had of left my bet running I would have lost more. Still an annoying day, hard to get back into things after Cheltenham as I'm in full-on mode and want big winning days when sometimes there not there to be had in front of you. Might take one or two days off from gambling now as have college all day tomorrow and thursday. Will be around a little bit, but will bet small and relax, come back for the darts. Kept getting the message "An internal error has occurred" off Betfair from around 8 o'clock onwards so couldnt bet on the football, that was alright though as I wanted to lay Arsenal 1-0 down and they've just won 2-1. Wanted to back a dog too and that finished 2nd aswell, one of those days, I couldnt do a thing right. The only good thing to come out of today was I didnt lose the head and go chasing, and I'm still up over the €1,000 mark. Everyone has poor days, it comes down to limiting the losses when having poor days. This time last year I'd probably be sitting here looking at a screen of minus 1,200 the way things went today.

Gaelic Games: -EUR130.83 | Horse Racing: -EUR135.04 Total P&L: -EUR265.87

Monday, March 16, 2009


Wasnt that bothered at all today and it showed. Win two races and lose one and back to where I started after winning, it was like that all day and once I went up over €20 I packed it in. Was very tired today, didnt help getting up at 8 for college, I cant hack early mornings! But have had a really busy last 10 days or so and I think I need to re-charge the batterys, looking forward to lying on the couch all day tomorrow and having a few bets in the afternoon.

Horse Racing: EUR26.50 Total P&L: EUR26.50

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Missed the horses today due to being at the course and never had a bet before I left as didnt fancy anything too much. Got home and played poorly, didnt really do much right and the golf was just a disaster from the start, backing Tiger and Harrington, when they had gone that left me -300 the field but got it to -190 by the end of saturdays play and should have left it at that. Got involved again tonight and ended up losing an extra 100 from were I said I'd take the loss, and thats the annoying thing. Where do you start looking at a all red screen? Its very hard, and I should have just forgot about it and left it at -190. Got back from Navan in time for the cricket and again didnt play it too well, still finished in profit but I fancied West Indies and I traded the game poorly thinking back. On a brighter note Amir Khan did the business so that puts me €1 up over the Boxing, Cricket and Golf bets so it could have been worse!

Boxing: EUR214.42 | Cricket: EUR64.79 | Golf: -EUR278.31 Total P&L: EUR1.00

Anyway bar the golf its been a fantastic week on the blog and for me personally over in Cheltenham, regardless of how much I won it was the best week of my life by far. Have a screen shot here of the week, it includes last sundays winnings, and they were in the last screen shot aswell but its betfair really and I cant change it, it will probably happen every sunday, whats more annoying is the golf will come on next weeks aswell! In the main, delighted to be over €1,250 after just two weeks.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Quiet day here after coming back from Cheltenham nackered, didnt help that betfair kept crashing throughout the day either. Backed Joncol in Naas for a few quid and had a few lays yesterday before I left for the races. Was going to have the whole bank on Wales today but having looked at the team I left it, also thought Ireland were a bit short at 1.3 and couldnt have a bet on that match either so just the horses for today and heres the P&L last two days..

Horse Racing: EUR163.17 Total P&L: EUR163.17

Going to a 21st tonight so wont be around to post after the boxing, I really fancy Khan to beat Barrera. Most people will think Barrera's a good thing and I take on board that Khan is very, very chinny but he deserves more credit than people give him, and will have age, speed, movement, reach and power on his side tonight and I think this will be enough to get him through hopefully. If he gets caught with a big one from Barrera I'll accept I was wrong but 1.9 for Khan is fair enough and I've put on €250.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Cheltenham going absolutely brilliant. Had a few bets on betfair over the last two days, didnt get to post yesterday as couldnt get to a computer. Played the darts here while I've been waiting to go out and didnt really take it too seriously hence the loss. Anyway P&L last two days below.

Darts: -EUR64.58 | Horse Racing: EUR259.28 | Soccer: EUR14.29 Total P&L: EUR208.99

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Not much to say as I'm on my way out and had a few vodkas already! Wasnt on betfair today was an absolutely perfect days racing. What a day, anyway had a few quid on Go Native for the blog before I left for the flight yesterday. The cricket bet was England v West Indies settling and soccer was the champions league games settling.

Cricket: EUR72.09 | Horse Racing: EUR331.62 | Soccer: EUR11.91 Total P&L: EUR415.62
Plus the cricket bet from yesterday, Cricket: EUR94.03 and I'll add it to the total.

Was my biggest on course day in a while today, my ego was big flying over, now its massive!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Was playing brilliant today and up around 60ish then think "I'll play one more race and thats it" and go and lose €90. Very, very annoying and was such a poor bet. Have an ongoing cricket bet yet to settle and I'll put it in with tomorrows P&L. I suppose its good to get the first losing day on the blog out of the way without doing to much damage. Anyway have to go to catch a flight to Birmingham. Hopefully Go Native can get us off to a good start.

Horse Racing: -EUR35.18 Total P&L: -EUR35.18

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Normal enough day, no stress and all comfortable bets. Had planned on going to Naas but after it was called off played the horses in running for an hour and then the cricket afternoon session runs. Delighted I've got over the €400 mark after only a week, would have been happy with just €200 or so, nice to get off to such a good start. Won't be playing much next week as I'll be in Cheltenham but we've a house rented for the week over there and I'll be bringing my laptop with me. Will have a few bets online before I leave each day and then we have the champions league, cricket and the darts aswell to bet on, will try my best to keep this updated for the week.

Cricket: EUR12.99 | Horse Racing: EUR43.46 Total P&L: EUR56.45

Anyway heres the screen shot for the week, will put one up every sunday night from now on.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Everything I did went well today, should have kicked on a bit more but was hungover early doors and then was busy for most of the day. Impossible to get a bet on in the cricket and gave up after half an hour, was bored playing the horses after two races and packed that in for the day aswell. The soccer bet was Barca to win, different team when Iniesta plays.

Cricket: EUR10.73 | Horse Racing: EUR15.99 | Soccer: EUR52.04 Total P&L: EUR78.76

Friday, March 6, 2009


Been a long day. Finished up in profit though but it could have been an easier day, ended up losing €40 in the farce at Ayr without evening knowing what had happened as was watching the cricket in between races, only when I checked the P&L half an hour later did I see it, was more than annoyed! Put the foot down while there was a 40 minute break in the cricket and got back to plus a tenner for the day on the horses. Cricket wasn't stress free either but played it well, had awful trouble getting bets matched today on the session runs for some reason though, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Anyway, off for a shower and some well deserved R&R.

Cricket: EUR61.58 | Horse Racing: EUR9.63 Total P&L: EUR71.21

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another great day here today, the best so far on the blog. Came back from college and played the horses well for about an hour and a half, stopped when i looked at the P&L and seen I was over €50 up and went to meet someone for the cinema. Came back for the darts, wasn't 100% focused on it so decided to lay off early in every match and as it turned out I was blessed. Had the whole bank on Taylor and laid off when 4-2 up, had the whole bank on Barney and laid off when 1-0 up and looking like making to 2-0 but he didn't in the end. Didn't pick up as much as I should have probably, could have gone equal green all results but wasn't looking at the markets after I laid off and left it with a few quid green the draw both matches. Just delighted not to lose money really with the results.

Darts: EUR24.79 | Horse Racing: EUR59.10 Total P&L: EUR83.89

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Nice day here only getting to play for the last half hour of the days racing, coming along nicely over 50% increase to the bank in 3 days.

Horse Racing: EUR28.40 Total P&L: EUR28.40

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Was in college today so missed the horses, maybe a good thing as haven't had my eye on the ball lately with them in England. Saw Arsenal were 1.75 to beat West Brom and thought that was a bit big so had €20 on it, wanted to have more but didn't want to risk to much of the small bank.

Soccer: EUR14.29 Total P&L: EUR14.29

Monday, March 2, 2009


Ended in profit on the first day which is nice. Looked to be gone for a while though, messed up on the horses twice and was looking at -58 at one stage. With only 42 left laid 110 runs or more on the cricket, wasn't half lucky as it ended 109 and traded lower than 1.1 i think. That took me back to level-ish and then got lucky again with a place lay that finish 4th, pipped for 3rd near the line! Very hard to play well on betfair with such a small bank, one loser and it's nearly kaput but happy to finish up for the day and off to the gym.

Cricket: EUR56.23 | Horse Racing: -EUR40.85 Total P&L: EUR15.38

PS. Just noticed posting the whole days P&L (each market) causes problems so the first line will have to do for the time being. Will look into screen shots weekly from now on with just the main line P&L each day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Starting Off

Here we go. Been looking for a new gambling challenge in recent weeks and after talking with a few people at the races today I've found it, I'll be starting off with 100 Euro in a brand new Betfair account and trying to reach 100,000 and over. There's no time scale on the challenge and it will be completely new to me. I'll post the P&L each day on the blog and hopefully I can discuss a few things annoying me etc and give a few tips. Also pointing out what went right and wrong during my gambling day.

I'm in college at the moment part-time so I wont be posting everyday but will keep the blog updated as best I can, finish college in May so will kick on full time with the betting and blogging from then onwards, just today the the 1st of March so we might as well start here.
Have reached the point where I'm OK money wise in life and it does effect your gambling when making money to eat, buy clothes and cars etc isn't an issue anymore.

I’ve read loads of betting blogs over the last month but few are sustained in the long term. Given that most gamblers are losing gamblers I guess it’s hard to record losses and share those losses with their audience. But I'll keep this updated and won't shy away from posting a losing days P&L. I think we'll see over the next 3 or 4 weeks how much talent I have for turning a small bank into a big bank, as it's very easy to lose €100 in ten minutes, the first few weeks will all be about surviving. That's the key, 98% of Betfair accounts are losers. Why? Chasing loses that's why. Everyone has bad days it's about control, surviving the bad moments and the long term goal. Lack of patience and discipline are peoples main downfall, but it's nearly every punters dream to turn very little cash into a lot.

As I've already said I'll post a P&L everyday I have a bet and post screen shots if need be, but this isn't any kind of scam I am really starting with €100 and we'll see how it goes, lets face it, it's a 1000/1 shot and if I fail I only lose €100. Wish me luck!