Friday, March 20, 2009


Heartbroken. Spent the whole evening betting on the cricket and had got myself to plus 600 on West Indies and zero England with West Indies needing 27 off 24. I was 130 all green at one stage aswell but after England went 1.3 I laid that for a good bit and then went level England during the mad Chanderpaul over. But jesus, West Indies coach calls them off when they were BEHIND on duckworth-lewis. I dont even know what to say, what a farce. Whats more annoying from my point of view was I should have had 100 green on England but was going for max profit off the West Indies, if they had batted out the overs I'm full sure they would have won, or at least traded lower than 1.5 at some stage. Gutted. Cant believe it! Feels like a massive loss, backed England at all prices between 1.06 and 1.1 while this was all happening to get €20 out of it but gutted. Ruined my night out and I havent even left the house yet.

Cricket: EUR19.88 | Horse Racing: EUR14.73 Total P&L: EUR34.61

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