Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A bloody frustrating day. Got back from college around 3 o'clock and was actually looking forward to playing the horses, until I saw the fields that is. Three runner races and four runners races were the order of the day, I never seem to play them well at all. Anyway start off getting matched for €2 a time when asking for €22, always annoying at times, but wasnt helped by the fact I had just noticed the "play games now" thing Betfair have put right at the side where your bets should be. Clearly not getting enough mugs to click on the arcade so they try to mess with the real markets now, hopefully people wont get sucked in while waiting for a race to start. Got rid of that and just played poorly all day really, laid a horse that looked beaten all over until it comes flying back, the neighbors must be wondering whats happening in here now as I shouted "AH COCK" as loud as I can at the telly! Nothing went right today, I'm still in good form though as we bent two of the legs on a chair today in college and when one of the lads came in to sit down he went flying out the side door as the chair buckled under him and fell into the wall. Life isnt all bad.

Horse Racing: -EUR83.07 Total P&L: -EUR83.07

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