Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Handy day here, played normally and picked up a few quid. Its amazing what happens when you relax and let things happen for you rather than go pushing for a big winning day. Before you know it you've won over €50, which is a nice day for anyone on Betfair. I think the days were you go chasing a big winning day before you even start are the days you end up losing, as I said good bets are much easier to find when you let them appear in front of you rather than go looking for them yourself. Still have the boxing bet to come, which is below, but a nice day on the horses.

Horse Racing: EUR65.82 Total P&L: EUR65.82

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  1. Sounds like the recipe for successful betting. Nearly all my good days follow this familiar pattern. Sadly, there are too many 'other' days!