Saturday, March 14, 2009


Quiet day here after coming back from Cheltenham nackered, didnt help that betfair kept crashing throughout the day either. Backed Joncol in Naas for a few quid and had a few lays yesterday before I left for the races. Was going to have the whole bank on Wales today but having looked at the team I left it, also thought Ireland were a bit short at 1.3 and couldnt have a bet on that match either so just the horses for today and heres the P&L last two days..

Horse Racing: EUR163.17 Total P&L: EUR163.17

Going to a 21st tonight so wont be around to post after the boxing, I really fancy Khan to beat Barrera. Most people will think Barrera's a good thing and I take on board that Khan is very, very chinny but he deserves more credit than people give him, and will have age, speed, movement, reach and power on his side tonight and I think this will be enough to get him through hopefully. If he gets caught with a big one from Barrera I'll accept I was wrong but 1.9 for Khan is fair enough and I've put on €250.

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