Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Played poorly today and was lucky to get away with a loss of 265 really, couldnt do a thing right and the way I played probably deserved to lose 400/500. Everything I did went against me, if I laid a horse to place he'd finish 3rd by a short head and if I backed a horse to win he'd lose by a short head, it was one of those days. Couldnt get going in-running at all. Even the GAA couldnt have gone any worse and I was all red by half time there, I suppose that turned out OK in the end as if I had of left my bet running I would have lost more. Still an annoying day, hard to get back into things after Cheltenham as I'm in full-on mode and want big winning days when sometimes there not there to be had in front of you. Might take one or two days off from gambling now as have college all day tomorrow and thursday. Will be around a little bit, but will bet small and relax, come back for the darts. Kept getting the message "An internal error has occurred" off Betfair from around 8 o'clock onwards so couldnt bet on the football, that was alright though as I wanted to lay Arsenal 1-0 down and they've just won 2-1. Wanted to back a dog too and that finished 2nd aswell, one of those days, I couldnt do a thing right. The only good thing to come out of today was I didnt lose the head and go chasing, and I'm still up over the €1,000 mark. Everyone has poor days, it comes down to limiting the losses when having poor days. This time last year I'd probably be sitting here looking at a screen of minus 1,200 the way things went today.

Gaelic Games: -EUR130.83 | Horse Racing: -EUR135.04 Total P&L: -EUR265.87

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