Sunday, March 1, 2009

Starting Off

Here we go. Been looking for a new gambling challenge in recent weeks and after talking with a few people at the races today I've found it, I'll be starting off with 100 Euro in a brand new Betfair account and trying to reach 100,000 and over. There's no time scale on the challenge and it will be completely new to me. I'll post the P&L each day on the blog and hopefully I can discuss a few things annoying me etc and give a few tips. Also pointing out what went right and wrong during my gambling day.

I'm in college at the moment part-time so I wont be posting everyday but will keep the blog updated as best I can, finish college in May so will kick on full time with the betting and blogging from then onwards, just today the the 1st of March so we might as well start here.
Have reached the point where I'm OK money wise in life and it does effect your gambling when making money to eat, buy clothes and cars etc isn't an issue anymore.

I’ve read loads of betting blogs over the last month but few are sustained in the long term. Given that most gamblers are losing gamblers I guess it’s hard to record losses and share those losses with their audience. But I'll keep this updated and won't shy away from posting a losing days P&L. I think we'll see over the next 3 or 4 weeks how much talent I have for turning a small bank into a big bank, as it's very easy to lose €100 in ten minutes, the first few weeks will all be about surviving. That's the key, 98% of Betfair accounts are losers. Why? Chasing loses that's why. Everyone has bad days it's about control, surviving the bad moments and the long term goal. Lack of patience and discipline are peoples main downfall, but it's nearly every punters dream to turn very little cash into a lot.

As I've already said I'll post a P&L everyday I have a bet and post screen shots if need be, but this isn't any kind of scam I am really starting with €100 and we'll see how it goes, lets face it, it's a 1000/1 shot and if I fail I only lose €100. Wish me luck!

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