Sunday, March 29, 2009


Not sure what time the golf will finish so might aswell put up the days P&L now and update the golf on its own when it finishes, backed Tiger but trading too. Looks a poor day but it didnt feel like it and it wasnt really. Was in Leopardstown so the horses bet was on one horse while I was there that lost, but still had a nice day at the races. Cricket bets were OK too, no complaints.

Cricket: -EUR5.48 | Horse Racing: -EUR100.00 Total P&L: -EUR105.48

Totally messed up with the time changing for Betfairs screen shot, very annoying, knocks off last sundays profits at the time now but most of my wins have been with the bookies this week and I'm happy just to tick over on Betfair while winning elsewhere, although I'd like to win more than a fiver every week! Anyway the one below is the one I took before todays cricket had just finished and I can put that in next weeks.

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