Sunday, March 8, 2009


Normal enough day, no stress and all comfortable bets. Had planned on going to Naas but after it was called off played the horses in running for an hour and then the cricket afternoon session runs. Delighted I've got over the €400 mark after only a week, would have been happy with just €200 or so, nice to get off to such a good start. Won't be playing much next week as I'll be in Cheltenham but we've a house rented for the week over there and I'll be bringing my laptop with me. Will have a few bets online before I leave each day and then we have the champions league, cricket and the darts aswell to bet on, will try my best to keep this updated for the week.

Cricket: EUR12.99 | Horse Racing: EUR43.46 Total P&L: EUR56.45

Anyway heres the screen shot for the week, will put one up every sunday night from now on.

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