Thursday, March 25, 2010


Its 3 o'clock, the gambling day is only two hours old, and my heads gone west.

Coming off the back of yesterday, I was on Punjab, they went from 3-107 to 4-113 to 5-115 to 6-126 to 7-136 to 8-140 to 152 all out. My book went from this..

to this..

to this..

Some poor trading, in the middle of a collapse, I was left feeling like a right plonker yesterday evening.

Then this morning, RCB get off to a great start not losing a wicket in the first 9 overs, but lumpy (bloke who bets in €100k's) held the market not letting it go over 1.7 regardless (innings SP was 1.65ish), then in one swoop he takes it to 1.6 while they were getting singles. They were up with the rate at the time too. You know, I try to ignore what hes doing most of the time, but if I dont agree with the price of course I'm going to take him on. And when things dont go youre way, well, youre fooked basically, he doesnt green out, he presses again. And they didnt, 3 run outs too (pitch was flat), pathetic you know. The worse thing was there was 2 wickets in two balls, so markets completely gone away from me.

Then, I've tried the horses there for half an hour, was up €20 and just lost €30 to be minus €10 on them. I quit! (for the day anyway!)

Why am I stopping? Because I really want to chase..

I wonder whats the odds on someone chasing, with the brain frazzled, to get back to level, around 3/1? 4/1 maybe? Probably 2/7 to make it worse then. I'm meant to be going for the calm and relaxed feeling this week, it lasted a day.

You know the way theres the massive queue outside the passport office, and the workers are on strike.. I've a serious urge to drive past quickly waving my passport at them going waaahey. Wouldnt it be great craic..


  1. took a hit on bangalore too today mate they were cruising :(

  2. Hi Stephen

    150 euro's is 150 euro's but I congratute you on stopping when you had the urge to chase.

    If you had chased today you may have been lucky or you may have not, but from my experience once we start to chase eventually we are going to suffer some serious pain.

    Things will look completely different tomorrow. my experience is that time helps us to look at things clearer.


  3. Yep definitely. Its the minus €400 days I want to avoid, €150 isnt the end of the world, just niggly annoying you know, sure no one likes to lose.

    Probably the poor betting more so than the money which is the annoying part.

  4. Good discipline for not chasing Stephen.

    Losing money is one thing. Losing a lot more because you have chased the losses is much, much worse.

    Stick at it, keep disciplined and you will be ok.