Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back On The Horse

Felt real fresh and on the ball today after the weekend break. Cant remember the last time I won €100 in running off the horses in a day, two meetings on ATR too, amazing scenes!

Cricket: €12.25 | Horse Racing: €96.28 Total P&L: €108.53

For someone who likes to "guess" how the race will pan out as opposed to just clicking every time a jockey starts to push, I had an absolute field day in the fog at Exeter. The market shit itself every time they went missing, there was a horse in the 2-40 called French Saulaie, complete dog, finds nil off the bridle, in fact goes into reverse, his trainer was on ATR beforehand explaining that "he runs like a horse with something wrong with him, but we checked him and there isnt, he just doesnt find a lot for pressure." Hes 5L behind the 3rd place being whipped and pushed along, trading at 6 to back in the place market, they go into the fog, and suddenly hes 3.2 to lay because we cant see anymore! He was already going backwards sure, just have to lay and if a horse falls in the fog when I cant see, sure thats life you know take it on the chin and get on with it.

And I always like to judge the pace, but no matter what pace they go at the front runner always shortens up, always. Sometimes its so obvious hes going too fast but because hes 25L clear the market again shits itself thinking what if he stays there, Mayor Of Kilcock in the 4-05 Southwell was a perfect example, but I love making my mind up about them when the price is around 7 or 8, then watch it drop to 3 or 4, and then lay. I love those races, when it just pans out so easily. When I get the pace wrong, thats when I'm normally goosed, but sure thats gambling wont be right all the time. I dont like the front runners who jump well, I always avoid them.

I'm making a special effort to be more relaxed this week and just let things happen rather than force it a little. Say something is evens and has a 55% chance of losing, I'm willing to not click that and wait for something with a 60% of losing (IMO anyway), the single biggest thing I've noticed about myself and Gruss is that I click too easy. Some races I just shouldnt be allowed anywhere near the mouse. The more I wait and the more relaxed I am, its better for me. Its the "fook it" feeling, but in a serious way, always notice that absolutely nothing gets on my nerves when I'm in that humor too, not even Matt Chapman..

Cricket wasnt so good but OK, backed Chennai after the first wicket, market moved 20 ticks when your man who opens got out, hes only a token Indian player you know hes not much good, its the bloke down the other end that matters, a fellow called Matthew Hayden FFS! Got a good 1.34 to 1.52 trade out of that, and then pissed away most of the green laying in the 1.0x's hoping for a bounce out that never came. I see my old friend Mr Raina did his usual trick of getting a 6 and then getting out straight away, I'd be less harsh on him if it didnt happen every game with the hoor.

Anyway, anyone remember that show The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, Will Smith was in it, years ago now. Somebody emailed in the opening credits song to a religious channel on Sky, and your man read it out, birra Caribbean flavour to it as well, I think he actually cops on what a tit hes been taken for at the end too, brilliant..

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