Saturday, March 6, 2010


Christ that was a nervy chase if you were on the Windies. They were going fine at a run a ball before lunch, then come back out and the pitch starts turning square! I missed all the 1.0x lays and the 1.1s but got the 1.2 lay and greened at 1.6, cant trust either team you know. The three games left should be good too, although they'll be at a different ground. No schoolboy error of messing my awe-green book today (didnt bet!), learned that lesson the last game with these two.

The horses, level again. Struggling a bit with them. Its not through being in poor form, I'm not doing every race and finishing level, I'm looking at two or three races and just feeling incredibly bored. Just that couldnt care less feeling. I'm flicking between channels, making a cuppa, playing poker, anything but concentrate on the race. Whether its the quality of the racing or what, I dont know. I sit down and I'm fed up after two races, its not the money in the market sure it was a Saturday, its not the getting matched issue sure I have one click, I just couldnt give a monkeys what wins the seller at 3-40 or whatever it is. Thats the only way I can explain it. If I was a horse Matt Chapman would describe me on ATR as not wanting to win and fallen out of love with the game, at least I dont use fake tan though. Cant wait for the flat to start back for a bit of excitement!

Have my Gruss training course tomorrow, I think theres 14 or 15 other people going, I've been practicing my 'Hi, I'm shrewd' look in the mirror as to not feel out of place.. Right, theres this fellow on the Betfair forum, he made a load of t-shirts taking the mickey, its brilliant if you understand cricket you'll get the jokes, I never bought this one (seething now!) but could you picture me walking in to a trading course wearing it..

Cricket: €49.22 | Horse Racing: €2.91 Total P&L: €52.13


  1. Do you have any news / views / comments relating to Dr Whizz at Cheletenham??

    Am looking forward to the Blogg when the flat gets going again.

    Jon s

  2. I havent heard any news about what his target his, hes entered in the Supreme and Neptune but dont think he has much chance against Dunguib and Rite Of Passage! (Quel Esprit might run in the Rite Of Passage race too).

    Ground would be perfect for him over there though, he was real impressive at Leopardstown, think McCoy didnt ride him at all well in Fairyhouse plus the ground. I'd back him E/W if he ran in Cheltenham.. much prefer him to stay over here though - Punchestown at the end of the season, good ground, fast gallop and arrive late. Need a jockey like Davy Russel or Paul Carberry on him though!

    He'll be overpriced the next time he runs for sure.