Sunday, March 7, 2010


Horse Racing: €3.53 Total P&L: €3.53

Not much in terms of betting today, fiddling around with stuff, went to my Gruss training course, was very good you know, probably the best thing about it was there was absolutely no bullshit whatsoever. I expected "always green up" etc etc a little before I went in, but there was none of that, just proper stuff. Plenty of handy stuff for Gruss to add to my betting, but mainly not changing the style, just probably the tools for getting matched, putting in the bets and the ladder for trading on low odds. And non stop gambling talk, my language, I'd have sat there and talked about it for the week never mind the day, all nice blokes too. No idea whether a particular person would need all the ins and outs of Gruss but would recommend it if you didnt know them and play in running, think theres more on down in the IFSC, not 100% sure though.

On another note, delighted Zaarito won today, delighted! Like you know, I've said it countless times, hes got some engine if he can stand up. Just standing up is a huge problem, I wont argue that is isnt and I wasnt backing him at odds on today. I hear they might put him in one of the handicap hurdles at Cheltenham, interesting if they did run him, I think I'd back him (depending on the price). I read this morning another one of my favourites Nobel Prince is going for a handicap in Cheltenham too, hope they dont clash FFS.

Anyway, been a slow enough week with the new computer, new software and a few days off but as ever, delighted with any small profit I can get. €40 doesnt pay many bills but in the grand scheme of things its grand you know, weekly and daily wins/losses mean bugger all in the context of the overall thing, I like the weekly screen shot on the blog though purely because I cant spoof and leave out a losing day you know. By next Friday I'll have cricket every day so there'll be a few swings and a bit of excitement in the P&L then..

Inter play at home tonight, so continued my Jose home record betting on Betdaq, will update it on the side bar there when it finishes, still 0-0.


  1. Hi Stephen

    Great post, I particularly liked the following quote of yours:

    "And non stop gambling talk, my language, I'd have sat there and talked about it for the week never mind the day"

    Thats just I feel when I have been in conversation with other gamblers/traders whether they are profitable or not.

    I am adding you to my blogroll and wondered if you would consider adding my blog to yours?

    Keep up the good work


  2. Ah I know, I'm blessed all my friends like gambling or at least understand what I'm saying. Brilliant.

    And no bother, done!