Wednesday, March 10, 2010

West Indies v Zimbabwe - 3rd ODI

Learned a valuable lesson today, never trust Windies to do anything! I backed them to cover the 250 line at 2.5ish when they were four down needing just over a run a ball to get there, they finished on 245 nine down. Needed 15 off the last over (had fooked it up by then) and only got 10, with wickets falling, it all happens with them, never a dull moment. Couldnt help but laugh at Ramdins shot when he got out, awful, then next ball Shiv gets run out, head in hands man FFS. Last over there was another run out when they were running for three. Still, five runs is a fair bit away in runs betting so cant feel too hard done by. Lost €85 all the same.

Anyway, really think 250 is par on this pitch, hence the bet, Windies batted shockingly in my opinion and if Zimmers can start well they'll go close, scope for a flip flop. One massive problem though - supporting Zimmers while batting is like playing Russian roulette with five bullets.. it chancey. They did score over 250 in the first ODI and looked to be getting a big score until they collapsed to 200 in the second. They collapse often you know.

Theres huge lumps of money coming for Windies though and I have to lay them, Zimmers are better than market thinks, although they do fall apart, one wicket brings another quickly etc. It'll either flip flop or go to 1.01, but I cant have Windies as low as 1.23 FFS! The trust in Zimmers is the only thing stopping me from having a higher liability. No panic if they lose an early wicket, I'll take my chances and ride it out.. hopefully they see off Roach without losing a wicket.


What a bunch of feckin' numpties, only needed 118 from 168 balls to leave 70 runs from 10 overs but just arent experienced enough to calm down take 4 an over, brainless. Lose four wickets in the space of two overs. Reduced the red, but still looking at a €80 loss.

Annoyed now I didnt go awe-green at 1.5, but at 1.5 the game was there for the taking if they batted with any sense, 1.5 was a shite bet because it was pure flip flop stuff if they kept the head, but gutted I missed it now. Brainless, just brainless. 51/1 becomes 58/5, god help me. Off to the pub for the United game, will keep the market open on the phone in case it hits 1.2 again. Seething!

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