Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winter Finnish

The hour forward, flat racing, the sun shining.. absolute perfection. Not much happening today in terms of betting though, start of the season stuff you know. Viscount ran a cracker I thought, should come on a tonne for the run too. Others not so much but nothing that would make you depressed, wouldnt read too much into You'll Be Mines run, give her another run at a better trip and see then. September Morn ran on very well, hes gonna be an awkward bugger trying to find the right trip I feel. The Oxx winner in the first was very impressive too, from the stands anyway.

Horse Racing: €11.68 Total P&L: €11.68

Losing week overall, I did some awful stupid things on the cricket and caught a total collapse in Punjab, Bangalore I still maintain they "should have" won but they didnt, and Rajasthan I just bottled that bet. Regret all three things but sure I cant change it now, and you know -€120 in a week in the grand scheme of things isnt very bad, its not gonna kill me. Just have get on with it and onwards to next week.

One positive would be I stuck to 3 out of 4 on my main sports (other is GAA which isnt on), so theres always going to be that variance of winning and losing weeks. I didnt chase and didnt bet on the wrong sports guessing, thats easier said than actually done on losing days..

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