Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Good And The Bad..

First the good.. the IPL is on ITV! Who would have seen that coming, think I speak for everyone when I say BOOOOMM..! All games on ITV4 I hear, and maybe the final on the main ITV, but absolutely great news. Social life gone down the pan, but who needs mates when youve got "DLF maximums" and "Citi moments of success," or whoever else is sponsoring it this year.

Then the bad news, Windies v Zimmers today, its been ages since I've seen a game that good, close and nervy, but it was a disaster for me at times. Massive swings are great when youre on the right side, a real bugger if youre on the wrong side though. I cant be annoyed at Windies because I know what theyre like, just annoyed at myself for backing them at 1.6 having been €50 awe-green, I turned it into a loss of €70. Very little things in gambling are more annoying than ballsing up an awe-green book to end up losing.

Anyway, epic game, and cant complain about the market or the teams, just myself. Best moment? When Smith got bowled, the camera cut to Gayle in the dressing room absolutely seething and mutters to himself shaking his head "fooking stupid prick." Brilliant. Only needed 4 off 3 at that stage, next two balls were wickets.

Gruss is running smoothly, still figuring out small little things about it, but my training day is booked for this Sunday so thats grand. Did the horses in running yesterday and won €20 without anything good really, just ticking over, thats the way I want it too, nothing major. It'll be important for the IPL more so than the horses.

My Benn top bowler bet didnt come in either, he bowled well though, 4 maidens and only 8 runs off his first 6 overs, got a bit of tap in the powerplay then. Wasnt really a wicket taking pitch in the end. Again you know, no matter how much information you have pre-off youre always guessing to an extent as to how things will pan out really, whereas in running you have every piece of information in front of you as it happens. That was the first pre-off bet I've had in ages, and a little kick to remind me why I stopped.


  1. Unlucky with that one Stephen.
    We thought of you when we saw the highlights as it looked a sure profit trading game.

    Best of luck next time fella

  2. Ya, it was one of those games, made a few mistakes though and I'm not the greatest when I'm awe-red because I do be afraid of making it worse you know.

    Cracking game though.

    seen the gayle moment aswell!!!!
    unlucky with the result, 4/3 should be gsm.

  4. Nice. Never knew that. I look forward to the IPL now.