Thursday, August 5, 2010

Internet Finnish

Theres nothing more annoying in life than no (or slow) internet. Nothing.

We had a storm here Tuesday night and it seems to have done something to the line. I've a direct business line coming in so the good news is Eircom say they'll fix it in two working days so no hanging around then, oh wait this is me, its Friday tomorrow which is day 1, odds on Monday day 2 then.. 1/33. The other good news is too it'll cost nothing either because its in the contract if its outside the house they pay, inside the house I pay.

In the real non gambling world I shot 8 under today, whos the daddy! And United at the Aviva last night was awesome, best stadium I have ever been to, from outside it looks like something from the future the way you can see right through it and inside is just top notch. Perfection.

I do have o2 stick internet, but from were we are its so slow its unreal, in my Grandads its pretty fast and strong, from my house the words "connected" and "disconnected" mean fook all. Anyway, for anyone mad enough to read my waffle I havent jumped off a bridge I just cant gamble. God I miss Betfair..


  1. You haven't lumped on Tiger then like some of us other muppets..........

    BTW The Man City video yesterday was quality.

    Hope it gets sorted soon.


  2. No I lost enough backing him each way in the Open :( Wont back him again this year anyway unless hes 9/1+. I havent had proper internet since Tuesday night to even check his price this week though. I cant even check the score because it takes too long to load, head wrecking!

  3. sorry to hear about your internet troubles, hope all come good soon at the end, cheers