Monday, August 30, 2010

Villa Manager Market

Crrrrrash on Sven, charrrrge!

Whos backing him at odds on when hes 5/1 with Ladbrokes, and 9/2 with VC. You couldnt make it up. Unfortunately missed the odds on lays (what a crackin' bet if you got them) but have got all the 2/1ish lays, I'd laid him before tonight too, weeks ago but had got rid of the red.

I still cant see it being him, or Mark Hughes, or David Moyes - who seems like the dark horse in the market atm. Obviously I'm busy planning on running for President and have been in contact with the Villa board to reject the offer - my interviews just couldnt be this good..

'Arry is a great man for the seething isnt he, brilliant.

€120 @ 5/1 with Lads returns €600.
€70 @ 9/2 with VC returns €315
Got -€856.80 on Betfair, so if he IS given the job (and I really, really dont think he will) I get back €60ish, if he doesnt though I'm getting around €350.

I love when people do this..!

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