Wednesday, August 18, 2010


No post last night as I was busy getting spanked by Young Boys..

I wouldnt recommend it anyway.

The first trade was pretty OK because even if the early goal hits the market doesnt go too far away, the second one at 1.8 was awful, just awful. I ask myself would I have got involved if I wasnt involved already, probably not, its easy after, but being awe-red does funny things. But anyway, Spurs are gash, 3-0 down after 25 odd minutes and four goals by HT, I was gonna lose regardless I think.

Pity Cavalryman was 4th, I thought he was coming to challenge a furlong out or so, but 4th best horse in the race the way it worked out so no complaints at all. In running has been OK-ish without anything interesting happening, apart from Rip winning without touching under 1.24 - isnt it amazing what happens in close finishes when Betfair suspend on the line instead of waiting for ATR and the likes..! For anyone thats been to Leopardstown, I've seen it with my own eyes the market suspends as they pass the stewards box - whats that maybe six strides after the line, not sure, its a fair enough distance to click at least a handful of times anyway.

Got rid of my red on the Sven lay, 8ish seemed fair enough, I dont think anyone has any idea who'll get the job at the moment, probably have to wait weeks. And I've a pretty decent book in the test match but still four days left to balls it up..

Cricket: €0.09 | Football: -€106.29 | Horse Racing: €29.99 Total P&L: -€76.21

The best ads never make it to TV..


  1. Hi mate

    I've recently had to move my blog and I've created a new list of fellow bloggers. I've added a link to yours and would be grateful if you could return the favour



    PS - the "best" bit isn't an ego thing, it's just that I had to come up with a new url thanks to not liking gambling blogs :-(