Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Dear Pakistan

I know the world of sport is very critical and pretty harsh at times, but I felt sorry for Pak today more so than calling them names. 74 all out and 41/4 tonight is just worse than terrible to be honest but theyre so shot mentally it was sad watching it almost.

Anyway, still gotta trade it, had an awesome book going into the collapse from last night after laying the draw at 2ish for the Eng collapse, greening out and then laying Pak at 2.3ish, greening out and then laying the draw at odds on again this morning.

Then, obviously with the collapse all my green has ended up on Eng to finish with this, pretty sure it'll be over by tomorrow afternoon, what odds was that!

Just time to have it all on Kildare in Croker..? No chance! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Shitting it.

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