Monday, August 16, 2010

500 Up

My 500th post, fook me I dont half waffle on..!

I had success trading the footie again, still pretty much early days and learning mode, I think I have three options on what to do..

1) Trade down as the market moves like I do in cricket - but I still dont know whether that would suit football as much as it suits me on cricket you know.

2) Leave it until it hits a certain price and then get rid of all red or go equal green, that probably offers more green but comes with more risk, and then could easily meet with resistance points too which means more scope for being hung, drawn and quartered.

3) Make a selection and just let it ride without any trading. The "fook it be a man" approach.

I suppose theres a time and place for all three of them, I dont know, I'm happy enough with the cricket approach for the moment because it works well enough there, tick down with the market. Its a half and half way of doing things really, not greening out fully still supporting your pick but yet if something goes wrong theres then scope to get out, or at least lower the red. It works for me with cricket anyway, football is to be decided.

I still cant quite believe the market let Dustin Johnson hit the 1.3s last night, fair enough he was ahead going to the last, but the 18th was a par 4 playing at 4.6 average (I think, not sure what the final stat was) and surely hes one of the biggest bottlers going. Going into the night planning to lay him, it could not have worked out any better, although was lucky to green out at 13ish having laid him for €100 at 4 when he hit the front the first time - he went out to 30ish then and comes back into the lead, then blows it again, he just cant take being in front at all. I'm staying out of the whole argument on being given the penalty at the last, IMO, it was the tee shot that went into the crowd that was the problem anyway and he was just unlucky to ground the club in the bunker.. but hit the fairway none of that would have happened, so you make your own luck. I know of at least four people who backed Kaymer at 50/1 so delighted he won the playoff.

Rip is out tomorrow, I remember saying last year that a mile was his trip and I wouldnt back him again over anything else. Maybe a year older and stronger the 1M2F might be OK at this stage but I'm happy to watch tomorrow with no bet at the price. I recall the reason for the Breeders Cup was the trip anyway. Havent gone through any of the form yet but think Rewilding might win the 3rd and probably Lake Ontario is the best chance of a Ballydoyle winner. Not too bothered about backing anything, in running with it being on RUK will be the way forward in life.

Golf: €191.19 | Soccer: €21.41 Total P&L: €212.60

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