Friday, November 27, 2009


Crickets below, every move! Wasnt great at all but sure it was swimming against the tide laying low odds you know, England really annoy me. They seriously do, no idea why, probably because I dont trust them and they can do so much better in certain games.

Anyway, just watched the worse boxing match I've ever seen. It was awful. An hour of my life I'll never ever get back. 39 punches each in the whole fight for fook sake..! At least I won money, I'd be seething if I didnt.

Boxing: €39.52 | Cricket: -€79.94 Total P&L: -€40.42

Seriously tempting to pull an all nighter here for the Pakistan v New Zealand game, last day of their test match and all three results possible. Plus their both insane teams and can do absolutely anything, fall apart, hit six 6s in an over, the lot. Emmas already asleep, this is verging on addicted gambling here staying up all night! I'll give it til 1-30ish and see where I stand.

New Zealand currently 150/9 in the their second innings, leading by 247, with Pakistan having all day to chase, on a poor enough pitch it seems from what I've seen. Anything could happen with these two sure!

Also absolutely delighted Tiger Woods is OK, after the story on the news channels, bloody hell some of them were saying he was nearly dead, talk about a mountain out of a mole hill. Very strange story it has to be said, dont think we'll know what actually was going on or indeed happened to him.


  1. I fookin love you!! I woke up late not realising the fighting fifth was on so early...missed the start of the race jumped on betfair and only had a fiver in the account n didn't have time to transfer but got matched on Go Native at 36...anyway I was worried when I read this during the race that you didn't post about him taut maybe coz Carberry wasn't riding...anyway fair play some horse!

  2. BOOOMM!

    I never backed him for the challenge, forgot last night :(

    Had a few quid on him elsewhere though, just cause, HA!