Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day In Running..

Right, still learning the ropes in the win market after a couple of years spent in the place market, its tough going changing your thinking but I'm getting there. I only started last week sure. Couple of things I've seriously picked up today and made a mental note of..

Before you read them, I've my bank at €100 while playing, basically because if I do something stupid it wont cost me, I dont see why it should be bigger while I'm learning something anyway. That limits what I can do, but at the same time its a fair way of learning how to do it properly.

1) No backing short odds (i.e. your 1.2s etc).
2) No laying above 75 (I cant anyway with €100).
3) No laying more than one horse in the race.
4) No backing (personal view, I'm better at laying, have always been a place layer rather than backer).
5) Dont get involved in two horse tussles.
6) Know the delay (see video at bottom of post).
7) Have one click software.
8) Dont play when it goes split screen, load of shite!

Just the basics there really. No short odds and avoiding two horse tussles being my important ones. And the delay, sure look I know what its like on ATR, weve been over it a million times, but I have to learn some way before I kick on you know, the delay doesnt stop you making money you just have to be better at race reading than the people ahead of you. One click software is something I really have to get when I start to take it seriously too, top of my list of things to do, er, big problem though, I'm on a Macbook, so I've to buy windows and convert, its actually cheaper to buy a new computer. I'm gonna have to do it though, I still wanna learn a bit more first, but its in my plans to sort it soon enough, buying an iMac and getting them to set it up through windows is also an option, I'd have the new apple magic mouse that way too. Then I suppose I'll have to learn how to use one click software because believe it or not I ever have, cricket isnt really a sport that you need it desperately and the place market worked for me without it.

As for today, picked one loser in 12 races. Pretty delighted like. The loser was at 2.5, and made all the running, looked beat before coming back, I'll take it on the chin. Maybe have to work out my timing a bit better, because I'd lay something at say 8.2 and it'll go down to 4ish before being beaten, cant moan because youre laying a loser but could get more out of it you know. Theres times I'd lay something at 14 and it'd be 120 in seconds so it works both ways I suppose. Betting from home, I do miss a good few bets, which does annoy me after a while, say if it happens three races in a row I'm here going for fook sake! I reckon the one click software will correct that somewhat, also you know being a couple of seconds behind it'll happen and just have to get on with it.

Anyway, started with €100 and made €16.30, not bad, I'll take it everyday, you know if I can win money while learning something thats fantastic. I'm only learning this for future plans so theres absolutely no need to be clicking for more than a few quid at a time. Also, came across this video on youtube, shows the delay on the three channels, just for someone whos never had the chance to compare, I've done it before on course. Its poor quality but you can tell by the camera angle change on the home bend what youre up against betting from home. Hence why I'll always be delighted with nicking a few quid while doing this.

Nothing on tonight bar the soccerball so an early finish, have college work all day tomorrow and Thursday, gonna aim for doing the Saffers v England game Friday but we'll see how it goes. Assignment is due Monday, I like college (sort of), but it really gets on my nerves when its gets in the way of me going racing, Naas tomorrow looks amazing and Fairyhouse has a good card Sunday. Its not like I'm going to have a job not in some way connected to racing when I leave. So in other words, college is a pain in the arse right now.

I've also wrote to Brian Cowen and asked is there any chance of him putting a roof over us until the summer, I mean it worked for Wimbledon, I cant see how it wouldnt work for Ireland. If it keeps raining we'll be under water soon.


  1. only extra comparison for that video would be to show a race on BBC/Channel 4 and show the difference between using analogue (old school aerial) and digital (Sky box) signals. There's a gap there too.

    I disagree with point 3 btw, but that's a personal preference.

  2. Yep, very rare you get four tv's lined up in a row though! BBC and Channel 4 good for in running alright, would use them every day without complaint if I could.

    Point 3, just for the time being you know, but even so most of the day-to-day meetings have 6/7/8 runners in each race so thats where thats coming from.

    I'll probably change my view when I have faster pictures but until then happy with just the one each race. I'm used to laying just one in the place market anyway.