Friday, November 20, 2009


Canny evening. Made money on both markets while still being completely wrong, the art of trading whaaa! Well, I wasnt completely wrong, just sort of, well, wrong yeah. Laid Jenkins at odds on and went all green at the flip flop against Wade, Wade threw it away, crowd were tossers though seriously, terrible booing. Then laid Munroe in the boxing at 1.3, again got a flip flop and went equal green, judges had it by 4 rounds, god knows what fight I was watching compared to them but anyway, I had it a draw, or one round win by either sort of thing. Equal green all markets I've traded, I know, I must have swine flu or something! Its never happened before.

I'm coming around to the idea of being AWE-green, although I know exactly what I'm like, more times than not I'll have all my green on one outcome, only for it to lose, the usual. Its nice winning while being wrong anyway, makes a change.

Lost €60 to Ladbrokes with an each way bet, another thought I never seem to learn, why dont I lay the favourite when I dont fancy it instead of picking something else? I do it time and time again. Today though, it was a good bet, wont go far wrong doing that sort of thing you know. Will I change though? Probably not, tomorrow sure I dont fancy Kauto, what have I done, backed Notre Pere. You know, as I said the last time, it wont happen again. I'll try think of this before the event next time. It never seems to enter my head though, I'll write it on the wall or something, next to my youre the daddy Stephen sign, purely for self esteem like.

Also, didnt bet on it, but who was backing Anderson in the 1.1s in the darts only ONE break up? I was watching the boxing, clicked into the market and he was 1.11,1.12 etc, it was only 8-7 to him and first to 10! Anderson is well known to have the bottle of a Dublin football GAA player. Anyway, its easy to predict the past I know. I take on board I might see things differently from everyone else and get called all sorts of names for it, but some odds are mental though, its as if no one factors in the possibility of things going pear shaped. I suppose I'm saying this with the benefit of hindsight and they didnt have that luxury.

Boxing: €69.84 | Darts: €33.75 Total P&L: €103.59

All this waffle pales into insignificance anyway, by far and away the highlight of my whole day, possibly week, possibly month, possibly LIFE, was the look on Roy Keanes face when someones phone started ringing today. It was fantastic. It was absolutely brilliant. It was epic. I laugh every time, its stuff like this that makes life worth living you know, cant beat watching a good seeth! You know whats going to happen now every time were in the pub when someones phone rings..

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