Saturday, November 21, 2009


Early finish because its been the worse day in ages, going back weeks, maybe a month or two, I dont know. Notre Pere was terrible, really terrible you know, it was basically a five horse race not counting the rags and he finished 5th, I'll not back him again anyway regardless of the race this year. That was woeful like, and no excuse. Kauto was good for first time out, bloody close photo though! Why werent we shown the photo too, I'm not doubting the result at all, but just to stop people saying stuff they could of shown it straight away.

I can handle being wrong, thats grand, I dont might that. But New Zealand on the handicap, Dan Carter, what a fooking tosser! Hes meant to be the best number 10 in the world, he couldnt kick from in front of the posts today, handicap was 13.5pts, what they win by? 13. Seething.

Lots of sport on later but need to stop, been sort of unlucky but will do absolutely no good betting in this humor you know. Bugger.

Horse Racing: -€74.54 | Rugby Union: -€72.34 Total P&L: -€146.88

Add to that the €300 with Paddy Power from Notre Pere, that makes it a minus €450 day. Been a hell of a long time since one of those. Last time I lost over €400 in a day was the 19th of August actually, just looked back. I'm obviously annoyed, really annoyed, no one likes losing, but sure look at least I know here typing this I wont bet again today, just gonna have a night in with Emma and watch X-Factor. Cant afford to go out! Come back tomorrow and NOT try to win it all back, just play normal and be even more cautious than usual. Pissed off with Carter would be an understatement, however unless I fall down the stairs later, theres always tomorrow you know, always another day, and my money will still be sitting in the account. I'm talking to myself in the mirror here! High chance if I bet on something again it'll lose, and if it wins I wont win €450. I have max bets in place I know, but add €300 to €450 and it becomes €750, things can get pretty bad pretty quickly like.

Obviously you learn more when you lose, unless youre too head strong to not want to learn, what did I learn today? Right now, I feel like I only want to bet in running from now on. Thats just a first reaction, I'm sure I'll think about it more later you know. Today, Notre Pere wasnt going a yard, would I have backed it in running, no. Dan Carter couldnt kick snow off a rope, would I have backed it in running, no. Thats only two bets though and everything is different. Lots of things going through the head, and need to settle, but the main thing is I've stopped betting for today and sure look I've already accepted the money is gone. Theres no such thing as "winning it back" because its over, its done with, tomorrow will have nothing to do with whats gone on today.

It doesnt really matter that I've lost €450 today, all thats important is I'm winning in the long run you know. It feels fooking shite at the time, yes it does, but just have to get on with it and accept I was pants today. Even though I want to win every day, that'll never happen.

Like you know, in running you sort of have a fair idea of whats happening, while before the event youre guessing more. Youre still guessing in running, but youre guessing with more information as to how its going. People call it trading but its always gambling you know no one can be certain of anything and there wouldnt be odds if something was certain, so youre always guessing to a degree when you enter the market. Its just guessing well with the information in front of you. So, thats why I'm thinking I only want to bet in running because it takes away a fair chunk of guessing how things will pan out. People are very definite in what they say when they have a bet, but you know you wouldnt get matched unless there was some bloke betting against you. Is he a mug just because hes bet against you? Definitely not. Theres two sides to everything.

Anyway, I hate losing, I really do, but it happens. Fook it anyway I'm getting locked later and singing along with Jedward..!

Me today..

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