Friday, November 13, 2009

I Hate The Rain..

I hate the rain, I hate the rain, I fooking hate the rain!

Saffers ticking along nicely towards chasing over 200, on quite possibly the best wicket I have ever seen in all my days betting on cricket, AB and Morkel at the crease, market is around evens both, you know there was a reason it was evens both, 50/50 stage of the game, pick em, it was close, Saffers were ONE run behind on D/L when it started to rain. From my point of view, I was full sure they'd win you know hence all my green on them, could of had €200 all green at the odds but didnt want to, I'm sure England backers will disagree but there you go what can you do. Gutted it rained, because we'll never know who was going to win. I rate the €300 I had on Saffers at 2.98 at the break as probably up there in the best five bets I've ever had. Still lost though.

So, onto the boxing, Hatton v N'Dou, I have Hatton ahead by two rounds and the odds shift out from around 4.1 to a high of 9, again I'd put that up there as one of the best bets I've ever had. What happened? Finished a draw. Fook sake! First draw I've ever seen in boxing by the way. I thought Hatton won, but er, you know it was very close, not really shocked just a little confused.

Every market I entered this week I've come out with zero? No, had a win on innings runs on the cricket, 1.5 to get 150, when it was the greatest pitch of all time. SUCCESS, finally, a winner, whos the daddy! Jesus today could of been fantastic though..

Boxing: €0.00 | Cricket: €99.33 Total P&L: €99.33

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