Monday, November 9, 2009

The Scousers..

Hold my hopes in Last Man Standing tonight. No Gerrard, no Torres, bollocks! If they win it'll only get me down to the last 30ish, so I know theres no real "logic" in laying them but had to for €100. €80 liability on match market and had €20 on 0-0. Done it on Betdaq, no real reason bar to keep soccer away from Betfair totally, got a better price on 0-0 too. I cant lose really..

Dont have a P&L from Betfair today, traded the Pakistan v New Zealand game for 10 minutes (didnt know it was on before it was near over) and ended up zero on New Zealand, €15 on Pakistan and went for a sandwich. Worth it. New Zealand won though, bugger.

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