Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First And Last Time

Australia v West Indies last night, 2nd test, 5th day, everything to play for, even sorted out my Australian wallet business for it. Kicked off at 12 bells (night time). With it being winter over here and not much knocking around the temptation is massive to do the American and Australian hours for something decent to bet on.

Comes to around 3ish/3-30ish and I was goosed. Seriously. Legs weak, stomach awful feeling, eyes seeing things, headache, just basically gone at the game, I was 'finnish' as they say, no energy no strength. And I was still staring at the tv and computer. I had to give up.

Was on Australia big at 5ish, maxed out on it, they creep down to 3.6 or so going along nicely before losing a wicket and I had to bail. Small bit annoyed with myself I didnt trade out when it moved a whole point, for example if I was in the "trading" mindset (which I was) and I backed a team at 3, I'd start to green out at 2, so why not do it with the numbers at 5 and 4 instead of 3 and 2? The mind plays funny tricks with itself. Anyway, awe-red after that for small few quid and then got a small draw trade to get green on that, was favourite and most likely result, on the screen shot - had the €2 on Australia at 34 later on. Finished zero on the market.

Had to quit. Cant do it. Wont do it again. Its not even the physical side of things, its the mental side of things that does it. For the first time ever since I made the €300 rule on cricket, I'd a liability of over it (€340ish). Why? Because it was the middle of the night? Does it make a difference? Does it bollocks. I've come to accept at this stage I'm not normal compared to everyone else because I dont have a job and they do, I see everything in gambling terms and they get worked up over whats on RTE news (who cares?), but I cant do the all night thing, dont mind not being "normal" during the day but the all night thing just takes you that one step more than you want to be at..

At least if someone says "oh you dont work, just sit around the house all day betting on horses" I'd laugh at them, gambling has a lot more to it than that, you know youre never going to convince people what you do so best off just laughing what people say you know, why care what other people think of you once youre happy. Up all night staring at a computer and tv and in bed all day is hardly the lifestyle you want though is it. Profit or loss, its not worth it on the body.

Also did the snooker yesterday, and continue to do it today, (update the P&L later) I suppose that didnt help matters too, because I was going 16+ hours maybe, I wouldnt work that so why gamble it..? Because I'm addicted! Duh.

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  1. Twice I've tried to play the Aussie tennis open overnight. Disastrous. It's ok if you're a full-timer with no friends or family, just move your body clock over a week or so. For anyone else, forget it.