Friday, December 4, 2009

Prizefighter Light-Welterweights

I love Prizefighter! No 1/3 shots to lay the arse off tonight though, all fights could pretty much go either way, should be a good evening all the same. Sky Sports One 9 bells.

Michael Grant (4/6) v Jason Cook (5/4)
I'd have Grant winning this one, and its tempting to back him at 5/2 to reach the final with Boylesports (leaving it though), Cook should be rusty enough coming into this and rusty boxers have an awful record in Prizerfighter. Although tonight though the rusty one is the outsider, normal theyre odds on! Grant is sort of the little dark type boxer tonight, although I dunno how fit he is or how training went because Amir Khan seems to be everywhere. I'd be just hoping Cook doesnt land a big shot, will probably watch the first round to see how things are going and then get involved. Grant is a good little boxer and a former Champion.

Gavin Rees (4/9) v Ted Bami (2)
Only bet I've had so far, Rees at 4/9. Bami is (was) a good fighter, has some good skills, but has looked past it and is knocking on in years, was stopped by Mattew Hatton (who doesnt have much power) in March. This format should suit Rees, whos got a good record himself, a former WBA light-welterweight Champion, losing just one in 29 fights, only issues are his trainer (Enzo Calzaghe) has gone to pot while in court and he hasnt fought in a while, hes still in his twentys (just about) so that should be OK-ish, enough to deal with Bami anyway. Again, cant really tell you how fit or how hes trained, but Bami might (will) struggle to make the weight. Basically my thinking here is, Bami looks shot and Rees should out hussle/box him.

Colin Lynes (4/6) v David Barnes (7/5)
Should be the fight of the first round. Definitely one to go in running with anyway, er, I dont know much about either of them bar what I've read today (which isnt much). What I do know is Lynes has lost his last three, which is never good lets be honest, but hes said to fade in fights, best of three rounds should help him there, still couldnt be backing a bloke whos lost his last three before seeing how he starts. Now for the confusing what to do bit, Barnes is said to be a slow starter.. couldnt have a bet before the off in this one at all. If Barnes starts slow he wont win, but Lynes' form is hardly impressive. Hardest fight to call, but I suppose thats what makes it the best one to watch.

Barrie Jones (8/13) v Young Mutley (6/4)
Mutley might struggle to make the weight, and theres also a fair chance he could be shot, he does however have serious power and if he lands one he wins basically. If he doesnt land one however, Jones should out-work him really whos only been brought in on short notice though as another bloke pulled out. Same as Lynes, Jones has lost his last three, again you know cant be backing a bloke whos lost his last three but is Mutley finished you know, I dont know. Again one to go in running really, think whoever wins will be beaten in the semi.

After the first round we have the semis and the final, really important to suss out who has the best stamina (thats what she said!) and who looks in the best condition. Also, its a massive cliché but who wants to win the most, fair few of Prizefighters are basically finished and here for the money, thats why I think Grant might win. Suits people with power because its basically a three round tear up but if they dont land they'll get outworked in three rounds easily, I dont see that many knockouts tonight really, but you never know with this lot. As I said before, its a happy hunting ground for laying really short priced favourites, always has been, but tonight theyre all pretty much priced up correctly in terms of what they have to offer.

Fighters who look shot - Bami and Mutley.
Fighters in bad form - Jones and Lynes.
Biggest punching power - Mutley (probably).
Dark horse - Grant.
Likely to fade in later fights - Rees.
Slow starter - Barnes.

In running all night for me, I fancy Grant, Rees (backed already) and Jones to win first round, dunno other fight. I'd also be of the view whoever faces the winner of Jones v Mutley is the semi basically has a bye to the final (one big punch withstanding), think Rees will impress the most but big question does he last all night, think if Grant can get past Rees who could have an easy first fight he could win. Good luck to you anyway..! Because I've a feeling I'll need it too! Cant wait though.

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