Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clean Sheet..

WHOS THE DADDY..! Steady day in running, cant really ask for more you know. Without fuss, without a liability of over €70ish, it just basically clicked today. Still not fully committed to using higher stakes but that will come in time. I wish every day was like this one you know everything went perfect. Days like these are fantastic for in running, didnt fancy anything at all pre-race and still manage to win money you know. Stops you from getting bored, gives you something to do and moves you forward, theres no real downside to it.

For example, 30 quid a day becomes €210 a week, which becomes €840 a month, which becomes €10,080 a year. I know theres lots of losers and losing days along the way, but you know you dont have to bet thousands to win thousands, and in running you dont exactly have to have an opinion just go off what you see in front of you. Its just a nice way to tick over for me when theres nothing else knocking around. I dont have the patience/skill/interest in trading so it'll be really nice if I could make the win market work like I made the place market work, it just takes a huge amount of pressure off to find a bet each day when you get given cards like today.

I'm getting much better in the win market though compared to how I was, and things can only improve with fast pictures, one click software and the new computer I'm planning to get. Like, I went the whole day without a loser/getting matched at fair odds, on a Macbook with no mouse, on ATR and off the normal interface. So, I know I have the sort of nack for it, just need the best tools at this stage. I've also noticed I can do other things with one click that I havent got the time to do normally, I'd often call things right I just wouldnt have the time to get on. Although I love Macs, why do they have to be so bloody awkward for everything!

Weather forecast looks pretty bad for the cricket in South Africa tomorrow, hopefully it goes ahead. AND if youre around in the morning, India v Sri lanka, Sehwag is on 284 not out, the world record is 400 (I think, around that anyway) so if he starts well in the morning I reckon he'll have a good chance of breaking it, he doesnt hang around either so it could be good to watch. Starts a 4-00 AM though, bugger to that, hopefully hes still there at around 8-00ish about to break the record, I'll watch it in bed.

No sport on tonight to bet on, so off out for dinner, I'm no Tiger Woods..!


  1. I've just been messing about with a spreadsheet to try and keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Starting 1st December with £1250 bank, make 3% per weekday, 4% per Sat/Sun, omit all holidays and rock festival dates, take out a chunk of profit every two weeks, gives over £20k profit in the year, without needing to make over £100 in any day in the year!

    It doesn't look that tough. Amazing how the profit can build up. Now, keeping focus for the 400 days, that's a different issue....

  2. Jesus Rob, you feeling OK? Just got 3% of €1,250.. you do know thats €37.50? Would you not round it up to €40? Haha..! Only joking!

    Yeah seriously though, it adds up unbelievably quick.. only small problem with it is chasing when youre not meeting your daily target, if you can stop that youre laughing sure.

    I work to pretty much the same mental idea, just dont have a set figure for the day in my head because some days its impossible to win the said amount with whats on offer you know.

    Then the next day you might be able to win double/treble your goal so it depends whats on really.