Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just back from a good day in Fairyhouse. Well, good craic, maybe not so good in regards to the P&L. Mullins in the last let me down big time, biggish on course 8/11, €100 for here on Betfair mobile, first reaction was he'd gone off too quick, but havent watched it back, just in the door. I was told it was a machine, it must be a losing machine but anyway, as I said at the time - bugger.

Speaking of machines, Dunguib is amazing, awesome, hes just unreal. You know how do you describe him. Catch Me was disappointing and another loser for me there. Pandorama was a good winner, only a small bet though as I didnt know how he'd jump after the last day, jumped well, won well however. Those were the main ones anyway but a pretty good day out, I'd do it again tomorrow if I could..!

Horse Racing: -€51.00 Total P&L: -€51.00

Also, going ahead with the new football bank idea starting this weekend, will knock up all the bets on the side there. Starting with a set aside bank of €500 and every bet will be 5% of the bank, so €25 a pop to start with. Looking forward to doing it again you know, last time I gave it a serious go was around this time last year. Thought about just keeping it to Betdaq, but gonna go with whoevers best price, and then keep track to the balance/work out bets in excel.

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