Saturday, December 26, 2009


Just so everyone knows I'm in Leopardstown for the four days over Christmas so there'll be a serious lack of betting on the blog front while I do battle with the on course layers.

Had a couple of bets on Betfair mobile.. only using it for lays and place backs, one won and one lost. Same as usual sure.

No point after-timing either and telling you all what I did, sure you know yourself, few losers, few winners, same craic as ever. I'll say this though.. Go Native baby. Yes I know, weve been here before, weve been here countless times before..

Also, cant trade the 2nd test in Safferland because I'm out each day, cant do any sports either really. Hope everyone is winning for the festive period anyway..!

And if anyone is indeed in Leopardstown, I'll be the handsome looking fellow with hair going in every direction.. also you wont miss me hobbling around the betting ring because I cant walk properly, the heel went kaput during the Go Native celebrations, I seriously cant walk like, but I'll still be there each day!

Will knock up the weeks screen shot tomorrow, even though I've only had three bets all week, keep things on track anyway. Now, to study form for tomorrow..

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