Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recovery Mission Completed (Sort Of)

I was never gonna claw back the €330 lost earlier, but got back just over €100 of it so not bad going, could of been worse you know. Really enjoyed the boxing tonight, some good fights, and was pretty easy to call. Khan over in 10secs! Surprised 1.1 was still there after the first knockdown, your man was clearly gone, could see his eyes and legs, so nicked a small few quid there. Other two fights was going off how I scored them, went OK.

Again you know, do well in running and balls it up on something pre-off. Looking at excel, should really just focus on in running purely. Thats incredibly difficult though. Might "try" to do it until the end of the year but we'll see how it goes.


  1. Thanks for your top blog. Read it since some month and found your view of betting a little bit more realistic than the hypers from other blogs.
    For trading with a mac-book you need a little bit more power(espacially in-run).
    1. a mouse :-)
    2. virtualbox
    3. a copy of Win-XP (could be a old from a friends waste basket)
    4. TheToy a powerful and FREE trading application
    5. good luck

    That's all ;-)
    Greetings from Munich, Bavaria - The Home Of "Oktoberfest"

  2. Cheers for the links, really appreciate it, nice one.